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Tis the Season

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Ornament

I hope everyone has a great Christmas.  Family has arrived, shopping is mostly done, and I’m going to spend some time enjoying being with the people I love the most.  Happy Holiday!



Made You Smile – Holiday Style

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Some holiday giggles and smiles for you.

Cute Christmas Animals 14 630x418 55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

Funny Christmas animals21 Funny Christmas animals

Cute Christmas Animals 36 55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

Cute Christmas Animals 08 55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

christmas tree cat lolcat ornaments history animal funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

grumpy cat dashing through the no

English Foxhound Cute Dog Puppies

Funny pictures

Grumpy Cat on Christmas

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

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Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  Are you finished?  Or somewhere in between?  Check out these creative ways to wrap those gifts!

Kid’s artwork as gift wrap

Wrapped in canvas or duck cloth for a coastal look

Clever Cans

Gifts in a can

Use a bigger box to hold an assortment of smaller gifts

Kraft paper gift wrap

Vintage linen wrap

Fabric Wrap

burlap and lace

Burlap and lace

Newspaper and single-letter gift tags - love.

Newspaper gift wrap


Gifts wrapped in kitchen towels

Wrapping with the Sunday comics

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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We just decorated our Christmas tree this weekend.  The theme at my house this year was decorate with what ya got.  However, had I seen some of these trees earlier, things may have been different. 😉  Check out these lovely and unique Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Turquoise and green

Snowy white

RAZ 2012 Snowdoodles 2

Happy snowmen


Beautiful Christmas Tree

White and silver

Red, green and snowflakes

RAZ 2012 Telluride Sleigh Ride 1

Cozy cabins

Bold and Bright Christmas Tree

Merry and bright

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Green and gold

Modern Idea for Your Christmas Tree This Year

What a hoot! I love the owls!


Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Candy sweet

my tree

My tree. The theme… memories. 😀

For more ideas and inspirations, Click Here.

Music Sheet Christmas Trees

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Happy Friday!

I’m on a kick this year with handmade Christmas trees.  I can’t stop making them.  I’m sure you have seen music sheet Christmas trees on Pinterest.  I was lucky enough to win a vintage music sheet give-a-away from The Modage Cottage.  The music sheets are old and beautifully discolored.  Absolutely lovely!!  Once my package arrived in the mail, I knew what I was going to do with them.

Here’s how I made the trees…

sheet music

This is only SOME of the sheets of music I received. I have oodles left!


I used a 2 inch scalloped paper punch.

paper punched

Punch many, many pieces.

paper with cuts

At each scallop, cut half way up.

rolled up

Roll the paper around a pencil (or crochet hook!) to give the paper a curl.

first paper

I used both paper mache cones and Styrofoam cones. Either one will work. Using a glue gun, start at the bottom and work your way around. Overlap the previous square a bit.

almost finished

When you get closer to the top, it helps to cut the squares in half. This allows the paper to wrap around the smaller part of the cone easier.

trees and deers

Here they are!  I did three, in various sizes. Two of the cones where paper mache, and one was Styrofoam.

close up base

I picked up the wood bases last month at the Metrolina Antique Show here in Charlotte. $2.00 each!!  I believe they were wood feet to a couch or chair.

close up trees

This project was super easy to do and probably one of my favorite Christmas craft project I’ve done in a long time. Thank you, Kristen, for the vintage music sheets!

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DIY Twine Christmas Trees

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I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already making/thinking Christmas decorations.  Tis the Season ya know!

Making Christmas trees is one of the easiest projects to do.  Last year I made these trees from Styrofoam and yarn.

This year I want to add some “natural” looking decorations.  I had twine.  I had Mod Podge.  I did not have Styrofoam trees.  Below you can see my “rough” tree form.  I use plastic sheets I bought for some reason that is no longer in my memory.  It’s the stuff used to make crafts with yarn and a needle.  Anyway, I folded it in a cone shape and used duct tape to hold it together.  Not pretty, but it worked.

My supplies. I had all these things already so technically, it was a “free” project. 😀

I started at the top of the cone, using a paperclip to keep the twine in place. (Yes, that is paint on my hand. Earlier that day I painted my parents garage.)

Still going. It really doesn’t take long at all. I wanted to keep the twine close together, but you can leave gaps if you prefer that look.

When I got to the end, I used another paperclip to hold the twine in place at the bottom.

I placed the tree on top of a glass to glue. That way I can spin the cone around without getting messy with glue.

