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Framed Puzzle

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Our family gift for Christmas from my In-Laws was a beautiful 2000 piece puzzle.  We spent the next two weeks working on it, some days non-stop!  After all that effort and time, there was no way it was going back in the box.  It was going to be framed!

We had a piece of ply wood cut just slightly larger than the picture, then used some puzzle glue to glue the pieces in place on top of the plywood board.  No wanting to buy a frame and glass, I used a frame from a picture I no longer liked.  The frame, unfortunately was too big.  After pondering for a bit, (and honestly the solution should have been instantaneous, but wasn’t!  It’s so embarrassing.) I thought of adding trim to the frame to cover the gaps.

Once my brain started functioning again, it also occurred to me that trim could be added to any frame you wanted to repaint.  Some frames have wimpy moulding for the picture it holds, so adding trim would make the frame look more substantial.  Brilliant I tell you!

puzzle framed before

Here is the picture before the trim was added. You can see on the left and right where the gaps are.

closeup gap

Close up of the problem.

trim being glued

Went to Lowes, and for $10.00, bought two pieces of small decorative trim. I used silicon adhesive to attached the wood to the glass and frame.

closeup trim

The plan was to paint it white and leave it all white. But after several coats, It just look flat and boring.  I ended up sanding it a bit and adding some walnut stain to it.  Much happier now. 😀


The sun wouldn’t let me take a good picture (yes, it is the sun’s fault, not the operator of the camera.), but here is the finished picture. Now that the picture is hung with anchors and screws, I think I’m moving it to another location in the house. Thank goodness I’m an expert spackle-er!



Bathroom Makeover with Wood Planks

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I love a bargain!  But finding an accidental bargain is even better!  After the post on Wood Wall Planks, I was psyched to makeover my son’s bathroom.  The day I went to Lowes to finally purchase the planks (I’d been looking at them forever!), they were on clearance!  Instead of $19.99 for a package of four 8 foot planks, they were priced at $3.50 a package!!!  Holy Toledo!!  I hit the mother load!  I bought oodles of them.  More than I needed for this project.  For $3.50 each, I couldn’t help myself.

So, for less than $20.00, I paneled the bathroom walls.


The “BEFORE”. This bathroom is a “Jack and Jill” room. It has doors to two bedrooms and a separate door for the toilet and shower.


Plain boring walls.  And it has a huge, ugly “builder’s” mirror.


The wood plank is EverTrue Edge V-Groove, Primed.  As you can see, I decided to use them horizontally.  It looks casual, beachy and more “boy” I think.

plank lightswitch

I used a jigsaw to make cuts for light switches and electrical plugs.  Although, when my brother was here, I asked him in my charming sisterly way if he would do some cutting for me.  He comes in handy.


I asked for a nail gun with a compressor a year and a half ago for my birthday. This project was the first time I used it. Let me tell ya people… it was so easy and so much fun!


Love the nail gun! It made holes so small that when I painted the planks, the paint filled in the holes. No spackling!


The white molding on top of the wood planks gives the wall a finished look.

After the planks were up, I caulked all the edges and painted the planks a glossy white.  Then I painted the upper walls Wedgewood Gray, a Benjamin Moore color that Lowes colored matched.  Once the Wedgewood Gray was dry, I added trim molding to the top of the wood plank.

glue on mirror

I used lattice board to frame around the mirror.  It was stained first with MinWax Wood Finish in Expresso on both sides.  The boards are attached to the mirror with clear silicon. Because the mirror is attacked to the wall with clips, I used this method to get the wood to lay flush on the glass.  Since I don’t like “permanent” I did not want to glue the mirror directly to the wall.

mirror taped2

Painters tape is your friend when you need extra hands!

top mirror trim

The trim I used to cap off the planked wall is the same trim I used for the top trim on the mirror. I just bought a piece that was unfinished so I could stain it, instead of the pre-primed trim I used on the wall.


The AFTER. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took, and how many settings I tried, to get good pictures.  (I didn’t succeed.)  Taking pictures in a room with no windows and six light bulbs is challenge!


