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Painted Architectural Pediment

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I have been looking for an old architectural pediment to hang over the bookcases in my “dining room turned office“.  I found this piece at an antique store. I have no idea what it was in its previous life.  But that’s okay… it was only $10.00 and just what I was looking for. 😀

I didn’t paint it right away.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but I tend to change my mind a lot once in a while.  It sat for some time before I decided to go ahead and paint it.  You just never know when another bright idea will pop in your head.  I had to be sure.


Before painting, I gave the piece a light sanding, then wiped it down.

I used two coats of Annie Sloan “Old White” chalk paint.

After the paint dried, I sanded the entire piece again, concentrating more on the edges for a distressed, aged look.

I love how easy Annie Sloan chalk paint is to sand!  That’s it.  It literally took only a couple of hours to complete.  I’m not a patient painter, so there are no hours or days between paint coats for this girl.  If it feels dry and it needs another coat, then it gets another coat. If the second coat feels dry, and it needs to be sanded, then it gets sanded.  Yes I am a DIY Rebel. 😉

Now it’s hanging above the bookcases in my “Dining Room turned Library“.

Finding a “one of a kind” makes antiquing and thrifting so much fun!

This Loon has been in the family for almost 100 years. My daughter admired it at my in-laws house in New Hampshire. Somehow, it managed the long trek to my house where it now resides for all to see. Obviously I need to teach my daughter to admire a 100-year-old piece of furniture, not a century old bird! I will work on that! 😉

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Entryway Ideas

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Because I’m me, I am always changing something in my house.  (It’s a sickness, I think.)  My current obsession is doing something with my front door entryway.  It has had two different benches, two different tables and now it’s currently empty.  Why you ask?  Because the first bench I bought quickly lost my interest.  The second bench I made, but I have since put it outside on my front porch.  The first table I had, I traded it for a friend’s table, which I then refinished.  It looked lovely in the entryway, but it was still not quite the look I wanted.   Now that table is living in the nook of the den’s window.  It’s happy there, I think.

I can hardly keep up with myself, so I apologize if your head is spinning.  My Hubby can’t keep up with me either.  His only hope is that the couch is still where he left it in the morning so he knows where to sit down when he comes home in the evening.  So far, he hasn’t landed on the floor. 😉

Anyhoo, now the entryway is completely devoid of anything except two screws in the wall.  Not very inviting.   Check it out…

My Sad, Sad Entryway!

I did what any obsessed girl would do… I scoured Pinterest and the internet for some ideas and inspirations.  Check out what I have found.  See anything that may look fabulous in your house??

After seeing the picture of my desolate entryway and viewing the pictures below, feel free to offer your suggestions!  Please?  Pretty Please?  😀

Beautiful tile work at the door elevates the space. (

I like this one because it’s simple. I have oodles of “builders” bathroom mirror I took down and stored away. Awful looking things they are! But I could get some chunky wood, beat the heck out of it, stain it and make a custom framed mirror that looks similar to this one. 🙂

This one is lovely. Makes me want to stain my railings! I like the wainscoting/board and batting on the wall.

I never thought to hang curtains on the front door! I like it. Maybe just some simple white ones. It makes the entryway look cozy.

Pinned Image

Board and Batting. I love it! I have a two-story entryway though. Not sure how high I should go with it.

Pinned Image

More curtains! It just looks sweet! And those dark railings again. Is it a sign? My next project I wonder? 😉  I adore the horizontal wood planked walls too.

Now this I love!! Look at the cool wood on the wall! Not quite the style of my house, but I might have to find a wall somewhere and do this. LOVE!

narrow hallway mirror

Fancier than my house, but again, just a simple mirror may just do the trick.

Pinned Image

This looks inviting with the long narrow table and the collage of framed pictures on the wall. Beautiful.

Well, that’s it folks.  Opinions are welcome!  What is your favorite?

DIY Painted and Stained Dresser

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Happy Friday!

