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Framed Puzzle

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Our family gift for Christmas from my In-Laws was a beautiful 2000 piece puzzle.  We spent the next two weeks working on it, some days non-stop!  After all that effort and time, there was no way it was going back in the box.  It was going to be framed!

We had a piece of ply wood cut just slightly larger than the picture, then used some puzzle glue to glue the pieces in place on top of the plywood board.  No wanting to buy a frame and glass, I used a frame from a picture I no longer liked.  The frame, unfortunately was too big.  After pondering for a bit, (and honestly the solution should have been instantaneous, but wasn’t!  It’s so embarrassing.) I thought of adding trim to the frame to cover the gaps.

Once my brain started functioning again, it also occurred to me that trim could be added to any frame you wanted to repaint.  Some frames have wimpy moulding for the picture it holds, so adding trim would make the frame look more substantial.  Brilliant I tell you!

puzzle framed before

Here is the picture before the trim was added. You can see on the left and right where the gaps are.

closeup gap

Close up of the problem.

trim being glued

Went to Lowes, and for $10.00, bought two pieces of small decorative trim. I used silicon adhesive to attached the wood to the glass and frame.

closeup trim

The plan was to paint it white and leave it all white. But after several coats, It just look flat and boring.  I ended up sanding it a bit and adding some walnut stain to it.  Much happier now. 😀


The sun wouldn’t let me take a good picture (yes, it is the sun’s fault, not the operator of the camera.), but here is the finished picture. Now that the picture is hung with anchors and screws, I think I’m moving it to another location in the house. Thank goodness I’m an expert spackle-er!



Bathroom Makeover with Wood Planks

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I love a bargain!  But finding an accidental bargain is even better!  After the post on Wood Wall Planks, I was psyched to makeover my son’s bathroom.  The day I went to Lowes to finally purchase the planks (I’d been looking at them forever!), they were on clearance!  Instead of $19.99 for a package of four 8 foot planks, they were priced at $3.50 a package!!!  Holy Toledo!!  I hit the mother load!  I bought oodles of them.  More than I needed for this project.  For $3.50 each, I couldn’t help myself.

So, for less than $20.00, I paneled the bathroom walls.


The “BEFORE”. This bathroom is a “Jack and Jill” room. It has doors to two bedrooms and a separate door for the toilet and shower.


Plain boring walls.  And it has a huge, ugly “builder’s” mirror.


The wood plank is EverTrue Edge V-Groove, Primed.  As you can see, I decided to use them horizontally.  It looks casual, beachy and more “boy” I think.

plank lightswitch

I used a jigsaw to make cuts for light switches and electrical plugs.  Although, when my brother was here, I asked him in my charming sisterly way if he would do some cutting for me.  He comes in handy.


I asked for a nail gun with a compressor a year and a half ago for my birthday. This project was the first time I used it. Let me tell ya people… it was so easy and so much fun!


Love the nail gun! It made holes so small that when I painted the planks, the paint filled in the holes. No spackling!


The white molding on top of the wood planks gives the wall a finished look.

After the planks were up, I caulked all the edges and painted the planks a glossy white.  Then I painted the upper walls Wedgewood Gray, a Benjamin Moore color that Lowes colored matched.  Once the Wedgewood Gray was dry, I added trim molding to the top of the wood plank.

glue on mirror

I used lattice board to frame around the mirror.  It was stained first with MinWax Wood Finish in Expresso on both sides.  The boards are attached to the mirror with clear silicon. Because the mirror is attacked to the wall with clips, I used this method to get the wood to lay flush on the glass.  Since I don’t like “permanent” I did not want to glue the mirror directly to the wall.

mirror taped2

Painters tape is your friend when you need extra hands!

top mirror trim

The trim I used to cap off the planked wall is the same trim I used for the top trim on the mirror. I just bought a piece that was unfinished so I could stain it, instead of the pre-primed trim I used on the wall.


The AFTER. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took, and how many settings I tried, to get good pictures.  (I didn’t succeed.)  Taking pictures in a room with no windows and six light bulbs is challenge!


I know it will be too much to ask my son to keep these “pretty” towels in the basket and to use the old ugly ones for his hands. Boys don’t understand “they’re just to look at”. Oh well. They are neat and pretty today. 😉


All done! If you need any wood wall plank, I have oodles I’ll sell you for as little as $19.99. 😉

before and after

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Wood Wall Planks

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Have you ever walked around a home improvement store and see something you didn’t even know you wanted?  A project you hadn’t thought of before and suddenly a light goes off and you think “Where have you been all my life”?

