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Apartment Therapy The Homies 2013

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I apologize if this is a repeat post for you. I woke up this morning to find my post gone.

homiescrop2113.jpgGuess what?  House of 34 is one of the nominees at Apartment Therapy’s The Homies 2013!  It’s listed in “Best Home Projects and DIY Blog” category.

I would love your vote, if you feel so inclined.  You can vote for House of 34 here.  😀  Thanks!


Moulding Ideas

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My Hubby said to me recently… “Can we have a few days of completed projects and walls with no holes?”  I’m afraid he’s losing his mind.  It’s obvious he’s forgetting who he’s married too.  The poor thing.

Being the loving wife that I am, I gave him a day.  During my “down” time, I searched the world wide web for more ideas for moulding and trim.  When I’m not busy, I’m looking for more ways to update, change, enhance, rearrange, and beautify my home.  It’s just how my brain works.  Poor Hubby.  I hope he remembers that soon. 😉

After seeing what moulding and trim did for my fireplace, I’m now hooked on it.  I’m sharing some of the ideas I found and love.  I’m open to more ideas.  If you have any suggestions or pictures to share, I’m all ears!

I wonder what Hubby would say if I enhanced all the doorway moulding??

The wall treatment looks great as an accent wall. Hmmm…

More doorway moulding. I think it’s a sign!

Pinned Image

Love this. It looks more complicated than it is. The moulding on the inside of the squares adds so much detail.

Look! More door moulding! And look at that ceiling! Sigh.

This is one of my favorite! My entryway looks very much like this, minus all that moulding… for now. Ideas Ideas Ideas!

How sweet this entry looks!

From my friend at Pink Toes and Power Tools. Love this. She is an inspiration!

wainscot and chalk board

This would be fun in a kitchen!

Living Room

That ceiling!


DIY Fireplace Backsplash

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I have been working on my fireplace “backsplash” all week.  It’s finally finished!  It was pretty easy, inexpensive, sometimes a little frustrating, but the end result, according to my hubby, who was out of town during the whole construction, is “quite impressive!”  🙂

Here is my boring wall before.

I measured the boards to the size I wanted, mitered the corners, and taped everything to the wall to get an ideas of what it would look like.

You don’t need to miter the corners, but since I love my power tools, I went ahead and cut the corners this way.

Alway use a level! And often! Levelness is happiness. 😉

I used small nails and Loctite All Purpose Adhesive Caulk to attach the wood to the wall. May be unconventional to use caulk, but I did not want to use wood glue in case I change my mind someday and want to take it down. I asked my blogger friend at Pink Toes and Power Tools what she would do and she suggested the same thing.  If I were to do this again, though, I would use a backer board of some kind (plywood, thin wood) and screw that into studs and then add the frame and moulding. Live and learn!

Here I added trim to the inside of each rectangle to give it a finished look.  I decided, after I painted it (semi-gloss white), that it needed wide trim on the outside to make the backsplash look more substantial. After MANY trips to Lowes and Home Depot, I finally decided on window and door molding. It worked out great because it almost matches the trim on the windows. The wonderful thing about DIY is, that unless you blog about it as I do, nobody would know all the mind changes that went on. They would just think you are brilliant! Ha!

A tall view of the finished fireplace.

Finished! Just added some accessories for the picture. I will be spending days, I’m sure, rearranging the mantel a few hundred times!

The wood I used.  I chose a higher quality of wood that didn’t have knots.  The 1 x 4’s are on the outside frame. The 1 x 3’s are the two boards used on the inside of the frame.

The small trim was used on the inside of the frame. The white trim is the picture/door moulding I used on the outside of the frame. Of course the look is totally up to you. The options for trims and mouldings are endless.

Keep Reading…

The whole thing cost right around 50 dollars.  It would have cost less if I used pine wood.  Not too bad for a big impact!

This was an easy project, but I will confess that after I got the frame up, I realized it was off-center.  It was level!!  But not centered.  So I had to take it down and scoot it over.  And my walls, I found out, are not straight.  They have a bit of a wave in them.  So when the vertical boards went up, part of the wood touched the wall and part of the wood did not.  And it was the walls, not the boards that are wavy.  By the time I finished the project, I went through 3 tubes of caulk.  Yes, people, caulk is your friend.  It will cure what ails you.  Or at least fill in massive gaps on the wall!

Anyway, just wanted to share that part with you as well.  Don’t get discouraged if projects don’t turn out right the first time.  Unless you knock down a wall, you can fix most anything.  You and your friend caulk.  One more thing… 😉


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Almost, but not Quite

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I wonder if there is a name for the condition I have.  Ninety percent-itis? Not quite done-itis?  Brain is moving on-itis?

Finishing a project is a chore for me.  I’m not sure why.  I start with enthusiasm, but before I’m completely finished, my mind is wandering to the next project.  Do I get bored?  I’m I just over it?  Do I have A.D.D.?

My hubby used to give me a hard time about leaving cleaning products out or not putting the vacuum away after cleaning the house.  (He doesn’t give me grief anymore.  My famous evil eye has made him fearful of ever mentioning it now.)  In my head I wasn’t leaving things out because I couldn’t finish something… I was leaving those things out so he would acknowledge that I actually cleaned.  It made sense at the time!  Now I wonder if it was ninety percent-itis flaring up!

I have a couple of projects started at the moment.  I’m still working on the DIY round table I posted about a week or so ago, and I’m refinishing and recovering the chair I picked up at the antique store last weekend.  But my brain is moving on to another project I have out in the garage.  I need help!

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?  I’m good at first steps!


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