I just finished up a dresser makeover I’ve been working on all week.  I’d been wanting to find a dresser to redo and put in the “library” room and what do you know?  I had one in my son’s closet for about 6 years now!  It’s a hand-me-down, and while it served it’s purpose of storing clothes, it was in the closet because it’s ugly!

That’s okay… I love a free project!  (Unfortunately, my son’s clothes now  resides in a clothes basket.  I’ll have to work on that.) 😉

Products used:

– Behr Ultra in Satin, Powdered Snow
– Minwax Wood Finish, Expresso
– Rust-oleum Satin, Shell White
–  Dual Paint + Primer Metallic, Oil Rubbed Bronzed
– Elbow grease and a little bit of patience!

Dress before. A little scratched and stained a honey/maple color.

Yucky hardware. But I have a plan…

Drawers are out and the wood that’s not being stained is primed.

I think Expresso is my new favor wood stain!! Love it!

Brought the drawers inside to dry. Too much humidity in garage and I’m not a patient girl! 😉

I used a palm sander to take of the old finish. It’s a lot of work! Made me happy I had already decided to paint most of it! But it was worth it!

I stained the top before priming the sides. Next time I think I will do it the other way around.

Old ugly hardware.

Spray painted with Rustoleum Shell White.

Ahhh, much better! 😀

One inch painter’s tape cut in half, then spray painted with the oil rubbed bronze.

The finished hardware. I also used the oil rubbed bronze on the top drawer knobs.

Doesn’t deserve the closet anymore!

Old Dresser Makeover

The After!

Old Dresser Makeover

And I love the funky striped hardware!

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Dreaming of Redecorating

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Happy Monday!

Well, I just redecorated my whole house… in my head! 😉  Have you been to Kirkland’s lately or looked on-line?  They have some fabulous pieces.  I wonder if Hubby would notice the house or the bank account if I redecorated.  My guess is definitely the bank account.  I can hang a picture on the wall and be tired of it before Hubby even notices it’s new.  HA!

Check out these beautiful pieces…

Sofa Table

This piece would look great in the entryway or as a sofa table.

Storage Cabinet

I would use this piece as the mail center. Mail in the baskets and phone books in the cupboard. Yes, I occasionally look up a number the old fashion way. 😉

Dresser night stand

I love this as a night stand.

craft table

OMGosh! I want this as my sewing/craft table! Please?

media console

Media console for the one and only flat screen TV we have! I love this!

night stand

Night stand for my daughter.

night stand

Night stand for my son. Maybe in black.


Bench at the end of the bed or in the bedroom somewhere.

bar stool

Kitchen bar stools. They would brighten up the kitchen.

night stand

Another night stand or end table.


I LOVE this one. It’s only 12 inches wide. I would love to have it in the front door entry way. Something different from a console table.

Just love the colors. It’s happy!

More color!

Message board for the kitchen or in my daughter’s room.

This is just different. I like different!

DIY Bookaholic

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Whenever I find a new interest, I will buy books on the subject.  I love the idea of flipping through the pages, being inspired by pictures, reading tutorials and getting ideas.  I have books on crocheting, sewing, window treatments, decorating, temari, paper crafts, jewelry making… the list goes on!  I’m a DIY bookaholic! (And I have crafting A.D.D!)

Today, I went to Barnes and Noble to look for books on refinishing furniture.  I looked and looked and didn’t find a thing.  I walked over to the help desk and ask the man behind the counter where I could find books on the subject  He looked at me like I had two heads.  He said, and I quote, “refinishing furniture is a craft that is not very popular anymore.  If we have anything on the subject, it may be in the magazine section.”

WHAT!?!  No books!?  Not popular?  This man is obviously NOT in touch with his DIY and/or blogging side!  I stood there, with my mouth hanging open, trying to grasp what he was telling me.  Did he really say what I think he said??  I’m so sad!  For him because he doesn’t have a clue, and for me because I don’t have a book!

I know there is a lot of information out there on the world-wide web, and I’m sure I can find a book on-line.  But it’s not the same.  I wanted to flip pages. I wanted beautiful pictures and pages I can bookmark.  I wanted to read about techniques and different paint and stain finishes.  I wanted to be able to put the book down and pick it up later where I left off.

