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Tales of Technology

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Today I was sitting in a chair with my laptop on my lap waiting for something to upload.  While I was waiting, being completely impatient and totally annoyed at how long it was taking, it occurred to me that I’m sitting in a chair with a lightweight, mobile computer ON MY LAP.  I think someone upstairs slapped me upside my head and made me realize how amazing that is!

When I was young, (younger!) no one had computers.  At school we were still learning where to place our fingers on a typewriter.  I remember having to take timed typing test for speed and accuracy.  Without backspace or delete!  Can you imagine the anxiety kids would experience today if they were graded just on typing alone, never mind speed and accuracy?  I watch my kids hunt and peck for keys on the computer and it takes everything I have not to grab the computer and say “OMG!  Let me do it!  If you keep going like this it will be time to put me in a home before you’re done!”  Learning to type with all 10 fingers isn’t as important as it once was.  Now you can talk to the computer and it will type for you.

A few years ago when my son wanted to have a cell phone because “everyone has one”, we said “NO, you’re too young”.  That didn’t make him happy, and he snapped back, “That’s not fair!  How old were you when you got a cell phone?”  My reply… “29”.  His eyes bugged out and his jaw hit the floor, but he stopped complaining!. ; )

I never would have thought, back in the day, that we would have laptop computers, cell phones and all the other good stuff we have today.  Yet sometimes we forget how fortunate we are or how amazing that is.  Just think, we could have a house without a computer, be attached to a wall to talk on the phone, and listen to music from a big, heavy box on our shoulders.  How did we ever survive?

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