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Entryway Curtains Revealed

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About a month ago I did a post on Entryway Ideas.  I was looking for ideas and inspirations to update my empty foyer.  And I asked you to give me your opinions on the pictures I found.

The majority of you loved the idea of using drapes at the front door.  It was a look I never would have thought of had I not seen a picture on Pinterest.  I loved it too!

Entryway Curtains

Houzz via Pinterest

Entryway Curtains

Southern Living via Pinterest

I picked up a set of drapes at Ikea.  Ikea sells curtains/drapes at crazy, ridiculous, cheap prices.  And they come in a package of TWO!  A pair!  You don’t have to buy two packages to cover one window.  They come long and unhemmed so you can customize the length to fit your window.  It’s brilliant!  These look like linen and were only $20.00!

Entryway Curtains

The “Welcome” wall art came from Hobby Lobby. $14.00 with a coupon.

Entryway Curtains

I bought the rod at HomeGoods for $14.99. The knobs holding back the curtains were $2.00 at Hobby Lobby.

Entryway Curtains

Entryway is complete. The console table is a DIY creation. More on that soon. 😉

What do you think?  Something you might try?


Dining Room turned Library/Office

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Happy Monday! 

I’m almost finished redoing  my “dining room that’s not a dining room”.  Let’s call it my new Library/Office.  Over the weekend I finished the drapes and got them hung. 

I have to give a shout out to my favorite local fabric store, Tony’s Fabrics, for coming through and finding more fabric for me.   Panic set in when I finally decided on the fabric for my drapes and they didn’t have enough to make two.  That old saying “you snooze you lose” applied to me big time!  I don’t know if it was the tears in my eyes, the pouty lip or the kindness of their hearts, but they found more fabric and special ordered it for me.  I LOVE THAT STORE!  And the staff is generously helpful, offering tips and advice.  Always a great thing when you don’t know the quantity you need to buy, or even the type of fabric you need to use for a particular project.

The bookcases came from Ikea.  I love them!  The difference they alone make in the room is huge.  They are from Ikea HEMNES series.  The chairs came from HomeGoods (of course!).  I only bought two, but I’m thinking of picking up two more, or maybe coordinating chairs.  I’m not a matchy matchy kind of girl.  The paint color is a rich brown called Sierra Spruce from Benjamin Moore.

The room is almost complete.  I’m looking for a round table to add to the room.  I’m thinking of making one actually.  But I’m having a really hard time finding an unfinished wood round table top.  No luck at Lowes or Home Depot.  ; (  Any suggestions??

Still need some artwork on the walls.  I will post more pictures when the room is complete.

Parsons chairs from HomeGoods. $99.00 each.

Bookcases from Ikea. Color Grey/Brown

Drapes are finally made! Woohoo!!

Bonus Room Redo

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My BFF has seen me redo room after room after room.  I know she has silently thought I was (I am) a bit crazy.  She has patiently indulged me when I ask her to come over to rearrange furniture or re-accessorize my walls.  But now we are redoing her house.  And NOW she is seeing and experiencing for herself how easy it is to change things up, and how good it feel to redo something yourself and see the end result look amazing.  In short, she is a redo fanatic.  She’s just like me! ha!  Her dining room is next!

The room went from a light tan to a happy blue/gray.  The wall color we used is called Ocean City Blue #718 by Benjamin Moore.  It’s lovely!

Ocean City Blue by Benjamin Moore

The BEFORE. Sad Couch. Unhappy Cushions. Plain Walls.

Boring walls.

Here’s the room AFTER! Happy couch and cushions!  Beautiful walls!  I recovered the back cushions and pillows in the groovy fabric BFF picked out. It changed the look of the couch! The curtains are from Ikea. I added a panel of fabric on the side to give it a “custom” look.  BFF recovered her kid’s desk chairs in a coordinating strip fabric.

The leftover fabric was added to the curtains.

I ripped out the seam on the side of the curtain to add a narrow panel of fabric.  The fabric is 45 inches wide.  I cut 20 inch wide panels to add to the side of the curtain.  I needed to added a couple of back tabs to match the tabs that were already on the Ikea curtains.  Another way to add a “custom” look to ready-made curtains is to add fabric to the top 1/3 or the bottom 1/3 of the curtain.

From Useless to Useful

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Apparently neither Nate nor Candace are coming to my rescue.  I’ve tried.  I have written sad, sad letters about my poor empty dining room, to no avail.  I’m on my own to tackle my dining room that’s not a dining room.  This poor room has been abandoned for almost 9 years.  We are not dining room people.  And I’m not a fan of cooking so I don’t need to have two rooms dedicated to food.

I really think dining rooms should be “optional” in new construction these days.  I think there are a lot of families who would rather have offices, libraries or dens instead of formal dining rooms.  Dining rooms look pretty, but are hardly used.  That’s my opinion anyway.

This week I have been contemplating what to do with this room.  Normally I’m not so overwhelmed with a project like this, but I want the room to look nice and be somewhat functional.  It’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door.  And it needs everything.  Paint, furniture, pictures, you name it!  Breathe Laurie, breathe.