Since I can’t stand in a bookstore and flip through the pages, if anyone knows of a great DIY refinishing, updating furniture book, I’m all ears!  I would greatly appreciate your recommendations. 😀

Power of Paint Feature

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Happy Friday!

Today my Storage Cabinet Makeover is featured over at the Power of Paint!  Thank you Maryann!

Check out her awesome blogs, Domestically Speaking & Power of Paint.  You will find oodles and oodles of inspiration over there!

Like I’ve said before…  paint is “Happy in a Can”!

Power of Paint

Storage Cabinet Makeover

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Don’t ya just love free?  I do!  A friend of mine had this cabinet sitting in her garage to be thrown away.  Of course I had to have it when she said, “Go ahead and take it”.  Who am I to say to no to a freebie or to a friend? 😀

I put this storage cabinet in my sewing/craft room and left it as-is.  Functional, but not very pretty and definitely not my style.  Shockingly, it’s been this way for a year now!  I know!  I said it was shocking!

Paint is an excellent way to change the look and style of furniture.  As soon as you are brave enough to put that first swipe of paint on, you are on your way.  Fear not my friends.  The ugly can become beautiful, the rejected can be loved again, and the out of date can be updated.  Okay, I’m done now.  You get my point… you can DIY!! 🙂

Storage Cabinet Makeover

Knotty pine is ok if you’re a little bit country, but I’m a little bit Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Storage Cabinet Makeover

I primed a small section of the cabinet before I sanded it to see if the primer would adhere. Sadly, my fingernail scratch test took the primer right off. Boo! No skipping steps! So I lightly sanded the entire piece and applied two coats of primer.

Storage Cabinet Makeover

After the primer dried, I applied two coats of satin white latex paint. Did I mention I already had the primer and white paint? I did! No money went out for this makeover. And I even had the knobs! I love free!!

Now that is definitely better! Why I waited so long to update this cabinet is beyond me. It was so easy to do! Now I want to repaint the room in this beautiful gray I saw on Pinterest. Shhh! Don’t tell my Hubby. I might have to paint the room when he goes out of town! 😉

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Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer? Plus a Giveaway!

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I was recently asked by Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot if I would be interested in writing about tips and products for getting your outdoor space ready for summer.  My reply was “YES!” 

Is my outdoor space ready for summer?  NO!  My deck was painted in the spring.  But back went the dirty grill and the table and chairs.  I also have a screened-in porch that has… well, nothing really.  Some of you may remember my post in the spring when my brother tiled the porch floor and painted the ceiling a Haint blue.  It looks fantastic!  But then I stopped.  I didn’t buy chairs or anything to make the space inviting.

So, accepting this assignment meant I was going to face my dirty, neglected deck.  And while no one said I had to decorate my screened in porch, who am I to turn away from an opportunity to change the look of a room? 🙂  

I received a bottle of Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser, one Bounty Paper Towels roll, and a natural colored canvas The Home Depot apron.  I was armed and ready!

I used Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray on the outside of the grill.  It worked great! I took a picture of how dirty the towels were, but decided it was just too disgusting to show you.  It seems you are actually supposed to  clean the outside furniture and grill once in a while.  I just assumed the rain did that. 😉

Look how shiny and clean it looks! I think the sun is even shining a little brighter now.

My son actually liked cleaning the porch with the Magic Eraser! It looks like my son. It doesn’t act like my son. 🙂 The Magic Eraser worked great on the white-painted trim.

 Here are a few tips to get you ready for some outdoor entertaining from P&G and Home Depot…

Maintain your outdoor furniture – Keep it looking good all summer.

– Inspect your deck – Give it a good once over, check for loose nails, bricks, cracked concrete.

– Remove the clutter – Clean up, power wash, remove unnecessary items/debris.

– Accessorize – Add in the little touches (i.e., plants, outdoor lighting, lanterns, centerpieces).

– Clean your grill – Give your grill a clean start this season.