It happened to me.  What was the object of my desire you ask?  Wood wall planks!

I know, they’ve been around forever, but it never occurred to me to think about the possibilities.  I have a couple of projects on my radar at the moment; redoing my son’s bathroom and doing something with the kitchen island.  I think I just found my inspiration!

Dark wood paneling

I absolutely adore navy blue! How beautiful is this!?

Love the horizontal paneling

Horizontal! Oh the possibilities.

an idea of what i am looking to do with beadboard paneling in the bathroom - like the trim on the top

bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom

full bath after remodel with MDF on sides of tub

Happy is in the House

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I started out 2012 with the blog name Ode to my Abode.  This past year I changed it to House of 34.  I wanted to share more than just DIY projects.  House of 34 is about sharing ideas and experiences, laughing and making fun of myself (and occasionally others, all with love of course), as well as DIY Projects.  My goal in writing about my DIY projects, though, is to encourage you to try new things yourself.  I’m not an expert at anything.  But for reasons not yet known, 😉 I’m not afraid to try anything either.  I believe if you have an idea in your head, you can do it.

Thanks for all your support!  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I have “met” some pretty awesome people in cyberspace! 😀  House of 34 is a happier place with all of you in it.

Thought I would share some of the top posts from 2012.  Thank you again!!

Top Five DIY Projects

Framing a Bathroom Mirror

Storage Cabinet Makeover

Arm Chair Makeover

Entryway Curtains

Entryway Curtains

Painted Architectural Pediment

Most Popular Humor Post

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Most Popular Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Painted Architectural Pediment

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I have been looking for an old architectural pediment to hang over the bookcases in my “dining room turned office“.  I found this piece at an antique store. I have no idea what it was in its previous life.  But that’s okay… it was only $10.00 and just what I was looking for. 😀

I didn’t paint it right away.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but I tend to change my mind a lot once in a while.  It sat for some time before I decided to go ahead and paint it.  You just never know when another bright idea will pop in your head.  I had to be sure.


Before painting, I gave the piece a light sanding, then wiped it down.

I used two coats of Annie Sloan “Old White” chalk paint.

After the paint dried, I sanded the entire piece again, concentrating more on the edges for a distressed, aged look.

I love how easy Annie Sloan chalk paint is to sand!  That’s it.  It literally took only a couple of hours to complete.  I’m not a patient painter, so there are no hours or days between paint coats for this girl.  If it feels dry and it needs another coat, then it gets another coat. If the second coat feels dry, and it needs to be sanded, then it gets sanded.  Yes I am a DIY Rebel. 😉

Now it’s hanging above the bookcases in my “Dining Room turned Library“.

Finding a “one of a kind” makes antiquing and thrifting so much fun!

This Loon has been in the family for almost 100 years. My daughter admired it at my in-laws house in New Hampshire. Somehow, it managed the long trek to my house where it now resides for all to see. Obviously I need to teach my daughter to admire a 100-year-old piece of furniture, not a century old bird! I will work on that! 😉

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Entryway Curtains Revealed

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About a month ago I did a post on Entryway Ideas.  I was looking for ideas and inspirations to update my empty foyer.  And I asked you to give me your opinions on the pictures I found.

The majority of you loved the idea of using drapes at the front door.  It was a look I never would have thought of had I not seen a picture on Pinterest.  I loved it too!

Entryway Curtains

Houzz via Pinterest

Entryway Curtains

Southern Living via Pinterest

I picked up a set of drapes at Ikea.  Ikea sells curtains/drapes at crazy, ridiculous, cheap prices.  And they come in a package of TWO!  A pair!  You don’t have to buy two packages to cover one window.  They come long and unhemmed so you can customize the length to fit your window.  It’s brilliant!  These look like linen and were only $20.00!

Entryway Curtains

The “Welcome” wall art came from Hobby Lobby. $14.00 with a coupon.

Entryway Curtains

I bought the rod at HomeGoods for $14.99. The knobs holding back the curtains were $2.00 at Hobby Lobby.

Entryway Curtains

Entryway is complete. The console table is a DIY creation. More on that soon. 😉

What do you think?  Something you might try?