I know it will be too much to ask my son to keep these “pretty” towels in the basket and to use the old ugly ones for his hands. Boys don’t understand “they’re just to look at”. Oh well. They are neat and pretty today. 😉


All done! If you need any wood wall plank, I have oodles I’ll sell you for as little as $19.99. 😉

before and after

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DIY Entryway Table

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Part of my entryway update was making a new entryway table.  Yes, I could have bought one quite easily, but what fun is that?  I had a piece of wood I picked up at Lowes, probably six months ago.  This past Monday, I went antiquing with my parents and picked up 7 spindly legs for $20.00.  Not too bad!  It was just what I was looking for.  So I went to work.

Before I begin, I just want to reiterate that I’m not an expert at wood working or building things.  I just want to do it, so I do.  I don’t follow rules (except wear safety glasses at all times and keep your hands away from sharp spinning blades!!!).  Maybe it’s not that I DON’T follow rules, I just believe there ARE NO rules when it comes to creativity.  If you think you can, you can!

1 ft x 4 ft knotty, butcher block looking wood from Lowes.

The first thing I did was stain the board.  I used MinWax Wood Finish in Expresso.  I stained the wood before I really knew what I was going to do with it.  It may be better to wait until you have your project assembled before you stain.

I picked up inexpensive base moulding at Lowes to use as trim around the raw edges of the table top.  Take a look at all the trims and mouldings home improvement stores have.  Just because the sign says this is a chair rail or this is a base board doesn’t mean that’s what they are ONLY for.  The possibilities are endless!

Look at that edge! Love it when cuts work out the first time. 😀  I used a miter saw but a miter box will work as well.  I glued the trim to the edges of the table, using blue tape to hold it in place. Once the glue was almost dry, I hammered in small brad nails for added support.

Here’s the tools and products I used.

If you are going to drill inside your house, I suggest putting a piece of scrap wood under the wood you are going to drill through. You don’t want to have to explain why there is a hole in your floor. 😉

Ok, So the rest of the construction happened in my entryway.  The garage was too hot.  While I love working with wood and tools, I don’t necessarily think one should have to sweat to create.  Just don’t tell my Hubby I used our front entryway as my workshop. 😉

For the size of the legs I was using, I measured 3/4 inch from the edge of the table to find the center where I needed to drill for the leg hole.

I drilled deep enough to just go through to the other side of the table top with the point of the circle drill bit. Then I flipped the table top over and used a countersink drill bit to drill a hole for the screw that would attach the leg to the table.

I drilled a hole in the bottom of the table legs. The legs have a notch that fit into the holes I drilled under the table. I added glue to the hole, placed the leg in and then used a flat head screw in the countersunk (is that a word?) hole to attach the leg to the table.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of that.

The table is so lightweight that I didn’t need to add any extra support for the legs.  The glue and screws were all the legs needed to be sturdy.  But please don’t come over and sit on it.  I can not guarantee your bottom will remain on the table and not end up on the floor.  😉  Wood putty was used to fill the holes on the top of the table and once that was dry, I swiped a little stain over the holes.  I stained the trim around the table in the same finish as the top and the legs are painted with Anne Sloan paint.  The legs were sanded lightly for a worn look.

And here’s the finished table. I’m kind of diggin it! 😀

So with just four legs, one piece of wood and some moulding and you can have yourself a table!  What do you think?  I think if I can DIY, you can DIY!

Entryway BEFORE and AFTER

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Goofy Like Me

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Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder where they came from.  They don’t look like me at all.  Blond hair, blue eyes.  How did that happen??  But then they do or say something that is so funny, I know it’s their goofy minds that are like me.

My son and my brother are having battle of the cookies.  They each are shocked when the cookies are gone, blaming the other for the disappearance.  My son decided it would be in his best interest if he hid the cookies in his room.  After they were gone, he printed out a message, put message in the empty cookie bag and returned the bag to the cookie cupboard.  So when my brother thought we had more cookies, he got this message from his nephew instead.  “U MAD BRO?”  That’s my boy! I was so proud! 