According to a recent Procter & Gamble (P&G) survey, only 25 percent of consumers clean their grills and only 20 percent clean their outdoor furniture.  Keeping them clean can help them last longer. 

(Nope, rain doesn’t count as cleaning I found out!)

I desperately needed to get my newly tiled porch some furniture and accessories .  Not wanting to spend much money, I found some chairs, very similar to my deck chairs, at The Home Depot for $14.00.  I bought three for a total of about $45.00 with tax!  I love a bargain!  I had bought an old iron and wood table at an antique store quite some time ago and it never had a home in my house.  Now it’s the table for the porch.  It’s perfect!  I added some plants, a lantern, coasters made with tile and scrapbook paper, and pillows I already had.  I’m not quite finished, but my porch is coming together!   Take a look around your house.  You probably have accessories perfect for your outdoor space.

Before and After. My $14.00 chairs from Home Depot! All the trim and railings got a good scrubbing using Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser.

Another Before and After. While my son helped me with the cleaning, my daughter helped me with the decorating. (and modeling! HA)

Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot sent me a prize package to give away to one of my readers, which includes:

  • A full-size bottle of Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray ($3.97 retail value)
  • Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser ($9.97 retail value)
  • One Bounty Paper Towels Roll ($1.97 retail value)
  • A custom LeatherCraft 2-pocket natural colored canvas The Home Depot apron (.77 retail value)

If you are ready to spruce up your outdoor space and would like to enter to win this prize package, just leave me a comment and I will add your name to the drawing.  (Drawing will close in 2 weeks from today.) 

Just a reminder… The Home Depot is a one stop shop for purchasing P&G products, including Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser and Bounty.

Thank you Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot! 

Disclosure:  Procter & Gamble provided the prize pack for my consideration as well as the prize package to one of my readers.  All opinions are my own.


DIY Project Ideas for Summer

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Pinterest has been a fun and addictive place to get ideas and inspiration.  The problem with me is that I pin something awesome to my board, and I never see it again.  I’m collecting, not actually doing.

So I went through my DYI Ideas and Craft Ideas board and picked out some of the projects that I may actually try this summer.  Lords knows I need to keep myself busy or I will go coocoo.  Many of these projects are great gift ideas too.

Click on the picture to view the source and instructions.

Photo Frame Display 

I have so many un-used frames.  Spray painting them all one color would help unite them.

 DIY Night Stand

Handcrafted Mason Jar Pendant Chandelier  w/ Rustic Vintage Style Wood Crate CanopyDIY Chandelier


Fabric Covered Desk

Yarn Balls

Yarn is plentiful at my house!  What color would you like? 😉

Pinned ImageModPodge Marriage or Birth Certificate

This is a great idea! Get a copy of a marriage or birth certificate or even a copy of a degree or diploma.

Handmade Bookmarks

This makes me smile!  How cute it would be to give to grandparents. 

Map Decorated Candles

The map is ModPodged to the candle.  I love the idea of taking a section of a map from your favorite vacation and gluing to the candle. 

DIY Dining Tables

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I was out thrift store shopping with my friend and neighbor, looking for a dining room table.  Not for me, I don’t do dining rooms, but for my friend.  She actually uses her dining room. 😉 

We found a GORGEOUS dining set at our favorite Habitat Restore, but shockingly, it was $2,000!  TWO THOUSAND!  The table was amazing!  Beautiful wood!  We drooled over it for a while, but had to moved on.  Two thousand dollars isn’t exactly thrifty shopping for us.

Then making a table came to mind.  My friend and I are very like-minded when it comes to “I can do that!”.  When she told me she was thinking about making a table, my response was “Woohoo!”

I found some inspiring DIY dining table ideas.  (Click picture for SOURCE)  I have a favorite.  Which one is yours??


Table After

how to build a farmhouse table

created at: 05/24/2012

Headboard Bench

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Good morning!  Today I’m reblogging the very first post I did more than a year ago.  This is probably one of my favoritest projects to far.  The headboard bench has been everywhere in my house since then, and now finally, it think it has found a permanent home on my recently updated porch.  (When I say “permanent” that means maybe for the next six months or so!)