Entryway Ideas

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Because I’m me, I am always changing something in my house.  (It’s a sickness, I think.)  My current obsession is doing something with my front door entryway.  It has had two different benches, two different tables and now it’s currently empty.  Why you ask?  Because the first bench I bought quickly lost my interest.  The second bench I made, but I have since put it outside on my front porch.  The first table I had, I traded it for a friend’s table, which I then refinished.  It looked lovely in the entryway, but it was still not quite the look I wanted.   Now that table is living in the nook of the den’s window.  It’s happy there, I think.

I can hardly keep up with myself, so I apologize if your head is spinning.  My Hubby can’t keep up with me either.  His only hope is that the couch is still where he left it in the morning so he knows where to sit down when he comes home in the evening.  So far, he hasn’t landed on the floor. 😉

Anyhoo, now the entryway is completely devoid of anything except two screws in the wall.  Not very inviting.   Check it out…

My Sad, Sad Entryway!

I did what any obsessed girl would do… I scoured Pinterest and the internet for some ideas and inspirations.  Check out what I have found.  See anything that may look fabulous in your house??

After seeing the picture of my desolate entryway and viewing the pictures below, feel free to offer your suggestions!  Please?  Pretty Please?  😀

Beautiful tile work at the door elevates the space. (

I like this one because it’s simple. I have oodles of “builders” bathroom mirror I took down and stored away. Awful looking things they are! But I could get some chunky wood, beat the heck out of it, stain it and make a custom framed mirror that looks similar to this one. 🙂

This one is lovely. Makes me want to stain my railings! I like the wainscoting/board and batting on the wall.

I never thought to hang curtains on the front door! I like it. Maybe just some simple white ones. It makes the entryway look cozy.

Pinned Image

Board and Batting. I love it! I have a two-story entryway though. Not sure how high I should go with it.

Pinned Image

More curtains! It just looks sweet! And those dark railings again. Is it a sign? My next project I wonder? 😉  I adore the horizontal wood planked walls too.

Now this I love!! Look at the cool wood on the wall! Not quite the style of my house, but I might have to find a wall somewhere and do this. LOVE!

narrow hallway mirror

Fancier than my house, but again, just a simple mirror may just do the trick.

Pinned Image

This looks inviting with the long narrow table and the collage of framed pictures on the wall. Beautiful.

Well, that’s it folks.  Opinions are welcome!  What is your favorite?

Welcome to my World

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Tell me if this isn’t true.  Or don’t.  I like living in my own little world. 😉

crunchy mess cookie crumbsBroken pieces of cookies don’t have calories.

Sucking in you stomach while standing on the scale will make you weigh less.

appliances,feather dusters,household,housekeepers,vacuum cleaners,women,peopleVacuum tracks on the carpet makes your house look clean.

Laundry Basket Web ImageLaundry causes guilt.  Let me explain…If you wash the clothes, then you have to dry the clothes.  If you dry the clothes then you have to fold the clothes.  If you fold the clothes then you will have to put them away.  If you do all that then you’ll be tired and need a nap.  And if you nap, then you’ll feel guilty for wasting the day.  So don’t do laundry. 😉

Clean dishes in the dishwasher is like a bonus kitchen cupboard.

Isn’t my world better? 😀


Decorative Letters

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Whenever I’m out and about, whether it’s thrift shopping or antiquing, browsing a home or craft store, I’m always on the look out for unique letters (and the numbers 3 and 4 of course!).  I love letters!

Letters seem to be everywhere in home decorating these days.  They are an excellent way to add interest to a bookshelf or bookcase.  They can be used as a display piece on a mantle.  Letters look awesome mixed in with a collage of photos on the wall.  The possibilities are endless.   And they are just FUN!

AND all of these letters would make fantastic DIY handmade gifts! 😉  Holidays are just around the corner, ya know!

Please click on the photo for the link and instructions.

Decorative Letters

Copy of your MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE glued to an initial.

Decorative Letters

Great for a BABY’S ROOM. Decorate with scrap paper and ribbons.

Decorative Letters

Maps from places you’ve traveled to.

Decorative Letters

Letters wrapped in yarn.

Decorative Letters

The whole alphabet! Attached to the wall with poster putty.

Decorative Letters

Decorate your initial with PHOTOS!

Decorative Letters

Letters made from decorative moulding and caulk.

Decorative Letters

So cute!