You mad Bro? Ha!

Then there’s my daughter.  She’s a hoot when she doesn’t even know she’s a hoot and that makes her even funnier!

She saw my Fifty Shade of Grey book on my dresser.  As I’m having a heart attack and nonchalantly putting it away, she asked me what the book is about.  I said, “ahhh, well, umm, it’s ah, it’s a grown up love story.”  She replies “Oh okay, really?  I thought it was a book you got from Lowes.”  Hehehe!  That’s my DIY girl!

Fifty Shades of Grey and fifty shades of gray!

DIY Fireplace Backsplash

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I have been working on my fireplace “backsplash” all week.  It’s finally finished!  It was pretty easy, inexpensive, sometimes a little frustrating, but the end result, according to my hubby, who was out of town during the whole construction, is “quite impressive!”  🙂

Here is my boring wall before.

I measured the boards to the size I wanted, mitered the corners, and taped everything to the wall to get an ideas of what it would look like.

You don’t need to miter the corners, but since I love my power tools, I went ahead and cut the corners this way.

Alway use a level! And often! Levelness is happiness. 😉

I used small nails and Loctite All Purpose Adhesive Caulk to attach the wood to the wall. May be unconventional to use caulk, but I did not want to use wood glue in case I change my mind someday and want to take it down. I asked my blogger friend at Pink Toes and Power Tools what she would do and she suggested the same thing.  If I were to do this again, though, I would use a backer board of some kind (plywood, thin wood) and screw that into studs and then add the frame and moulding. Live and learn!

Here I added trim to the inside of each rectangle to give it a finished look.  I decided, after I painted it (semi-gloss white), that it needed wide trim on the outside to make the backsplash look more substantial. After MANY trips to Lowes and Home Depot, I finally decided on window and door molding. It worked out great because it almost matches the trim on the windows. The wonderful thing about DIY is, that unless you blog about it as I do, nobody would know all the mind changes that went on. They would just think you are brilliant! Ha!

A tall view of the finished fireplace.

Finished! Just added some accessories for the picture. I will be spending days, I’m sure, rearranging the mantel a few hundred times!

The wood I used.  I chose a higher quality of wood that didn’t have knots.  The 1 x 4’s are on the outside frame. The 1 x 3’s are the two boards used on the inside of the frame.

The small trim was used on the inside of the frame. The white trim is the picture/door moulding I used on the outside of the frame. Of course the look is totally up to you. The options for trims and mouldings are endless.

Keep Reading…

The whole thing cost right around 50 dollars.  It would have cost less if I used pine wood.  Not too bad for a big impact!

This was an easy project, but I will confess that after I got the frame up, I realized it was off-center.  It was level!!  But not centered.  So I had to take it down and scoot it over.  And my walls, I found out, are not straight.  They have a bit of a wave in them.  So when the vertical boards went up, part of the wood touched the wall and part of the wood did not.  And it was the walls, not the boards that are wavy.  By the time I finished the project, I went through 3 tubes of caulk.  Yes, people, caulk is your friend.  It will cure what ails you.  Or at least fill in massive gaps on the wall!

Anyway, just wanted to share that part with you as well.  Don’t get discouraged if projects don’t turn out right the first time.  Unless you knock down a wall, you can fix most anything.  You and your friend caulk.  One more thing… 😉


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DIY Zippered Pillow Covers

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It’s amazing what a day can do!  I don’t know about you, but when the weather is grey, I feel blue.  Yesterday was one of those days.  But today…  Wow!  The sun was shining with temperatures in the low 70’s!  It was gorgeous!  And I actually got in my car and went places!  I stopped at Habitat Restore (sadly, found nothing today), popped in Lowes to pick up wood for my fireplace redo next week, and on my home I found a new thrift/antique/consignment store called Treasures Express.  WooHoo!!