I have a couple more project in the works.  We are having a “family weekend” this weekend, so they won’t be completed until next week.  The project that’s really putting a pep in my step is updating my fireplace.  I’m going to create an architectural backsplash (for lack of a better word) on the wall above the mantel, similar to the picture below.  Woohoo!  I love working with wood and power tools! 😉

nature theme overall

My next project!!


(from May 2, 2011)  This headboard started out in life as a rejected bunk bed headboard found in a dumpster.  I first used it as a twin headboard for my son when he got his first “big boy” bed.  (Shhh… that was many moons ago!)

headboard bench

Using 1 x 4’s, I build a the sides and front of the bench and attached it to the headboard with wood glue and L-Brackets.  And as you can see, I used tape to clamp the pieces together while the glue dries.  Real clamps would have been ideal,,, but you make do with what you have. : )

headboard bench

I bought the legs from Lowes and attached them with wood glue and screws.  I had to haul the bench into the house because my garage floor is not level!  Couldn’t figure out why my bench was teetering.  I’m going to have to do something about that unlevel floor.  I’m not sure my hubby will be happy with me turning the sunroom into a workshop.

The seat was made from 3 pieces of 1 x 6 wood.  I counter sunk the screws and puttied and sanded the wood smooth.

headboard benchI primed and painted the bench with a brush.  I’m sure spray paint would have worked great, but I used what I had on hand.  The edges were lightly sanded for a distressed look.  Now this old headboard has a new useful life as a bench and a new home in the foyer!

headboard bench

This may have been one of my favorite projects so far.  (And it doesn’t hurt that my dad was very impressed with it.  Still means a lot even when you’re not a little girl anymore!) : )

Console Table Redo

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Another project is finished!  My “ninety percent-itis” is clearing up!

My friend Crys and I traded entry/console tables.  What a cheap way to get new furniture!  She wanted my entry table and offered me her console table she needed to get rid of.  (She needed to get rid of it because she bought this absolutely gorgeous unique piece of furniture at the last antique show we went to.  She always finds the good stuff!  No, I’m not bitter… ha!)  So we switched tables.  She got my black, slightly broken Target console table I picked up years ago at Goodwill for $40.00 and I got her beautiful, full of potential, long console table bought at a real furniture store.  I think I won in this switch, but I’m not telling!

The table she gave me looks similar to a Ballard Design table I have been eyeing for a while.  I love free!

Benedetta 58 inch Console

Sells for $399.99 at Ballard Designs

The wood color on my new piece was not  pretty, kind of redish brown, and it came with a marble green top.  Green marble was popular back in the day when I got married, but that was eons ago and not my current style.  I tackled to table base first, not knowing for sure what I was going to do with the green marble top yet.

Table Before

This is the back side of the green marble. It’s unpolished and full of small holes.

The first thing I did was dust and wipe down the table.  Then I lightly sanded it, wiped it down again, and primed it.  After two coats of primer, I painted it a bright aqua. It looks good on the walls in my Sunroom, but not on this table!

Round two!  I painted over the aqua with a light gray-blue.  Much better!

Second color close up

The edges were distressed with a medium grade sand paper. Because it was primed and painted a couple of times, the distressing showed the wood, white primer, and aqua depending on how hard I sanded.

I took a darker gray-blue and added some “highlights” to the table.  Using a foam brush I blended the color in.

The last step was wax. I started out using a dry paint brush to apply the wax, but switched to a cotton cloth. It was quicker and more consistent.

Not sure if this would even work, I sanded the edges of the table top because the marble was polished there, and then primed the sides and the back side of marble.  I applied 3 coats of primer.

I just went for it. I painted the back and sides of the marble top a dark brown. It took a few coats, but it covered well and the paint did adhere to the sanded marble sides. Woohoo!

Close up of the painted marble top and distressed edges.

Time to accessorize.