Decorative Letters

Made from curled paper. So beautiful!

Decorative Letters

Decorated with a page from a children’s book.

Decorative Letters

Cardboard letters made to look like metal. Awesome!

Decorative Letters

Check out this Etsy Shop! Love the giant Scrabble letters.

Decorative Letters

Decorated with scrap paper and trimmed in ribbon. Love it!

Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer? Plus a Giveaway!

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I was recently asked by Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot if I would be interested in writing about tips and products for getting your outdoor space ready for summer.  My reply was “YES!” 

Is my outdoor space ready for summer?  NO!  My deck was painted in the spring.  But back went the dirty grill and the table and chairs.  I also have a screened-in porch that has… well, nothing really.  Some of you may remember my post in the spring when my brother tiled the porch floor and painted the ceiling a Haint blue.  It looks fantastic!  But then I stopped.  I didn’t buy chairs or anything to make the space inviting.

So, accepting this assignment meant I was going to face my dirty, neglected deck.  And while no one said I had to decorate my screened in porch, who am I to turn away from an opportunity to change the look of a room? 🙂  

I received a bottle of Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser, one Bounty Paper Towels roll, and a natural colored canvas The Home Depot apron.  I was armed and ready!

I used Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray on the outside of the grill.  It worked great! I took a picture of how dirty the towels were, but decided it was just too disgusting to show you.  It seems you are actually supposed to  clean the outside furniture and grill once in a while.  I just assumed the rain did that. 😉

Look how shiny and clean it looks! I think the sun is even shining a little brighter now.

My son actually liked cleaning the porch with the Magic Eraser! It looks like my son. It doesn’t act like my son. 🙂 The Magic Eraser worked great on the white-painted trim.

 Here are a few tips to get you ready for some outdoor entertaining from P&G and Home Depot…

Maintain your outdoor furniture – Keep it looking good all summer.

– Inspect your deck – Give it a good once over, check for loose nails, bricks, cracked concrete.

– Remove the clutter – Clean up, power wash, remove unnecessary items/debris.

– Accessorize – Add in the little touches (i.e., plants, outdoor lighting, lanterns, centerpieces).

– Clean your grill – Give your grill a clean start this season.

According to a recent Procter & Gamble (P&G) survey, only 25 percent of consumers clean their grills and only 20 percent clean their outdoor furniture.  Keeping them clean can help them last longer. 

(Nope, rain doesn’t count as cleaning I found out!)

I desperately needed to get my newly tiled porch some furniture and accessories .  Not wanting to spend much money, I found some chairs, very similar to my deck chairs, at The Home Depot for $14.00.  I bought three for a total of about $45.00 with tax!  I love a bargain!  I had bought an old iron and wood table at an antique store quite some time ago and it never had a home in my house.  Now it’s the table for the porch.  It’s perfect!  I added some plants, a lantern, coasters made with tile and scrapbook paper, and pillows I already had.  I’m not quite finished, but my porch is coming together!   Take a look around your house.  You probably have accessories perfect for your outdoor space.

Before and After. My $14.00 chairs from Home Depot! All the trim and railings got a good scrubbing using Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser.

Another Before and After. While my son helped me with the cleaning, my daughter helped me with the decorating. (and modeling! HA)

Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot sent me a prize package to give away to one of my readers, which includes:

  • A full-size bottle of Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray ($3.97 retail value)
  • Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser ($9.97 retail value)
  • One Bounty Paper Towels Roll ($1.97 retail value)
  • A custom LeatherCraft 2-pocket natural colored canvas The Home Depot apron (.77 retail value)

If you are ready to spruce up your outdoor space and would like to enter to win this prize package, just leave me a comment and I will add your name to the drawing.  (Drawing will close in 2 weeks from today.) 

Just a reminder… The Home Depot is a one stop shop for purchasing P&G products, including Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser and Bounty.

Thank you Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot! 

Disclosure:  Procter & Gamble provided the prize pack for my consideration as well as the prize package to one of my readers.  All opinions are my own.


DIY Pillow Ideas

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I love pillows!  They are a simple way to change the look of a room.  They use just a little fabric and cost next to nothing to make.  I have made a lot of pillows in my day.  But these pillows below have my mind on a thinking overdrive!   Hope you find some inspiration!  (Click on picture for source.)