Using a sponge brush, I “painted” the cone with Mod Podge.

I really put the glue on thick, then left it overnight to dry. Once try, I pried it away from the plastic cone form. And that’s it. I made another tree the same size, and one larger using a larger form.

They look great grouped together. There’s a lot you can add to these. Before the glue dries, you can add glitter or snow flakes. Glue small ornaments, buttons, or add ribbon. Options are endless.

The twine was purchased at Lowes awhile ago. I made these from the same spool and have oodles of twine left. Oooh the possibilities!


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DIY Hand Painted Wood Sign

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Happy Friday!

Last weekend, a couple of my girl friends and I went to a big antique show.  It was so exciting!!  (I will have to do a blog on the crazy things I picked up.)  Towards the end of the day, we came across these cool wood doors.  Piles of them.  For only $2.00 each!  I picked up eight of them without having an idea what I was going to do with them.  (That happens a lot!)

One of my friends suggested making hand painted wood signs for the Holidays.  Here’s how I did it.

I printed out the words I wanted to use.  Not having tracing paper, I just took a regular pencil and scribbled on the back side of the letters.  Then I traced the outline of the letters and the pencil mark transferred to the wood door.  Woohoo!

Now the tricky part for me was filling in the letters.  I only had paint and a paint brush, reading glasses and one working eye!  Depth perception is not my strong point!  It took me FOREVER to paint the letters.  Either I thought I was touching the wood with my paint brush and wasn’t or I aimed for the outlines and completely missed.  If it wasn’t so frustrating, it would have been comical!  I would strongly suggest a paint pen.  I didn’t have one.  And two working eyes would be helpful too. 😉

I should mention that before I painted the letters, I gave the center section a coat of off-white chalk paint.  (I still didn’t know what design I was doing at this point.)  After the letters were painted on, I painted the rest of the front with the chalk paint.  Then I taped off diagonals lines with blue tape and painted them red.  After the red paint dried, I sanded everything to distress it a bit then I applied a light-colored wax to seal it and age the off-white paint a little more.

And here it is… This House Believes.  And this house also believes you can Do-It-Yourself.  Had to throw that in! 😉  Just FYI… Doors in many different shapes and sizes can be found at your local Habitat Restore.  Some used, some new, and they cost very little.

I’m going to put eye hooks in the top edge of the sign and use either ribbon or a small chain to hang it outside the front door.  Maybe embellish it a bit with Christmas picks or decorations.

This was really an easy project to do!  And the first Christmas thing I’ve done so far.  I love the Holidays!  Have you started to think about decorating for the Holidays yet?

Decorative Letters

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Whenever I’m out and about, whether it’s thrift shopping or antiquing, browsing a home or craft store, I’m always on the look out for unique letters (and the numbers 3 and 4 of course!).  I love letters!

Letters seem to be everywhere in home decorating these days.  They are an excellent way to add interest to a bookshelf or bookcase.  They can be used as a display piece on a mantle.  Letters look awesome mixed in with a collage of photos on the wall.  The possibilities are endless.   And they are just FUN!

AND all of these letters would make fantastic DIY handmade gifts! 😉  Holidays are just around the corner, ya know!

Please click on the photo for the link and instructions.

Decorative Letters

Copy of your MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE glued to an initial.

Decorative Letters

Great for a BABY’S ROOM. Decorate with scrap paper and ribbons.

Decorative Letters

Maps from places you’ve traveled to.

Decorative Letters

Letters wrapped in yarn.

Decorative Letters

The whole alphabet! Attached to the wall with poster putty.

Decorative Letters

Decorate your initial with PHOTOS!

Decorative Letters

Letters made from decorative moulding and caulk.

Decorative Letters

So cute!

Decorative Letters

Made from curled paper. So beautiful!

Decorative Letters

Decorated with a page from a children’s book.

Decorative Letters

Cardboard letters made to look like metal. Awesome!

Decorative Letters

Check out this Etsy Shop! Love the giant Scrabble letters.

Decorative Letters

Decorated with scrap paper and trimmed in ribbon. Love it!

Happy 2012!

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2012!  I hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe holiday.  My family and I had a wonderful Christmas.  This was the first year, though, my daughter (my youngest child) didn’t believe in Santa Claus.  I didn’t even get the chance to answer “that question” myself.  Her BFF told her Santa was dead.  Not just not real, but dead!  Dead wasn’t exactly the way I was going to go with it, but she wasn’t upset about that.  Her biggest concern was my feelings about her not believing in Santa.  She didn’t want me sad.  Have I mentioned I have the sweetest kids?

