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“Magical” Christmas Mantel – update

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Remember my “Magical” Christmas Mantel post where I said I redid the mantel three times before I was happy with it?  Well, it’s four times now.  It’s a sickness.  I can’t help myself. 😉  THIS is the final mantel.

new mantel with bells2

The Bell Garland came from my friend CereusArt. Check out her Etsy shop for really cool coastal decor accessories and beach themed gifts!


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“Magical” Christmas Mantel

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Today I have been getting out Christmas decorations while listening to Trans-Siberian orchestra (turned up quite loudly).  It’s funny how something as simple and innocent as getting out boxes of garland and ornaments can leave ones house upside down!  Did you know that even fake garland leaves needles in every nook and corner of your house.  It’s true.  Ask my vacuum.

Confession… I did my mantel three times.  I liked it, then I had a different idea.  I liked that, then I had a brain storm.  It’s exhausting being around me.  My husband goes to work just to get some rest. 😉

Anywhoo, here is the finished mantel…  whatcha think?

The ornaments are strung together with fishing line.

Each string has 5 ornaments tied on. I used clear push pins to attach the strings to the top of the mantel backsplash. The ornaments look like they are floating in air!

When my daughter came home from school and saw the mantel, she said it looked “magical”.  My job here is done. 🙂

Decorated Christmas Trees

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Today I went to the “Southern Christmas Show” going on in my neck of the woods.  It was crazy crowded, but oodles of fun!  I’m always in awe of the talents people have.  Vendor after vendor, table after table of holiday decorations and gift ideas.  And booth after booth of wine tasting too!  Nothing like a little buzz to make shopping a little merrier. ; )  (Like shopping needs to be merrier!)  They also had beautifully decorated Christmas trees on display, and being the good girl that I am, I took pictures of them to show you.  BUT my camera didn’t like the lighting, and the pictures came out horrible!  Boo! 

But the world-wide web is an awesome thing!  I attached some of the trees I found.  The owl one is my favoritest!

HGTV – Nature Inspired

HGTV – awww! I LOVE owls!


HGTV – This tree is over the top, but it’s gorgeous!

HGTV – DIY Ornaments

green flowers and starfish christmas tree

BHG – Beach Themed.  If you love beach themed ornaments, check out

Christmas tree with red and white packages

snowy tree

BHG – Snow simple!

tree with bird houses

BHG – Minature house ornaments

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