Pale green and yellow felt flower patterns adorn plain white pillows.Embellished with Felt

Sweaters as throw pillow covers Made from Old Sweaters

Pillows from Napkins

Picture Pillow

two pillows on red checked chairPlacemat Pillows

White pillow with colorful fabric yo-yos on stack of books YoYo Pillows

Pinned ImageNo Sew DIY Pillow

Pinned ImageButtons and Fabric

Pinned ImageDIY Textured Pillows

Updated Kirkland’s

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When I moved into my current house, I did a lot of shopping at Kirkland’s.  I loved their stuff!  They carried a lot of the “traditional look” with their art work , dark furniture, wrought iron scrolly wall decor and darker colors in accessories.

Of course, being me, my taste in decor has changed over time and I stopped shopping there.  But recently I have been looking on-line and in their store and much to my surprise, they have really updated everything.  I love it!  And Kirkland’s is close enough I could walk there!  Woohoo!!  (Who am I kidding?  I don’t walk!)  😉 

Here are some of my favorite finds.  And I’ll be taking the car…!


Elm & Hyacinth Occasional Chair at Kirkland's

Avignon Square Clock at Kirkland's

Treasures and Antiques

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This weekend, my friend Crys and I went to the big Antique Show in our area.  Talk about excited!  Our schedules only allowed us to go for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Not nearly enough time!  We didn’t even finish seeing all there was to see because it was so big.  If I had oodles of money and time….  Ahhhh!

I did purchase a huge arm chair.  Saw it on Saturday, thought about it and then went home.  When I saw it again on Sunday, I just knew it needed to come home with me.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arm chair so big!  It’s going to be recovered and put in my library/office. 

I also bought an old eyelet press from the late 1800’s to early 1900.  Don’t need one, just thought it was cool and the price was cheap.  When I got home, I did some research and found out they can be worth as much as $100.00.  Woohoo!  Treasure hunting is sooo cool!

My friend Crys, however, bought the most awesome piece of furniture there.  No kidding, everyone stopped to look at it.  It’s an old document drawer from the 1860’s.  It was in near perfect condition.  We were told it came from a courthouse in Ohio.  It was still there on Sunday, so she took that as a sign! : )  So I’m hoping, being her friend and all, that when she get’s tired of it, she’ll remember her treasuring hunting buddy and hand it down to me.  I have a feeling I will be waiting a very long time.

So that’s how I spent the last two days of Spring break.  Treasure hunting and antique shopping!!

Not an antique, but it’s old. 

Eyelet press

Came from a courthouse in Ohio. Circa 1860

A beautiful teak table! If only money grew on trees…

Shell wreath

Cool car! Took picture for dad!

Another cool car! It’s for sale too.

DIY Pedestal Table

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In planning my new “library” I knew I wanted a round pedestal table and a couple of chairs in the room.  I found the chairs, but the table was not so easy.  I didn’t want a round dining room table because they are too big, and I didn’t want an accent table because they are too small.  (Sounds a bit like Goldie Locks!)  I wanted a table that was 36 inches round. 

So, I decided to make one.  Logical right?  Ask me how hard it was to find a round unfinished table top that’s 36 inches?  I thought it would be easy.  Nope.  The home improvement stores have some round table tops, but they were very small.  Lowes had one 36 inch table top in stock, on the shelf, but it was cracked.  I looked at it at least 3 times and walked away from it.  Brought my brother with me that last time and he declared it fixable, got it for half off, and then fixed it for me.  Problem solved.

I found the pedestal at Garden Ridge.  It’s substantial and heavy and it only cost 24.99!  All together, the top and bottom on the table cost a total of $45.00!  Next, I just needed to decide what color to paint it.  Easy peasy!

My brother said paint it white.  I said BORING!

Pedestal before

Unfinished table and pedestal

I wanted to give the pedestal a faux distressed finish.  I lightly rubbed on blue paint and wiped off the excess.  IT LOOKED HORRIBLE! 

Second try – Painted the whole thing blue.  Had to look better than the blotchy yuck that was on there before!

Painted the table top blue as well. Brought both pieces into the house and it looked HORRIBLE!

Third try – Painted the whole darn thing AGAIN, this time white.  Yes, I heard “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Finished table – for the moment.