Next on my plate was to finish another project I had left undone.  My BFF picked up some fabric for her home, but it didn’t work for her.  Lucky me!  I was with her when she bought it and I LOVED it, so I did not mind taking if off her hands.  It’s bright and happy!  I made pillows.

My sectional came with three big red pillows.  Not digging red at the moment.  They had to go.  I make a lot of pillows.  A couple of years ago, a friend and I had a pillow business, and to make our lives easier, we got plexiglass cut (from Lowes) to use as a template.  I used this square plexiglass to cut my fabric pieces.  It works fantastic!  Just use a fabric rotary cutter, using the edges of the plexiglass as a guide.

The advantage to using plexiglass as a template is you can see where the pattern is, knowing what the pillow will look like before you cut.

With right sides together, using 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the bottom edge of the pillow using the longest stitch your machine allows. You can also baste by hand. Iron the seams open.

Laying the zipper face down on the back side of your material, center the zipper with the seam.

Pin the zipper in place.

Using a zipper foot, sew along both sides of the zipper. I used clear thread for the basting and on the zipper. This way, your stitch won’t show. It’s helpful when you have a multi colored fabric.  And  it’s easy to rip out.

When you get to the end of the zipper, keep the needle in your fabric, lift the foot and unzip the zipper a couple of inches. This will allow you to finish stitching to the end of the zipper without landing on the metal zipper.  (And hearing that horrible needle breaking sound! 😉

Turn your fabric over and use your seam ripper to rip out the baste stitch.

Keep the zipper open a few inches before stitching the other 3 sides. Otherwise you won’t be able to unzip the pillow to turn it right side out!  Use 1/2 in seam allowance again.

Snip the corners before turning right side out.

Ta-Da! Finished! Two more to go. I normally to an envelope back for pillows, but trust me, the zipper was sooo easy!

All three finished! Aren’t they happy pillows? 🙂

Curtains Made Easy

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Sewing was my first “hobby”.  I started sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I couldn’t find a bumper pad and crib skirt I liked, so I made them.  Did I know what I was doing?  Not exactly.  But I just went for it.  What’s the worst that could have happened?

Drapes are the one thing that can really add warmth and style to a room.  If you have ever shopped for them, you will know that the patterns and fabric are not great, prices are expensive and most of the time you can only find 84 inch curtains.  (That makes me crazy!  All my window need 96 inch curtains.)  What’s a girl to do?  DIY!!!!!!!

It’s easy.   And fabric shopping is fun.  A great fabric store is the happiest place on Earth, beside Lowes and Home Depot!  The fabric I used in the pictures below was only $5.00 a yard.  It was reduced because of a printing flaw, but you would never find it.  (It was bought at my favorite fabric store, Tony’s Fabrics.)  With that price, it cost $15.00 per panel!  Woohoo! 

All that is required to make drapes or curtains the “Laurie way” is a sewing machine, being able to sew a straight line, (so no drinking while sewing!) a ruler and an iron and ironing board.  I don’t do rules, by the way.  You will probably hear me say that a lot.  That means there are no patterns used.  They are not lined because these curtains are decorative, the fabric is heavy and it’s white on the back side.  If you were going to close the curtains, they would need lining to protect the fabric from the sun.  That’s for another day.

These drapes are for my BFF’s dining room. The fabric is gorgeous! And happy.


It’s always good to know which side is up.  That applies to more than just fabric.  Ha!  I didn’t cut the salvage off the edge.  I used it as a guide for the first part of the side hem.  It’s about an inch in case your fabric doesn’t have this type of salvage on the side.   Then iron it.  This is the most important part.  You’ll be ironing more than you will be sewing.

The side hem is folded over again, then ironed.  It’s time-consuming, but it makes the seam flat and easier to sew.  Then sew your straight line close to the edge of the seam.

Do the next side of the fabric the same way.  I attached a safety-pin to the top of the fabric so I would know which end was up.

The top hem is folded over twice, just like the sides.  This time though, turn over the first fold 2 1/2 inches, then fold over again 3 inches.

3 inch hem top hem. 