It’s finished. Still playing with the accessories, but I’m happy with the table. And no, Crys, you can’t have it back! 😉

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Treasures and Antiques

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This weekend, my friend Crys and I went to the big Antique Show in our area.  Talk about excited!  Our schedules only allowed us to go for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Not nearly enough time!  We didn’t even finish seeing all there was to see because it was so big.  If I had oodles of money and time….  Ahhhh!

I did purchase a huge arm chair.  Saw it on Saturday, thought about it and then went home.  When I saw it again on Sunday, I just knew it needed to come home with me.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arm chair so big!  It’s going to be recovered and put in my library/office. 

I also bought an old eyelet press from the late 1800’s to early 1900.  Don’t need one, just thought it was cool and the price was cheap.  When I got home, I did some research and found out they can be worth as much as $100.00.  Woohoo!  Treasure hunting is sooo cool!

My friend Crys, however, bought the most awesome piece of furniture there.  No kidding, everyone stopped to look at it.  It’s an old document drawer from the 1860’s.  It was in near perfect condition.  We were told it came from a courthouse in Ohio.  It was still there on Sunday, so she took that as a sign! : )  So I’m hoping, being her friend and all, that when she get’s tired of it, she’ll remember her treasuring hunting buddy and hand it down to me.  I have a feeling I will be waiting a very long time.

So that’s how I spent the last two days of Spring break.  Treasure hunting and antique shopping!!

Not an antique, but it’s old. 

Eyelet press

Came from a courthouse in Ohio. Circa 1860

A beautiful teak table! If only money grew on trees…

Shell wreath

Cool car! Took picture for dad!

Another cool car! It’s for sale too.

DIY Pedestal Table

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In planning my new “library” I knew I wanted a round pedestal table and a couple of chairs in the room.  I found the chairs, but the table was not so easy.  I didn’t want a round dining room table because they are too big, and I didn’t want an accent table because they are too small.  (Sounds a bit like Goldie Locks!)  I wanted a table that was 36 inches round. 

So, I decided to make one.  Logical right?  Ask me how hard it was to find a round unfinished table top that’s 36 inches?  I thought it would be easy.  Nope.  The home improvement stores have some round table tops, but they were very small.  Lowes had one 36 inch table top in stock, on the shelf, but it was cracked.  I looked at it at least 3 times and walked away from it.  Brought my brother with me that last time and he declared it fixable, got it for half off, and then fixed it for me.  Problem solved.

I found the pedestal at Garden Ridge.  It’s substantial and heavy and it only cost 24.99!  All together, the top and bottom on the table cost a total of $45.00!  Next, I just needed to decide what color to paint it.  Easy peasy!

My brother said paint it white.  I said BORING!

Pedestal before

Unfinished table and pedestal

I wanted to give the pedestal a faux distressed finish.  I lightly rubbed on blue paint and wiped off the excess.  IT LOOKED HORRIBLE! 

Second try – Painted the whole thing blue.  Had to look better than the blotchy yuck that was on there before!

Painted the table top blue as well. Brought both pieces into the house and it looked HORRIBLE!

Third try – Painted the whole darn thing AGAIN, this time white.  Yes, I heard “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Finished table – for the moment.

While I was on vacation, my brother painted the underside of the table (I was going to be lazy and not paint it!) and glued the top to the pedestal.  It looks great.  Kids can sit there and play games or use their laptops.  I have a glass top on order.  While I’m waiting on that, I’m planning on doing something decorative to the table top.  More on that later. : )

Morale of the story…  Do it yourself.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or it cost more than you want to spend, make it, create it.  Be resourceful, be patient, and oh yeah… if your brother suggest painting it white, paint it white. : )

Dining Room turned Library/Office

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Happy Monday! 

I’m almost finished redoing  my “dining room that’s not a dining room”.  Let’s call it my new Library/Office.  Over the weekend I finished the drapes and got them hung. 