While I was on vacation, my brother painted the underside of the table (I was going to be lazy and not paint it!) and glued the top to the pedestal.  It looks great.  Kids can sit there and play games or use their laptops.  I have a glass top on order.  While I’m waiting on that, I’m planning on doing something decorative to the table top.  More on that later. : )

Morale of the story…  Do it yourself.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or it cost more than you want to spend, make it, create it.  Be resourceful, be patient, and oh yeah… if your brother suggest painting it white, paint it white. : )

Another Powder Bathroom Redo

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It’s amazing how one gallon of paint and $26.00 worth of tile can transform a powder room!  My BFF’s downstairs bathroom had not seen a makeover in more than a decade.  In Laurie time, that’s unheard of!  ; )

We removed the wallpaper (never a fun thing to do!) and painted the room a gorgeous blue (Benjamin Moore – St. John Blue).  BFF had picked up four different tile samples from Lowes and in the end the favorite choice turned out to be the least expensive tile.  Woohoo!!  Gotta love that!  My brother installed the tile for them.  He placed the tile on the diagonal at it makes the bathroom look so much bigger.  A few new accessories from HomeGoods and the room looks completely new and updated.  Very little money… HUGE transformation!

Time for an updated look. Bye bye wallpaper. Bye bye water damaged floor.

Once you experience the joy of removing wallpaper, you will never wallpaper again!

The new $26.00 floor! So awesome!

The name of the tile is “Sierra”. It was purchased from Lowes for $.57 a square foot.

HomeGoods Goodies

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I love HomeGoods!  It’s a hit or miss kind of store.  Sometimes you don’t see anything you must have, other times you could redo your whole house with all the fabulous finds.

Today BFF and I popped in and wandered around.  We were looking for cute storage bins for my new and improved laundry room.  Their basket section was a little slim, but their small furniture and accessories section was AWESOME!  Why is it when you don’t need anything, that’s when you see the most cool and groovy stuff?  I don’t know either.  Maybe there’s a lesson in self-control, or understanding what you want isn’t always what you need.  But LOOK!  They are some great storage pieces.  Not what I need for the laundry room, but they would look adorable somewhere.

This would be lovely in my sewing room! A girl can never have enough storage for crafts.

This is just cute. The picture doesn’t do it justice. A great bedside table piece.

This would be cute in a playroom for toys or in a guest room for towels and blankets.

I didn’t open this to look inside, but I loved the distressed, pieced together look.

This reminded me of a couple of people I know.

BFF picked this up. It would look great in a powder room. Look at that cute face!

I love this piece.

Ok, something did make it home with me. This is going up by the wall phone in the kitchen. Maybe I will be a little more organized with all the kids papers that come home from school. I always tease that it takes a village to keep me organized. Forget the village. Maybe I just need this?!

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Candle Pillar

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Inspirations and ideas can come from anywhere, even when you’re not looking for them.  I saw this “Architectural Pillar Holder” while flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog.  It looked interesting and it got me thinking about all the pieces of wood, extra moulding, trim, and old picture frames I have lying around.  What a good way to repurpose some of those “left overs” and make something functional and attractive.  And who doesn’t like a Pottery Barn knock off project?

From Pottery Barn $49.00

I started with this piece of wood I bought at Habitat Restore a while ago.  It was only $1.00, so it had to come home with me.  I believe it is a piece used in stair railings, but I don’t know what it’s call.  The top was cut off to have a flat surface to set a candle on.

I bought this “window” at a junk yard almost two years ago.  Never found a home for it, so I took it apart and it became the base to my pillar.

Miter cutting all these pieces was not the easiest thing for me.  It took awhile to wrap my head around which way to lay the wood down on the saw to get the right cut.  But I got the hang of it.  I kept going, making small squares out of frames and moulding and stacked them up on top of each other.  I used Elmer’s Multi-Purpose All Glue, because that’s what I had on hand.  (It’s not the “school” Elmer’s glue)  If I had wood glue, I would have used that instead.  But since I wanted this project to be “free”, I used only what I already had  Mr. Elmer worked great.  It’s not coming apart.

I continued to stack the moulding and trim until I got the look and height I wanted. After the glue dried for a couple of hours, I sanded and spackled some of the rough edges. Then the whole thing was spray painted a satin white. (took 3 coats) Once the paint dried, I sanded the edges to distress it a bit then rubbed “distress ink” on the edges to give it that “aged” look.  I think it looks pretty cool. 