My sewing machine does not have guides for a 3 inch hem so I measured from the needle where I wanted the stitch to be than used blue tape as my edge guide.

In case I haven’t said it before… Ironing is very IMPORTANT.  But it’s boring.  My daughter caught me with a phone to my ear, multi-tasking.  That’s what mom’s do. ; )

The bottom hem was done the same way as the top hem, except I sat on the floor with the curtains hanging and pinned the seam to the right length.  I ironed them while they were still hanging to make sure they were exactly the length I wanted.  Then I took them off the rod and sewed the bottom seam.

Here’s another example of easy to make curtains.  These curtains are in my house. These were super easy to make. I bought a set of white curtains from Ikeas and added “designer” fabric to the top. 


DIY Pedestal Table

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In planning my new “library” I knew I wanted a round pedestal table and a couple of chairs in the room.  I found the chairs, but the table was not so easy.  I didn’t want a round dining room table because they are too big, and I didn’t want an accent table because they are too small.  (Sounds a bit like Goldie Locks!)  I wanted a table that was 36 inches round. 

So, I decided to make one.  Logical right?  Ask me how hard it was to find a round unfinished table top that’s 36 inches?  I thought it would be easy.  Nope.  The home improvement stores have some round table tops, but they were very small.  Lowes had one 36 inch table top in stock, on the shelf, but it was cracked.  I looked at it at least 3 times and walked away from it.  Brought my brother with me that last time and he declared it fixable, got it for half off, and then fixed it for me.  Problem solved.

I found the pedestal at Garden Ridge.  It’s substantial and heavy and it only cost 24.99!  All together, the top and bottom on the table cost a total of $45.00!  Next, I just needed to decide what color to paint it.  Easy peasy!

My brother said paint it white.  I said BORING!

Pedestal before

Unfinished table and pedestal

I wanted to give the pedestal a faux distressed finish.  I lightly rubbed on blue paint and wiped off the excess.  IT LOOKED HORRIBLE! 

Second try – Painted the whole thing blue.  Had to look better than the blotchy yuck that was on there before!

Painted the table top blue as well. Brought both pieces into the house and it looked HORRIBLE!

Third try – Painted the whole darn thing AGAIN, this time white.  Yes, I heard “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Finished table – for the moment.

While I was on vacation, my brother painted the underside of the table (I was going to be lazy and not paint it!) and glued the top to the pedestal.  It looks great.  Kids can sit there and play games or use their laptops.  I have a glass top on order.  While I’m waiting on that, I’m planning on doing something decorative to the table top.  More on that later. : )

Morale of the story…  Do it yourself.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or it cost more than you want to spend, make it, create it.  Be resourceful, be patient, and oh yeah… if your brother suggest painting it white, paint it white. : )

Dining Room turned Library/Office

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Happy Monday! 

I’m almost finished redoing  my “dining room that’s not a dining room”.  Let’s call it my new Library/Office.  Over the weekend I finished the drapes and got them hung. 

I have to give a shout out to my favorite local fabric store, Tony’s Fabrics, for coming through and finding more fabric for me.   Panic set in when I finally decided on the fabric for my drapes and they didn’t have enough to make two.  That old saying “you snooze you lose” applied to me big time!  I don’t know if it was the tears in my eyes, the pouty lip or the kindness of their hearts, but they found more fabric and special ordered it for me.  I LOVE THAT STORE!  And the staff is generously helpful, offering tips and advice.  Always a great thing when you don’t know the quantity you need to buy, or even the type of fabric you need to use for a particular project.

The bookcases came from Ikea.  I love them!  The difference they alone make in the room is huge.  They are from Ikea HEMNES series.  The chairs came from HomeGoods (of course!).  I only bought two, but I’m thinking of picking up two more, or maybe coordinating chairs.  I’m not a matchy matchy kind of girl.  The paint color is a rich brown called Sierra Spruce from Benjamin Moore.

