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Happy is in the House

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I started out 2012 with the blog name Ode to my Abode.  This past year I changed it to House of 34.  I wanted to share more than just DIY projects.  House of 34 is about sharing ideas and experiences, laughing and making fun of myself (and occasionally others, all with love of course), as well as DIY Projects.  My goal in writing about my DIY projects, though, is to encourage you to try new things yourself.  I’m not an expert at anything.  But for reasons not yet known, 😉 I’m not afraid to try anything either.  I believe if you have an idea in your head, you can do it.

Thanks for all your support!  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I have “met” some pretty awesome people in cyberspace! 😀  House of 34 is a happier place with all of you in it.

Thought I would share some of the top posts from 2012.  Thank you again!!

Top Five DIY Projects

Framing a Bathroom Mirror

Storage Cabinet Makeover

Arm Chair Makeover

Entryway Curtains

Entryway Curtains

Painted Architectural Pediment

Most Popular Humor Post

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Most Popular Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom


Happy Thanksgiving!

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H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G !

If I had to count my blessings, I would run out of computer space!  I am truly blessed and thankful for so many things.  But just to name a few…

I am Thankful to be a child of God

I am Thankful to be blessed with a roof over my head, food on the table and people who love me

I am Thankful for my beautiful, goofy, loving family (that includes parents, siblings and in-laws :))

I am Thankful for my Bestest Friend in the whole wide world, Kerry

I am Thankful to live in a neighborhood that feels like an extended family

I am Thankful I can choose to be a stay home mom

I am Thankful for all the creative thoughts in my head that keeps me up at night

I am Thankful my Hubby is not afraid to come home at night (not knowing what I may have changed while he was gone)

I am Thankful for my BBB for her friendship, support and encouragement

I am Thankful to all of you who have supported and followed me on this blogging journey

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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