I have to give a shout out to my favorite local fabric store, Tony’s Fabrics, for coming through and finding more fabric for me.   Panic set in when I finally decided on the fabric for my drapes and they didn’t have enough to make two.  That old saying “you snooze you lose” applied to me big time!  I don’t know if it was the tears in my eyes, the pouty lip or the kindness of their hearts, but they found more fabric and special ordered it for me.  I LOVE THAT STORE!  And the staff is generously helpful, offering tips and advice.  Always a great thing when you don’t know the quantity you need to buy, or even the type of fabric you need to use for a particular project.

The bookcases came from Ikea.  I love them!  The difference they alone make in the room is huge.  They are from Ikea HEMNES series.  The chairs came from HomeGoods (of course!).  I only bought two, but I’m thinking of picking up two more, or maybe coordinating chairs.  I’m not a matchy matchy kind of girl.  The paint color is a rich brown called Sierra Spruce from Benjamin Moore.

The room is almost complete.  I’m looking for a round table to add to the room.  I’m thinking of making one actually.  But I’m having a really hard time finding an unfinished wood round table top.  No luck at Lowes or Home Depot.  ; (  Any suggestions??

Still need some artwork on the walls.  I will post more pictures when the room is complete.

Parsons chairs from HomeGoods. $99.00 each.

Bookcases from Ikea. Color Grey/Brown

Drapes are finally made! Woohoo!!

From Useless to Useful

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Apparently neither Nate nor Candace are coming to my rescue.  I’ve tried.  I have written sad, sad letters about my poor empty dining room, to no avail.  I’m on my own to tackle my dining room that’s not a dining room.  This poor room has been abandoned for almost 9 years.  We are not dining room people.  And I’m not a fan of cooking so I don’t need to have two rooms dedicated to food.

I really think dining rooms should be “optional” in new construction these days.  I think there are a lot of families who would rather have offices, libraries or dens instead of formal dining rooms.  Dining rooms look pretty, but are hardly used.  That’s my opinion anyway.

This week I have been contemplating what to do with this room.  Normally I’m not so overwhelmed with a project like this, but I want the room to look nice and be somewhat functional.  It’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door.  And it needs everything.  Paint, furniture, pictures, you name it!  Breathe Laurie, breathe.

A couple of days after my post on Navy Blue, I received the Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalog in the mail.  (Magazine/catalog day is always a happy day!)  Anyways, dark blue was shown in accessories, fabric and paint color.  I think it was a sign.  Now if I can get Hubby on board, I’m all set!

Blues from Pottery Barn

Blues from Ballard Designs

I love the color “Dusk” from Restoration Hardware.  It’s not navy blue, but it’s a darker blue.  I also like the color “Hale Navy” from Benjamin Moore.  I have picked up several different samples of fabric and they all have the dark blue in them.  I think it’s a sign that dark blue is what my “not a dining rooms” wants.

Restoration Hardware “Dusk”

Hale Blue – Benjamin Moore

I also just picked up three bookcases from Ikea.    They are the Hemnes series and I chose the Gray/Brown color.  It’s a different look.  I went to Ikea with the idea I was going to pick up the Brown/Black color, but once I was there, and with the cheering of my Bro, I pick the other color.  I think it will look great with a dark blue wall.  I put the smaller bookcase together already.  It took a little blood, sweat and beers (literally!) but the next two should be a piece of cake. 

Gray/Brown Hemnes Bookcases

I like the idea of adding a round table and a couple of chairs to the new room.

Kursi Kubu Armchair

Chair from Pier 1. A consideration for seating.

That’s as far I as got.  If I could only decide on fabric for curtains, I could buy the paint.  For some silly reason I keep asking my Hubby and my brother what they think of my choices.  And they are actually giving me their opinions!  Does rhetorical mean nothing to them?  I will post the end result of my room that’s not a dining room soon.  I hoping it will be a room that is beautiful, functional and dark blue!

Antique Shopping

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Happy Friday y’all!  Today was antique shopping day.  The first weekend of every month we have a giant antique fair not too far from here.  There is always oodles of goodies to be found – both antiques and thrift items!  My ride to the fair picked me up in her little convertible instead of the truck, so today we had to think small.

