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Downton Abbey Downer

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I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan.  Or was.  Still pondering how I feel about the show now.  What a shock!!

Those of you who watch Downton Abbey know what I’m talking about.  Matthew died!  The same day his son was born!  I’m still reeling from the shock that Sybil died during childbirth.  What the heck?  Downton is my happy, I can’t wait til Sunday night, show.  There is no room for tragedy!

After the season finale was over last night, I started Googling information about the show, including the actor who plays Matthew, and found out that it was the actor’s choice to leave after Season 3.  Somehow it made me feel a little better knowing that Matthew, while driving in his convertible with no seat belt, paying little attention as he whistled in the wind, ended up with his car sitting on top of him.  He wanted out.  His choice.  Knowing that helped the crushing pain (no pun intended!) I was feeling about his death.

Still, my heart is sad.  My BFF, however, is almost inconsolable.  We’ve talked all day.  I must be strong for her.  Will we watch Season Four?  To be continued… 😉

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