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DIY Tiled Planter Box

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finished closeupWhat do you do with left over wood?  You make a planter box.  Then you let the planter box sit on your porch for a couple of months, completely out of mind.  Next you go to Habitat Restore and discover sheets of stone tile for only $2.50 and buy it just because it’s only $2.50.  After that, it dawns on you to add the tile to the planter box you just remembered you forgot, and then get excited to have a new project to work on.

This is how I operate.  Not always cohesive.  Not always with a plan.  Somehow it works out. 😉

This planter/flower box cost less than $10.00.  I had the wood already.  I only bought the tile and the stencil.  Cheap Cheap Cheap.

And just a note:  My hope in sharing projects and ideas with you is to inspire you to try something new.  I’m not an expert at this crafting/DIY stuff.  I’m just a girl whose mind is always turning and thinking, and for whatever reason, thinks she can do what she sets her mind to.  I believe you can too.  😀

wood planks2

Left over wood I had. I can’t remember how I decided on the size, but it must have been based on how much wood I had. I can’t be responsible for what I forget. LOL

box together2

The finished box. Very easy. No mitering.

box plain

Apparently I painted it white. Wish I could remember what the original plan was! 😉

box of tile

I bought the whole box of tile. It came four sheets to a box. The piece you see in the picture is actually folded in half.  A sheet and a half was enough to cover the whole box.

beginning tiling

I cut off rows of tile. The tile came pretty much butted against each other so I didn’t have to pull off one piece at a time to get them close. That made me happy because I didn’t want to mess with grout.


Moving a long. Occasionally I had to pull off some individual pieces and trade it with a smaller or larger piece to make the row end neatly at the sides.

box tiled

I used silicon adhesive to adhere the tile to the wood. I would suggest something stronger though. The tile is not falling off, but I could pull it off if I wanted to. I just used what I had.


I picked up this template at Hobby Lobby.

finished closeup2

I used black acrylic craft paint to “stencil” with. Since I haven’t stenciled much before, I didn’t have the proper brush. I just gave an old, small paint brush a trim and made the bristles shorter. I worked pretty well for “pouncing”.

finished closeup

I need to get more flowers (hydrangea?). I picked these up at Michaels, but my mind couldn’t remember how big the box was. But you get the picture.
Also, I added trim to the top of the box and painted it white, to give it a finished look. I didn’t take a picture of that though. I used the trim left over from my latest Bathroom Makeover.

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Another Powder Bathroom Redo

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It’s amazing how one gallon of paint and $26.00 worth of tile can transform a powder room!  My BFF’s downstairs bathroom had not seen a makeover in more than a decade.  In Laurie time, that’s unheard of!  ; )

We removed the wallpaper (never a fun thing to do!) and painted the room a gorgeous blue (Benjamin Moore – St. John Blue).  BFF had picked up four different tile samples from Lowes and in the end the favorite choice turned out to be the least expensive tile.  Woohoo!!  Gotta love that!  My brother installed the tile for them.  He placed the tile on the diagonal at it makes the bathroom look so much bigger.  A few new accessories from HomeGoods and the room looks completely new and updated.  Very little money… HUGE transformation!

Time for an updated look. Bye bye wallpaper. Bye bye water damaged floor.

Once you experience the joy of removing wallpaper, you will never wallpaper again!

The new $26.00 floor! So awesome!

The name of the tile is “Sierra”. It was purchased from Lowes for $.57 a square foot.

Tiled Porch

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Between all the projects my brother is working on, he managed to start a project at my house!  Woohoo!!  For some reason it never occurred to me to tile the floor of the screened-in porch.  Partly because I’m not out there much and partly because I consider it the “outside” of the house.  And that’s not my area!  Ha!

Hubby and I went to the home improvement stores to look for possible tile.  I wanted browns/tans and hubby wanted grey.  We left the first store a little frustrated with each other.  Hubby apologized for not agreeing with me.  Being the peaceful person I am, I told him it was okay not to agree with me.  But my very wise nine-year old daughter quickly added, “as long as you don’t do it often dad!”  I do believe she got her common sense from her Mom! ; )

Hubby and I did find tile we liked.  We even agreed on the pattern.  It has all the colors we both wanted.  Looking at the porch, even unfinished, I just can’t believe I never thought of doing this before.  Go Bro!!  

The tile we used is “Castle Stone Harvest” from Lowes. We used the 12 inch and 6 inch squares.

Before – plain boring cement

After – Beautiful tile!

Framing a Bathroom Mirror

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My BFF Kerry, and I just finished framing her bathroom mirror.  It’s definitely one of  my favorite DIY project so far!   I have seen moulding put on builder grade mirrors before, but we took this one a little farther.  What a difference it made in that room! 

Here’s a tutorial on how we did it:  (The total cost of the project and the supplies we used are listed at the bottom of the page.)

First, we measured and miter cut the trim (measure TWICE and cut once!) then taped it into place to check out the fit.  There’s nothing like miter cuts coming together perfectly!  A hand miter box would have worked fine, but I used an electric saw for this project.  (Don’t forget to get your level out and check that each piece is straight (level).