The room is almost complete.  I’m looking for a round table to add to the room.  I’m thinking of making one actually.  But I’m having a really hard time finding an unfinished wood round table top.  No luck at Lowes or Home Depot.  ; (  Any suggestions??

Still need some artwork on the walls.  I will post more pictures when the room is complete.

Parsons chairs from HomeGoods. $99.00 each.

Bookcases from Ikea. Color Grey/Brown

Drapes are finally made! Woohoo!!

Another Powder Bathroom Redo

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It’s amazing how one gallon of paint and $26.00 worth of tile can transform a powder room!  My BFF’s downstairs bathroom had not seen a makeover in more than a decade.  In Laurie time, that’s unheard of!  ; )

We removed the wallpaper (never a fun thing to do!) and painted the room a gorgeous blue (Benjamin Moore – St. John Blue).  BFF had picked up four different tile samples from Lowes and in the end the favorite choice turned out to be the least expensive tile.  Woohoo!!  Gotta love that!  My brother installed the tile for them.  He placed the tile on the diagonal at it makes the bathroom look so much bigger.  A few new accessories from HomeGoods and the room looks completely new and updated.  Very little money… HUGE transformation!

Time for an updated look. Bye bye wallpaper. Bye bye water damaged floor.

Once you experience the joy of removing wallpaper, you will never wallpaper again!

The new $26.00 floor! So awesome!

The name of the tile is “Sierra”. It was purchased from Lowes for $.57 a square foot.

Tiled Porch

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Between all the projects my brother is working on, he managed to start a project at my house!  Woohoo!!  For some reason it never occurred to me to tile the floor of the screened-in porch.  Partly because I’m not out there much and partly because I consider it the “outside” of the house.  And that’s not my area!  Ha!

Hubby and I went to the home improvement stores to look for possible tile.  I wanted browns/tans and hubby wanted grey.  We left the first store a little frustrated with each other.  Hubby apologized for not agreeing with me.  Being the peaceful person I am, I told him it was okay not to agree with me.  But my very wise nine-year old daughter quickly added, “as long as you don’t do it often dad!”  I do believe she got her common sense from her Mom! ; )

Hubby and I did find tile we liked.  We even agreed on the pattern.  It has all the colors we both wanted.  Looking at the porch, even unfinished, I just can’t believe I never thought of doing this before.  Go Bro!!  

The tile we used is “Castle Stone Harvest” from Lowes. We used the 12 inch and 6 inch squares.

Before – plain boring cement

After – Beautiful tile!

Painting Interior Doors

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Thanks to model home hopping and of course, Pinterest, I have been thinking about painting my interior front door something other than white. Doors always look stunning when they are painted in dramatic colors. So I went for it. It’s only paint right?

The first coat of dark brown (Bittersweet Chocolate from PotteryBarn) looked horrible. I was having a panic attack! How many coats of white will it take to cover THAT up, I wondered??!! My BFF was my partner in crime and she kept encouraging me to move forward. She either had a vision of what it would look like finished, or she was too afraid to tell me it looked awful! After my breathing returned to somewhat normal, I put on the second coat of paint. It was looking better. By the third and final coat I was thinking it would be okay. Once the painters tape was removed and the entry way put back together, I was very happy with the results. It was dramatic. That’s what I was looking for. : ) And the cool and groovy rug I picked up at Lowes helped pull everything together. Will I do all the doors in the house? I do have more paint. I’ll let you know!

Front door BEFORE

I’m hyper-ventilating at this point.

I’m likin it!

I’m breathing again! Yeah I love it! I have more paint AND more white doors!

My new groovy rug.

Christmas Ideas #4 – 11

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While jotting down my Christmas list, I realized there was a theme in the things I was asking Santa for.  Nothing big, nothing expensive.  Just simple stuff.  Helpful stuff for creativity.

So, if you want to buy me something… I mean shop for that creative person in your life, here are some gift ideas.  If you really want to surprise her… may I suggest POWER TOOLS?!! : )

Zoomed: 3M Black Frame with Clear Lens Plastic Readers Safety Glasses

Safety glasses! Everyone need a pair or two when working with power tools. And these are part reading glasses! Who knew??