My big gift this year was a GPS from Hubby.  Now I have a very lovely voice telling me where to go, and how to get there.  (As oppose to the mean ones I sometimes hear.)  ; )

New Years Eve was a big deal for us.  These party animals are usually asleep before midnight, but this year we celebrated with my BFF and family and, get this… we stayed awake ALL THE WAY to midnight!  WooHoo!  And we had delicious cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner.  My kind of party!

Happy New Year!!

BFF – Kerry and Me

Milk Chocolate Toblerone Fondue

Easy Holiday Decor

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A few posts ago, I put up some simple Christmas decoration ideas.  One of them was this “Believe” sign.  I had big plan to recreate it from scratch, but what do ya know… I came across it at Home Goods yesterday!  And it was only $12.99!  Even me, Miss DIY-er, knew it was well worth buying instead of making.  It was the only one there, so it was just waiting for me. : )

I have started a little Christmas decorating, mostly with the things that are handmade.  Some I had for years, others I made just recently.  All are easy to do!

BELIEVE! (yes I do!)

These little birds I picked up at the Southern Christmas Show last week. They are sitting of books that I wrapped in holiday paper.

This pillow was fun to make. I’m addicted to making flowers! Pinterest gave me this idea.

Styrofoam balls wrapped in ribbon.

Styrofoam trees wrapped in yarn (red and green) and faux fur trim (white).

Decorated Christmas Trees

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Today I went to the “Southern Christmas Show” going on in my neck of the woods.  It was crazy crowded, but oodles of fun!  I’m always in awe of the talents people have.  Vendor after vendor, table after table of holiday decorations and gift ideas.  And booth after booth of wine tasting too!  Nothing like a little buzz to make shopping a little merrier. ; )  (Like shopping needs to be merrier!)  They also had beautifully decorated Christmas trees on display, and being the good girl that I am, I took pictures of them to show you.  BUT my camera didn’t like the lighting, and the pictures came out horrible!  Boo! 

But the world-wide web is an awesome thing!  I attached some of the trees I found.  The owl one is my favoritest!

HGTV – Nature Inspired

HGTV – awww! I LOVE owls!


HGTV – This tree is over the top, but it’s gorgeous!

HGTV – DIY Ornaments

green flowers and starfish christmas tree

BHG – Beach Themed.  If you love beach themed ornaments, check out

Christmas tree with red and white packages

snowy tree

BHG – Snow simple!

tree with bird houses

BHG – Minature house ornaments

Decorating Mantels for the Holidays

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Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to the Holiday Season?  I’m planning ahead this year and getting new ideas for decorating.  I want to get out of my holiday decorating rut!  It’s time for an update.  The mantel is one of my favorite things to decorate, so I’m starting with that.

Use ceramic cups to display holiday greens

Southern Living.  I love the simplicity of green and white.

Use your fireplace

Coastal Living. 

Etch a greeting into glass candle votives

Southern Living

HGTV.  I love this one!

Country Living

Country Living.  Blues and white… a twist on the traditional.

Southern Accents

Style At Home.  Another favorite!

Southern Living.  Simple and elegant.

Love the Holidays… (most of them)

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I know Halloween just past and Thanksgiving is not yet here, but I’m ready for Christmas.  I love Christmas!  It’s my most favoritest holiday of the year.  Halloween is okay for the kids, especially if they share their candy with me, but I have never cared for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a day spent preparing a huge meal (and I don’t like to cook or eat meat), just so it can be devoured in 30 minutes or less.  Hours and hours of cooking and baking and it’s gone before I can say pass the meat.  (Just kidding… ‘cuz you will never hear me say please pass the meat!)  And then there’s the kitchen.  It always looks like a hurricane passed straight through it after all that cooking.  There are so many dishes to do that I have to run the dishwasher two times in one day.  And that means I have to empty it two times in one day!!  See where I going with this??  It just keeps getting worse!  And there are sooo many left-overs that we are eating turkey for the next week.  And it’s a meal I really didn’t want to have in the first place!  All to show thankfulness.  Really?  Can’t we just order pizza?

Did I mention I’m in a Bible Study called “Lord, Change my Attitude”?  I think it’s helping. : )

P.S.  I am truly thankful and count my blessings everyday.  And we are going out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year. ; )

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