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DIY Rope Towel Holder

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finished hangerMy son’s bathroom makeover has a beachy feel to it.  (You can see the makeover HERE.)  It’s not done with fish or shells or boats, but it does have white horizontal wall planks and blue/gray walls.  It has that beach cottage-ish look.   The bathroom is finished, except for a towel holder. I could have put the old one back up, but that would have been too easy! (And boring.) 😉

I knew what I wanted to do for the towel holder, but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for to make it.  I wanted the towel holder to be made of rope with nautical/metal looking hardware to attach it to the wall.  Finding the rope was easy.  The hardware, not so much.  Luckily for me, my Hubby came along on this quest and eventually we found what we needed.

Here’s how it was made…


Hardware I picked up at Lowes


The parts are called: 3/8 inch Galv. Floor Flange, 3/8 inch Galv. Tee, and 3/8 inch Galv. Steel Pipe Nipple


Steel Pipe is screwed in to the Floor Flange


The Tee is then screwed on to the Steel Pipe

towel holder 2

I cut a thin strip of tape to wrap around the ends of the rope so it would not fray. Then I added glue (E6000) to the openings of the Tee, and pushed the rope ends in.

towel holder 3

I used 4mm Craft Cord to wrap around the rope.

towel holder 4

I wrapped the craft cord around the rope a few times until I got the look I wanted.  The cord is knotted in the back. I cut most of the extra cord ends off, then glued the ends down with more E6000.

finished hanger

The towel holder is attached to the wall with four screw in the Floor Flange.

towel holder 7

DIY Towel Holder – super easy! Cheap to make! Cost less than $20.00 to make two towel holders.

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Bathroom Makeover with Wood Planks

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I love a bargain!  But finding an accidental bargain is even better!  After the post on Wood Wall Planks, I was psyched to makeover my son’s bathroom.  The day I went to Lowes to finally purchase the planks (I’d been looking at them forever!), they were on clearance!  Instead of $19.99 for a package of four 8 foot planks, they were priced at $3.50 a package!!!  Holy Toledo!!  I hit the mother load!  I bought oodles of them.  More than I needed for this project.  For $3.50 each, I couldn’t help myself.

So, for less than $20.00, I paneled the bathroom walls.


The “BEFORE”. This bathroom is a “Jack and Jill” room. It has doors to two bedrooms and a separate door for the toilet and shower.


Plain boring walls.  And it has a huge, ugly “builder’s” mirror.


The wood plank is EverTrue Edge V-Groove, Primed.  As you can see, I decided to use them horizontally.  It looks casual, beachy and more “boy” I think.

plank lightswitch

I used a jigsaw to make cuts for light switches and electrical plugs.  Although, when my brother was here, I asked him in my charming sisterly way if he would do some cutting for me.  He comes in handy.


I asked for a nail gun with a compressor a year and a half ago for my birthday. This project was the first time I used it. Let me tell ya people… it was so easy and so much fun!


Love the nail gun! It made holes so small that when I painted the planks, the paint filled in the holes. No spackling!


The white molding on top of the wood planks gives the wall a finished look.

After the planks were up, I caulked all the edges and painted the planks a glossy white.  Then I painted the upper walls Wedgewood Gray, a Benjamin Moore color that Lowes colored matched.  Once the Wedgewood Gray was dry, I added trim molding to the top of the wood plank.

glue on mirror

I used lattice board to frame around the mirror.  It was stained first with MinWax Wood Finish in Expresso on both sides.  The boards are attached to the mirror with clear silicon. Because the mirror is attacked to the wall with clips, I used this method to get the wood to lay flush on the glass.  Since I don’t like “permanent” I did not want to glue the mirror directly to the wall.

mirror taped2

Painters tape is your friend when you need extra hands!

top mirror trim

The trim I used to cap off the planked wall is the same trim I used for the top trim on the mirror. I just bought a piece that was unfinished so I could stain it, instead of the pre-primed trim I used on the wall.


The AFTER. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took, and how many settings I tried, to get good pictures.  (I didn’t succeed.)  Taking pictures in a room with no windows and six light bulbs is challenge!


I know it will be too much to ask my son to keep these “pretty” towels in the basket and to use the old ugly ones for his hands. Boys don’t understand “they’re just to look at”. Oh well. They are neat and pretty today. 😉


All done! If you need any wood wall plank, I have oodles I’ll sell you for as little as $19.99. 😉

before and after

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Power of Paint Feature

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Happy Friday!

Today my Storage Cabinet Makeover is featured over at the Power of Paint!  Thank you Maryann!

Check out her awesome blogs, Domestically Speaking & Power of Paint.  You will find oodles and oodles of inspiration over there!

Like I’ve said before…  paint is “Happy in a Can”!

Power of Paint

Laundry Room Makeover

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One of my Home Goals for 2012 is to get organized.  From the picture below, you can see why!  I probably should be horrified to show you this “before” picture, but this is my life.  To know me is to love me with all my messy, unorganized flaws.

I decided I wanted to do the laundry room make over on a budget, using materials I already had.  My BFF gave me almost a whole gallon of paint that was left over from a project I helped her with.  I had shutters in my garage that I picked up from Habitat Restore for $5.00 and last week I purchased metal brackets from Habitat just ‘cuz they were $2.00 each.  I’m ready to roll!

I keep paint cans in the laundry room so they don’t dry out from heat or cold in the garage. Not pretty to look at!

More paint stored on top of the cabinet. This cabinet is the only storage in the laundry room.

Ugh! More junk. All the pool paraphernalia are stored in here.

Not sure what I was thinking with this paint color and the valance. And how lovely are those baseball hats!??

The walls are repainted a light blue.  So much happier than the green.   Looks very fresh and clean.

This is one of the shutters I purchased at Habitat Restore. It’s 15 inches wide. Perfect for a shelf.

My $2.00 brackets from Habitat. I saw the same ones at Lowes for $7.00 each! I love a bargain!!

See?? $2.00!

I attached the brackets on each end of the shutter and one in the middle. The brackets are attached to the wall with anchors.

I found an old curtain rod and put it through the scrollies in the brackets. Woohoo! Now I have a rod to hang clothes on. This was an unexpected bonus!

Yeah! The hangers fit!

My paint collection doesn’t look so awful up high and in plastic containers.  Home Depot has plastic containers in various sizes to store left over paint.  And yes, that is Gatorade bottles filled with paint.  Just trying to do my part in recycling!  My car trunk is now full of paint cans ready to be disposed of properly.

Still need to get a few things for the laundry room.  More shelves would be wonderful and maybe some storage bins and artwork.  Do I love my laundry room now?  YES!  Does it make me want to do laundry?  HECK NO!  Laundry still sucks no matter what your laundry room looks like!  But at least it looks more organized and inviting to walk into.

If you have any brilliant ideas on how to organize a laundry room, I would love to hear!  Still have oodles of shoes to contend with, and all my mops and brooms are shoved in a corner right now.  I don’t want to resort to my old ways… if a messy room has a door, then shut it and run! ; )

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