BISSELL® Steam and Sweep Hard Surface Cleaner - Silver.Opens in a new window

While I normally frown upon cleaning products for Christmas, this would be handy when I’m crafting in the kitchen.

Sony Earbud Headphones - Blue/ Violet (MDREX35LP/VB)

I need theses! I have an Ipod Shuffle with broken earbuds.

21.Opens in a new window

ADELE! So I can sing my little heart out while I’m crafting or creating.  LOVE HER!  Need the cd so I can have it in my car too.

DEGREE Aqua Sea Degrees Discovery Ear Warmer

These would be helpful for safety as well as keeping me warm when I’m working in the garage. (With the power tools!)

Zoomed: MECHANIX WEAR 1-Pack Female Work Gloves

Another helpful item to keep me warm and safe in the garage.

Holiday Lowe's Gift Card

Ahhh! Gift Cards…

never can have too many!

Fall Wreath

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Hello!  It’s the first full week of school and the end of August.  I can hardly believe it will be September in a couple of days!  I love Fall!  I know it’s still ninety degrees outside, but a girl can dream.

I have made this year’s first fall wreath.  It’s currently hanging on the inside of my house, but come September 1st, it’s going to be on the outside of the door!  I’m ready, first cold front, do you hear me?

I found the insulation tubing at Lowes for about a dollar.  Styrofoam forms are expensive, I think. Either that or I’m just cheap, so this was a bargain! Here’s how I made it…

  • Cut insulating foam tube to the size “wreath” you want.
  • Cut a 12 inch x 3 yards of burlap and folded it in half width-wise.
  • Sewed a 2 1/2 in seam allowance.
  • Slide the burlap on the foam tube.
  • Cut a piece of left-over tubing on the score line and roll it up tight and cover the ends with duck tape.  I pushed the left-over piece into the ends of the tubing before duct taping the circle together.  It helps hold the circle together while applying the tape.
  • Finish gathering the burlap to cover the duct tape.
  • Fray the edges and decorate.

Michael’s has an awesome selection of Fall picks and decorations! : )  I could spend a day in there!

Okay Fall, I’m all ready now!

The Right Nail Gun

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My latest indoor project at the moment is my daughter’s room.  I’m painting blocks of squares and rectangles on one of her walls.  Not the traditional checkerboard blocks, but in a design a little more groovy.  (pictures will come soon)  So my daughter and I went to the Happiest Place on Earth today… LOWES : ) to get tape and paint for her room.  While we were waiting for the paints to be mixed, we walked down to look at the brad/pin nail guns.  I REALLY REALLY want one!  Anyway, I stood there in awe looking at the different brands and sizes and features, and of course, the prices there are to choose from.  My daughter, on the other hand, stands there with her hands on her hips, studying all our choices and asks, “So Mom, what COLOR do you want?”  Ha!!

Just a few of the choice, but awesome colors! : )

I didn’t buy one today, but if anyone has one they absolutely love, please let me know which one it is!  Did I mention I really really want one?


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When I thought of the idea to build a Barbie size dollhouse for my daughter for Christmas, I never would have guessed what I was getting myself into.  My BFF, being the angel that she is, chose to join me and build one for her daughter too.  It was a true labor of love!  It took months.  It took patience and trial and error and a little bit of blood and tears.  (I would say “sweat” too, but it was so cold in the basement when we were building it, we took turns hugging the floor heater!)  It was a lesson in perseverance since neither one of us built anything like this EVER!  AND it was all worth it!  We created a family heirloom our daughters LOVE, my BFF and I got to spend countless hours together talking and laughing working on this amazing project together.  I wrote a blog about it as it was happening if you are interested in reading about the details and seeing more pictures of our crazy adventure.

Me (on the right) and my BFF at our first of many many trips to Lowes.

The finished house

My daughters reaction on Christmas morning! Sooo worth it!

Back of house all decked out with furniture

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