A couple of days after my post on Navy Blue, I received the Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalog in the mail.  (Magazine/catalog day is always a happy day!)  Anyways, dark blue was shown in accessories, fabric and paint color.  I think it was a sign.  Now if I can get Hubby on board, I’m all set!

Blues from Pottery Barn

Blues from Ballard Designs

I love the color “Dusk” from Restoration Hardware.  It’s not navy blue, but it’s a darker blue.  I also like the color “Hale Navy” from Benjamin Moore.  I have picked up several different samples of fabric and they all have the dark blue in them.  I think it’s a sign that dark blue is what my “not a dining rooms” wants.

Restoration Hardware “Dusk”

Hale Blue – Benjamin Moore

I also just picked up three bookcases from Ikea.    They are the Hemnes series and I chose the Gray/Brown color.  It’s a different look.  I went to Ikea with the idea I was going to pick up the Brown/Black color, but once I was there, and with the cheering of my Bro, I pick the other color.  I think it will look great with a dark blue wall.  I put the smaller bookcase together already.  It took a little blood, sweat and beers (literally!) but the next two should be a piece of cake. 

Gray/Brown Hemnes Bookcases

I like the idea of adding a round table and a couple of chairs to the new room.

Kursi Kubu Armchair

Chair from Pier 1. A consideration for seating.

That’s as far I as got.  If I could only decide on fabric for curtains, I could buy the paint.  For some silly reason I keep asking my Hubby and my brother what they think of my choices.  And they are actually giving me their opinions!  Does rhetorical mean nothing to them?  I will post the end result of my room that’s not a dining room soon.  I hoping it will be a room that is beautiful, functional and dark blue!

DIY Candle Holder

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I love to go thrift shopping and treasure hunting.  I would do it everyday if I could.  But as it is, I’ll pick up something while shopping, something I had to have of course, and then I come home and can’t find a place to put it.  (That’s what garages are for, right??!)I have had this old decorative wooden architectural thing for more than a year and it just doesn’t look good anywhere in my house.  So what’s a girl to do?  Take it apart!  The wood on this piece is really cool.  Very distressed and weathered.  So I got my hammer and screwdriver out and took it apart.  I don’t know where the candle holder idea came from, but I did know what I was going to make before I began.  (That doesn’t always happen.)

Oh yeah, the individual glass candle holders are from IKEA and are only $0.49 each! ( NEGLINGE Candlestick/tealight holder)


This piece was held together with small nails so taking it apart was easy.

Removing the nails. Always wear your safety goggles!

Wear safety goggle when using machinery too! I love my saw! : )

Creating the box for the candle holders.

I totally dig perfect miter cuts!  You missed my happy dance. ; )

Drilling holes for the candle holders to fit in. The white board I’m cutting is a left over piece of vertical blinds. It’s the valance piece used to hide the blind’s hardware.

The glass candle holder fits! Woohoo!!

I’m using a dark metallic spray paint. I liked the idea of the old weathered wood with the newer dark-colored wood.

Quarter rounds were cut to border the piece with the holes. That was spray painted as well.

I wrapped painters tape around the holder while the wood glue dries.

I added rock and marbles to the base. I LIKE it!


There you go. Repurpose, Redo, Reuse!

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Thrifty Art

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I’m redoing my sewing/craft room for umpteenth time.  Not that I particularly like to paint over and over again, but the room feels blah and I want it to feel happy and be a source of motivation and inspiration.  I know it’s a lot to ask for a little room.  So much expectation! : )  But here I go again…

My goal is to redo the room for as little money as possible.  Not that paint and accessories are all that expensive, but it kinda is when you are me and paint and revamp so many times.  I think the room is actually getting smaller because of all the layers of paint!  So I’m redecorating on the cheap.  (My hubby will dig that!)  I have oodles of fabric and found some that were embroidered.  I picked up some bargain price Ikea frames and voila…  instant art for very little money!  I think they look groovy!

Handmade Drapes… Almost!

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Drapes and curtains can be hard to find… especially if you are looking for a length longer than 84 inches.  The limited styles, textures and patterns offered out there leaves much to be desired.  But making your own drapes can be very pricy as well.  The cost and yardage it takes to make a single drape can make your head spin, then multiply that by 2, 4 or more panels, well you just better sit down!

So, here’s my “almost” handmade way to get custom, original looking drapes.  I found fabric at my favorite fabric shop that I loved.  It’s a discount fabric store… even better!!  (I repainted the whole kitchen and sunroom based on the colors in the fabric.)  Though the fabric was priced well, making drapes floor to ceiling in that pattern would have been too much (in looks and in cost).  IKEA baby!  I purchased white panels that come in a package of TWO for $19.99. (That’s unheard of!).  I cut the top of the white panels to remove the tabs and added my lovely material to the top third of the drape.  If you use your favorite fabric on the bottom of your drape, the tabs of the IKEA curtains are already there… even easier.  In my case, I needed to sew an open-ended seam at the top to slide it on the curtain rod. You can also use curtain rings with clips to hang your drapes as well.  Voila!

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