This was fun to make.  I still have left over trim and old picture frames!  I see more candle pillars in my future. ; )  


DIY Candle Holder

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I love to go thrift shopping and treasure hunting.  I would do it everyday if I could.  But as it is, I’ll pick up something while shopping, something I had to have of course, and then I come home and can’t find a place to put it.  (That’s what garages are for, right??!)I have had this old decorative wooden architectural thing for more than a year and it just doesn’t look good anywhere in my house.  So what’s a girl to do?  Take it apart!  The wood on this piece is really cool.  Very distressed and weathered.  So I got my hammer and screwdriver out and took it apart.  I don’t know where the candle holder idea came from, but I did know what I was going to make before I began.  (That doesn’t always happen.)

Oh yeah, the individual glass candle holders are from IKEA and are only $0.49 each! ( NEGLINGE Candlestick/tealight holder)


This piece was held together with small nails so taking it apart was easy.

Removing the nails. Always wear your safety goggles!

Wear safety goggle when using machinery too! I love my saw! : )

Creating the box for the candle holders.

I totally dig perfect miter cuts!  You missed my happy dance. ; )

Drilling holes for the candle holders to fit in. The white board I’m cutting is a left over piece of vertical blinds. It’s the valance piece used to hide the blind’s hardware.

The glass candle holder fits! Woohoo!!

I’m using a dark metallic spray paint. I liked the idea of the old weathered wood with the newer dark-colored wood.

Quarter rounds were cut to border the piece with the holes. That was spray painted as well.

I wrapped painters tape around the holder while the wood glue dries.

I added rock and marbles to the base. I LIKE it!


There you go. Repurpose, Redo, Reuse!

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Home Goals for 2012

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Setting goals for 2012 is inspiring as well as intimidating.  Last year I sat down and typed out my 2011 list.  Yay for me, right?  Well, I was so overwhelmed by all the projects that needed to be done as well as the ones I WANTED to do that I couldn’t do anything for days! ; )  So this year I be will be more realistic.  I’m skipping all the yucky projects and just tackling the projects I deem joyful.  (Or reasonably fun.)

♥GET ORGANIZED!  While that is not always joyful, I do feel so much better when drawers and closets and cupboards are clean out.

♥Update powder bathroom.  It’s been six years since I changed it… a really long time for me!  I have already started this project and can’t wait to show you the before and after pictures.

♥Paint and accessorize the kids “Jack and Jill” bathroom.  This space is shared with my son and daughter so it needs to be gender neutral.  Not to mention they won’t stop growing and getting older so it also needs to be more sophisticated!

Southern Living
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♥Organize (and redo?) my sewing/craft room.  I have already painted it twice, but it still needs to feel more inspiring.  Storage is a must!
♥Since Nate hasn’t answered my pleas for help, I need to figure out what to do with my empty dining room.  (I don’t want the dining room to be a dining room.)  I would like to make it a library/den/office, but don’t know where to start.  It’s time to do more research for ideas.  Darn, I will probably have to spend even more time on Pinterest.  Ha!

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♥The upstair’s hallway walls need pictures!  Looking for something unusual/unique.  Maybe gather kids artwork from the past and make a collage or gallery.

♥I have old doors and spindles and other things I’ve picked up at salvage yards and antique shows.  My goal is to repurpose them into something usable.

It’s not a long list.  Pretty manageable.  Turning the Dining Room into a usable space will be the biggest challenge this year.  It’s been on “the list” since 2003 though!  But, there is always next year…

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Revamp with what you have!

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Have you ever looked around your house with the feeling of frustration and boredom?  That’s how I have been feeling lately.  I get like that at times.  Maybe because it’s summer and it’s too hot to go out.  Too many hours are spent inside staring at the walls!

My solution was to invite my BFF over to help me rearrange and re-accessorize.  Another pair of eyes and opinion is always helpful!  (Not to mention that my BFF is an expert at making rooms look beautiful!)  We moved pieces of furniture to other rooms, hung pictures in different places, regrouped accessories.  It took ALL day and a lot of muscles, but it was FUN!!!  And I’m happy with the results and we didn’t spend a dime.  (And that makes hubby happy!)

Thank you my friend for an awesome day!  I should be good for another 6 months!  ha!!

Sunroom – mixing casual with formal

Den – My bench found a new home in the window nook

Family Room – Old door and plant dressing up sofa corner

Using an old frame and iron cross together for art

The front door entry looks warm and welcoming now!

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