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Painted Architectural Pediment

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I have been looking for an old architectural pediment to hang over the bookcases in my “dining room turned office“.  I found this piece at an antique store. I have no idea what it was in its previous life.  But that’s okay… it was only $10.00 and just what I was looking for. 😀

I didn’t paint it right away.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but I tend to change my mind a lot once in a while.  It sat for some time before I decided to go ahead and paint it.  You just never know when another bright idea will pop in your head.  I had to be sure.


Before painting, I gave the piece a light sanding, then wiped it down.

I used two coats of Annie Sloan “Old White” chalk paint.

After the paint dried, I sanded the entire piece again, concentrating more on the edges for a distressed, aged look.

I love how easy Annie Sloan chalk paint is to sand!  That’s it.  It literally took only a couple of hours to complete.  I’m not a patient painter, so there are no hours or days between paint coats for this girl.  If it feels dry and it needs another coat, then it gets another coat. If the second coat feels dry, and it needs to be sanded, then it gets sanded.  Yes I am a DIY Rebel. 😉

Now it’s hanging above the bookcases in my “Dining Room turned Library“.

Finding a “one of a kind” makes antiquing and thrifting so much fun!

This Loon has been in the family for almost 100 years. My daughter admired it at my in-laws house in New Hampshire. Somehow, it managed the long trek to my house where it now resides for all to see. Obviously I need to teach my daughter to admire a 100-year-old piece of furniture, not a century old bird! I will work on that! 😉

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Thrift Store Finds

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You know when you are out shopping, or in my case thrifting, and you find something that you just have to have, only to wonder what the heck you were thinking once you got it home?  Happens to me more times than I care to admit.  These thrift store finds were only $10.00, but still, I bought them, now I need to make them pretty and useable for my home.

After sitting in my closet for a few months (the plaques, not me!  Although sometimes…), I finally pulled them out of the dark.  I experimented with different colors of paint and now they are actually hanging on my wall.  That’s a HUGE accomplishment for me!  I finished a project from start to finish that includes hanging, installing, or using it as it should be!  Whoa!  Not sure what got in to me.  I’m famous for “almost” finishing projects. 😉

Here are the mirrors as they were when I bought them. Not bad, but they were too white for my walls.

The crevices were accented with a yucky clay dirt color. Who knows, maybe that’s what it was! But it would not wash off. Not the look I wanted.  So I painted over it! 😀

I used blue tape to cover the glass mirror, then painted the plaque with leftover light blue paint. Once that was dry, I dry brushed a cream color chalk paint over the high spots. When that dried, I lightly distress the plaque with fine grid sandpaper.

I have a thing for birds these days. So I used these little guys instead of candles.

The wall color is actually a light creamy tan. I don’t do well taking pictures of mirrors. Do you use the flash, turn off the flash or do whatever the camera wants?

Really, my walls aren’t peach!

These plaques are hanging in my den/TV room.  Adds a pop of color!  See the trophy on top of the cabinet? That’s Hubby’s. He’s the poker champion of the neighborhood at the moment! 😉


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DIY Bookaholic

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Whenever I find a new interest, I will buy books on the subject.  I love the idea of flipping through the pages, being inspired by pictures, reading tutorials and getting ideas.  I have books on crocheting, sewing, window treatments, decorating, temari, paper crafts, jewelry making… the list goes on!  I’m a DIY bookaholic! (And I have crafting A.D.D!)

Today, I went to Barnes and Noble to look for books on refinishing furniture.  I looked and looked and didn’t find a thing.  I walked over to the help desk and ask the man behind the counter where I could find books on the subject  He looked at me like I had two heads.  He said, and I quote, “refinishing furniture is a craft that is not very popular anymore.  If we have anything on the subject, it may be in the magazine section.”

WHAT!?!  No books!?  Not popular?  This man is obviously NOT in touch with his DIY and/or blogging side!  I stood there, with my mouth hanging open, trying to grasp what he was telling me.  Did he really say what I think he said??  I’m so sad!  For him because he doesn’t have a clue, and for me because I don’t have a book!

I know there is a lot of information out there on the world-wide web, and I’m sure I can find a book on-line.  But it’s not the same.  I wanted to flip pages. I wanted beautiful pictures and pages I can bookmark.  I wanted to read about techniques and different paint and stain finishes.  I wanted to be able to put the book down and pick it up later where I left off.

Since I can’t stand in a bookstore and flip through the pages, if anyone knows of a great DIY refinishing, updating furniture book, I’m all ears!  I would greatly appreciate your recommendations. 😀

DIY Dining Tables

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I was out thrift store shopping with my friend and neighbor, looking for a dining room table.  Not for me, I don’t do dining rooms, but for my friend.  She actually uses her dining room. 😉 

We found a GORGEOUS dining set at our favorite Habitat Restore, but shockingly, it was $2,000!  TWO THOUSAND!  The table was amazing!  Beautiful wood!  We drooled over it for a while, but had to moved on.  Two thousand dollars isn’t exactly thrifty shopping for us.

Then making a table came to mind.  My friend and I are very like-minded when it comes to “I can do that!”.  When she told me she was thinking about making a table, my response was “Woohoo!”

I found some inspiring DIY dining table ideas.  (Click picture for SOURCE)  I have a favorite.  Which one is yours??


Table After

how to build a farmhouse table

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