Test fitting

The mirror is attached to the wall with clips, which would not allow the trim to lay flat against the mirror.  Not wanting to remove the clips and adhere the mirror directly to the wall, we marked the back of the trim where the clips would be and chiseled out a piece of wood.  This was done (carefully) by scoring the wood with a utility knife and then using a chisel and hammer to tap out the pieces of wood.  It worked great!

This is what the back of the trim looked like.

Next, we glued the back of the trim and put it directly on the mirror.  The frame alone looked good, so we could have stopped there.  But why? ;   )

Used two rows of tile all the way around.

Tiling went surprisingly fast.  Kerry put a line of glue on the mirror and I peeled off each tile to give to her.  We glued them side by side so no grouting was necessary.)  This time I didn’t count how  many tiles we put on the mirror by hand, one by one by one.  I didn’t want to know!

Almost done!

Once the tiles were dry (we waited impatiently over the weekend), the small trim piece of moulding was measured, miter cut and glued to the mirror.  I don’t have a “before” picture of the moulding, but it’s just a thin decorative moulding from HomeDepot.  It finishes off the tile perfectly!  (FYI, Kerry had the outer moulding and the inner moulding painted before we started the project.)

My pictures don’t do the mirror justice. It looks amazing!

A mirror like this would cost hundreds of dollars in a store!

Here is the breakdown of what was spent:  Total $51.91

 Household Goop Tube  $4.57
1/2 inch mosaic tile 8 at $2.94 (23.52)
8 ft., 1/2″ molding trim 2 at $3.98 (7.96)
8 ft., 1 1/4″ molding trim 2 at $7.93 (15.86)

The home improvement stores have so many beautiful tiles.  The design possibilities are countless.  (Yes, my mind is spinning!)  I loved this project so much, I’m going to put all my ugly builders mirrors BACK up!  I hope you enjoyed.

Powder Room Tile Backsplash

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Apparently I wasn’t finished with the powder room redo. : )  (Am I really ever done?)  I decided to tile the wall behind the sink between the two lattices.  It was just a plain wall that gets wet with water.  I actually heard it call out for some tile!  I found exactly what I was looking for at HomeDepot.  The marble/glass “liner”, a 2.3/4 x 12 inch piece, is only $2.94 each!  The color is called MARAZZI Artisan Coco.

I have not tackled a tiling job before, but I made it easy on myself.  I peeled off each 1/2 inch size square and placed it on the wall one by one.  Seven rows of 39 tiles across.  That’s 273 tiles I place by hand.  But who’s counting.  Oh yeah, the “easy” part was not having to grout OR cut any tiles.  Side by side the tiles fit absolutely perfect.  I got lucky on that one! 

I am afraid to tell you what I used for glue.  I did all my research and got names of adhesives that would work on tile, but I’m not a permanent kind of girl.  The thought of never having the option of removing the tiles or completely ruining the wall if I do was just too much for me.  So I used caulk.  Yes, caulk.  I figured I could just get a scrapping tool under there at take the tile right off when the time came.  So while it worked for a powder room that doesn’t get moisture from showers or baths, I’m not going to recommend one type of glue.  Do some research and decide for yourself.  I hereby am not responsible for any of your tile sliding of the wall.  Ha!(Please note:  After 3 days, the tile is still where it should be.  Yeah!)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  Trying to work on that.  Just for the record, the sink is white.  It comes across a cream color in the pictures.  (And if you received my last post twice and this post without pictures, Sorry!!  For some reason I keep losing my pictures.)

Back of sink before.

A piece of lattice cut to fit the length of the sink. Helps to keep the tiles level.First tile in place! WooHoo!

Getting there!

Added decor in the powder room.  (CereusArt… Please note the shells! )

I think it’s finished finished!

Handmade Christmas Gift #1

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Here is my first homemade, handmade Christmas gift idea.  Tile and scrapbook paper coasters.  I saw some on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

I picked up some tiles at Habitat Restore for $ .10 each.  Scrapbook paper, glue and polyacrylic I already had left over from last year’s doll house adventure.  I invited my BFF and her kids over for a sleep over last weekend.  (My hubby was in Nova Scotia with his parents.)  I declared it our first Crafty Slumber Party. : )

The coasters were easy and fun to make.  In fact it was so much fun that we dragged the kids off to Home Depot with us at 8:30 at night to pick up more tile!  Home Depot sold the tiles for $ .16 each… still a bargain!  I would have photographed the whole event but Hubby had the camera with him.  The process was simple.  We cut the scrapbook paper in 4 x 4 inch squares.  Used hodgepodge (glue and water mix) to secure the paper on the tiles and then put a couple of coats on top of the paper.  The next day we put several coats of polyacrylic over the surface to make it waterproof.  We used cork lining cut in 4 x 4 squares for the bottom of the tile, but you can use felt as well.  Between the two of us we made 72 tiles that night.  They turned out so pretty!  And it was so inexpensive.  Tie a set of four coasters up with a pretty bow… Love it!

Teacher gift? Hostess gift? Holiday party gift?

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