The fair had some beautiful furniture and accessories.  If I had an endless supply of cash and a big truck, this day would have turned out differently.  But since my money tree has yet to sprout, I held off on buying all the fabulous things I saw.  The pictures below are pieces I would like to duplicate or they have a specific memory from a long time ago.

This cart was on wheels. I loved the pipe handles on the ends. Very clever.

This piece was converted for wine storage. The other side had a cabinet for glasses and drawers for storage.

This picture is for my dad. The jukebox is from 1962. It was playing old 45’s!

Do you remember this? Those of you who are in the 40-50 year old range might recall this old kitchen set from the 1960’s. (1960’S…GULP!)  My sister and I had one just like it! It actually had running water.

And these are the only things that came home with me today. The candle holders were $5.00 apiece. I’m going to paint the brass on the top and bottom another color, maybe a dark metal color.

It was a slow week for me.  One of those weeks when you just don’t feel like doing a darn thing.  So I didn’t.  I’m hoping to have some more project going next week to share with you.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

HomeGoods Goodies

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I love HomeGoods!  It’s a hit or miss kind of store.  Sometimes you don’t see anything you must have, other times you could redo your whole house with all the fabulous finds.

Today BFF and I popped in and wandered around.  We were looking for cute storage bins for my new and improved laundry room.  Their basket section was a little slim, but their small furniture and accessories section was AWESOME!  Why is it when you don’t need anything, that’s when you see the most cool and groovy stuff?  I don’t know either.  Maybe there’s a lesson in self-control, or understanding what you want isn’t always what you need.  But LOOK!  They are some great storage pieces.  Not what I need for the laundry room, but they would look adorable somewhere.

This would be lovely in my sewing room! A girl can never have enough storage for crafts.

This is just cute. The picture doesn’t do it justice. A great bedside table piece.

This would be cute in a playroom for toys or in a guest room for towels and blankets.

I didn’t open this to look inside, but I loved the distressed, pieced together look.

This reminded me of a couple of people I know.

BFF picked this up. It would look great in a powder room. Look at that cute face!

I love this piece.

Ok, something did make it home with me. This is going up by the wall phone in the kitchen. Maybe I will be a little more organized with all the kids papers that come home from school. I always tease that it takes a village to keep me organized. Forget the village. Maybe I just need this?!

Turning a Dining Room into a Home Office

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Dining rooms.  Really?  I wish I could say we have elegant gatherings around a beautiful dining table serving five course meals to friends and family.  Nah, I really don’t mean that.  We are not a fussy group here and family gatherings mean hanging out in the kitchen, snacking of appetizers.  “Formal” rooms aren’t my thing.  Dining rooms, I believe, are becoming a thing of the past.  But every home I’ve owned has come with a dining room, and that poor room just stays empty.  I never felt the need to buy a dining set just to fill the space.  So my dining room is just a walk through room.  We walk through it to get to other parts of the house.  And if a dining room set was sitting in the middle of the room, it would still be a walk through room, except we would have to walk around the table to walk through the room!

Unfortunately, like a lot of “traditional” homes, the dining room is the first room you see then you come in the front door.  I’ve tried to make it look like a useful room, but have failed miserably.  It’s a room with a hodge podge of unused furniture I don’t know what to do with.  So after fifteen years of an empty room, I really, really want to make it not a wasted space.  I’m thinking home office/library.  As a family of multiple computers, we would use an office much more than a dining room.  And maybe my kitchen wouldn’t be a dumping ground for bills and papers if they had a home to go to.  I have scoured the internet for some inspiration.  Here are some pictures I have come up with.

Better Homes and Gardens

House Beautiful





Dresser Redo

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Check out this before and after!  So amazing what paint, stain and a little patience can do.  I love the colors used on this piece!  This old dresser has been around for a long time hiding out in a spare bedroom.  Not anymore!  Great job Francis!

I was told the inspiration for this dresser came after seeing the Goodwill dresser post.  I think it’s a great example how a little nudge can stir creativity.  And creativity allows you to bring something new into being, stamped with your own unique personality!  Love, Love, Love it!!


The lovely AFTER!

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