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Framed Puzzle

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Our family gift for Christmas from my In-Laws was a beautiful 2000 piece puzzle.  We spent the next two weeks working on it, some days non-stop!  After all that effort and time, there was no way it was going back in the box.  It was going to be framed!

We had a piece of ply wood cut just slightly larger than the picture, then used some puzzle glue to glue the pieces in place on top of the plywood board.  No wanting to buy a frame and glass, I used a frame from a picture I no longer liked.  The frame, unfortunately was too big.  After pondering for a bit, (and honestly the solution should have been instantaneous, but wasn’t!  It’s so embarrassing.) I thought of adding trim to the frame to cover the gaps.

Once my brain started functioning again, it also occurred to me that trim could be added to any frame you wanted to repaint.  Some frames have wimpy moulding for the picture it holds, so adding trim would make the frame look more substantial.  Brilliant I tell you!

puzzle framed before

Here is the picture before the trim was added. You can see on the left and right where the gaps are.

closeup gap

Close up of the problem.

trim being glued

Went to Lowes, and for $10.00, bought two pieces of small decorative trim. I used silicon adhesive to attached the wood to the glass and frame.

closeup trim

The plan was to paint it white and leave it all white. But after several coats, It just look flat and boring.  I ended up sanding it a bit and adding some walnut stain to it.  Much happier now. 😀


The sun wouldn’t let me take a good picture (yes, it is the sun’s fault, not the operator of the camera.), but here is the finished picture. Now that the picture is hung with anchors and screws, I think I’m moving it to another location in the house. Thank goodness I’m an expert spackle-er!



Moulding Ideas

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My Hubby said to me recently… “Can we have a few days of completed projects and walls with no holes?”  I’m afraid he’s losing his mind.  It’s obvious he’s forgetting who he’s married too.  The poor thing.

Being the loving wife that I am, I gave him a day.  During my “down” time, I searched the world wide web for more ideas for moulding and trim.  When I’m not busy, I’m looking for more ways to update, change, enhance, rearrange, and beautify my home.  It’s just how my brain works.  Poor Hubby.  I hope he remembers that soon. 😉

After seeing what moulding and trim did for my fireplace, I’m now hooked on it.  I’m sharing some of the ideas I found and love.  I’m open to more ideas.  If you have any suggestions or pictures to share, I’m all ears!

I wonder what Hubby would say if I enhanced all the doorway moulding??

The wall treatment looks great as an accent wall. Hmmm…

More doorway moulding. I think it’s a sign!

Pinned Image

Love this. It looks more complicated than it is. The moulding on the inside of the squares adds so much detail.

Look! More door moulding! And look at that ceiling! Sigh.

This is one of my favorite! My entryway looks very much like this, minus all that moulding… for now. Ideas Ideas Ideas!

How sweet this entry looks!

From my friend at Pink Toes and Power Tools. Love this. She is an inspiration!

wainscot and chalk board

This would be fun in a kitchen!

Living Room

That ceiling!


DIY Candle Holder

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I love to go thrift shopping and treasure hunting.  I would do it everyday if I could.  But as it is, I’ll pick up something while shopping, something I had to have of course, and then I come home and can’t find a place to put it.  (That’s what garages are for, right??!)I have had this old decorative wooden architectural thing for more than a year and it just doesn’t look good anywhere in my house.  So what’s a girl to do?  Take it apart!  The wood on this piece is really cool.  Very distressed and weathered.  So I got my hammer and screwdriver out and took it apart.  I don’t know where the candle holder idea came from, but I did know what I was going to make before I began.  (That doesn’t always happen.)

Oh yeah, the individual glass candle holders are from IKEA and are only $0.49 each! ( NEGLINGE Candlestick/tealight holder)


This piece was held together with small nails so taking it apart was easy.

Removing the nails. Always wear your safety goggles!

Wear safety goggle when using machinery too! I love my saw! : )

Creating the box for the candle holders.

I totally dig perfect miter cuts!  You missed my happy dance. ; )

Drilling holes for the candle holders to fit in. The white board I’m cutting is a left over piece of vertical blinds. It’s the valance piece used to hide the blind’s hardware.

The glass candle holder fits! Woohoo!!

I’m using a dark metallic spray paint. I liked the idea of the old weathered wood with the newer dark-colored wood.

Quarter rounds were cut to border the piece with the holes. That was spray painted as well.

I wrapped painters tape around the holder while the wood glue dries.

I added rock and marbles to the base. I LIKE it!


There you go. Repurpose, Redo, Reuse!

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Powder Room Redo Completed

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The powder room is finished.  WooHoo!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… paint can change your world!

The room was very easy to do.  Some paint, lattice strips to create the board and batten, and patience is all you need.  The paint came from HomeDepot.  I love this paint.  It has primer in it and it actually covered the red in the first coat.  (But I always do two coats.)  It was wonderful.  The beadboard wallpaper below the chair rail came off easily because I primed/sized the wall before the last redo.  (That little step was based on experience.  Wallpaper removal can be ugly!!)  I bought the lattice at Lowes and cut it with my miter saw.  (I love tools!)  I received a nail gun with a compressor for my birthday not that long ago, but do you think this girl thought to use it?  Nope.  Instead, all the strips of lattice was nailed to the wall and counter sunk by manual labor of my poor little hands.  I know… Duh!  What were you thinking Laurie?

All the holes were spackled and all the cracks were caulked.  I painted the lower half with a satin white.  All the accessories; the floor shelf, towels, picture, towel holder and paper holder came from HomeGoods.  The pictures don’t do the room justice.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to take a great picture.  But for now, here you go…

Bathroom before: Red faux paint with beadboard wallpaper on the bottom

Beadboard wallpaper is really awesome, but I got tired of it, so it had to go. ; )

Taking down the wallpaper was actually fun.  Weird, I know.

Trim work begins. 22 1/2 degree cut with the miter saw.

Painted the top first because I was excited about the blue color.  Patience isn’t always my strong point.  The lattice was leveled and nailed to the wall.  I also used a little bit of glue on the lattice that didn’t hit a stud. 

I love the blue!

I am very happy with the results!


This shelf was only $19.99 at HomeGoods!

Oh, one more thing.  I painted the ceiling the same satin white as the lower wall.  It had the original off white yucky builder paint on it.  Based on the picture below, you can see how well that went.  Lessons learned:  (1) Before you raise a roller brush above your head, make sure it’s not over loaded with paint.  (2) Might be a good idea to wear a hat. (3) Wash the paint out IMMEDIATELY!

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