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Power of Paint Feature

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HPower of Paintappy Tuesday!

Today, Maryann at Power of Paint featured House of 34’s Old Dresser Makeover!  Thank you Maryann!  I appreciate the shout out!

Power of Paint is a site “dedicated to all things PAINT!” She has oodles of paint projects, tips, tricks and ideas.  Check it out!  And be sure to submit your paint projects too!  She just might make your day too. 😀


Console Table Redo

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Another project is finished!  My “ninety percent-itis” is clearing up!

My friend Crys and I traded entry/console tables.  What a cheap way to get new furniture!  She wanted my entry table and offered me her console table she needed to get rid of.  (She needed to get rid of it because she bought this absolutely gorgeous unique piece of furniture at the last antique show we went to.  She always finds the good stuff!  No, I’m not bitter… ha!)  So we switched tables.  She got my black, slightly broken Target console table I picked up years ago at Goodwill for $40.00 and I got her beautiful, full of potential, long console table bought at a real furniture store.  I think I won in this switch, but I’m not telling!

The table she gave me looks similar to a Ballard Design table I have been eyeing for a while.  I love free!

Benedetta 58 inch Console

Sells for $399.99 at Ballard Designs

The wood color on my new piece was not  pretty, kind of redish brown, and it came with a marble green top.  Green marble was popular back in the day when I got married, but that was eons ago and not my current style.  I tackled to table base first, not knowing for sure what I was going to do with the green marble top yet.

Table Before

This is the back side of the green marble. It’s unpolished and full of small holes.

The first thing I did was dust and wipe down the table.  Then I lightly sanded it, wiped it down again, and primed it.  After two coats of primer, I painted it a bright aqua. It looks good on the walls in my Sunroom, but not on this table!

Round two!  I painted over the aqua with a light gray-blue.  Much better!

Second color close up

The edges were distressed with a medium grade sand paper. Because it was primed and painted a couple of times, the distressing showed the wood, white primer, and aqua depending on how hard I sanded.

I took a darker gray-blue and added some “highlights” to the table.  Using a foam brush I blended the color in.

The last step was wax. I started out using a dry paint brush to apply the wax, but switched to a cotton cloth. It was quicker and more consistent.

Not sure if this would even work, I sanded the edges of the table top because the marble was polished there, and then primed the sides and the back side of marble.  I applied 3 coats of primer.

I just went for it. I painted the back and sides of the marble top a dark brown. It took a few coats, but it covered well and the paint did adhere to the sanded marble sides. Woohoo!

Close up of the painted marble top and distressed edges.

Time to accessorize.

It’s finished. Still playing with the accessories, but I’m happy with the table. And no, Crys, you can’t have it back! 😉

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Bench Redo

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The holidays are officially over.  The kids are (finally) back at school.  Honestly, a week off from school would have been just fine with me.  Any more than that the kids get bored, pick on each other and drive each other crazy.  (And their Mom too!)   Love them and they’re awesome, but there are those days that if I hear “MOM!” just one more time… well, they are at school now, so all is well! ; )

I went out in the world today to do a little browsing at my favorite stores and guess what??  It’s not Christmas anymore, it’s Valentines Day!  Who knew??  The retail stores certainly did.  Red, pink and white decorations, candy and hearts are everywhere!

Anyway, I started this bench before the holidays and it’s finally complete.  I had an old Kirkland’s bench I bought some years ago and it wasn’t being used.  Not to mention my style has changed and any thing “scrolly” has gotta go.  So, I took the thing apart.  I have always wanted to have a bench at the kitchen table, so that was where the inspiration came from.  I had four table legs I bought at an antique show just lying around, so they were cut to size with my table saw.  I pulled the padding off the bench a bit to drill holes through the seat and into the center of each leg for screws.  The legs and frame are glued as well, and supported with L-brackets.  I love L-brackets!  They come in handy when you don’t have the right nail gun or drill bit.

After paint and fabric I have a new bench!  Oh yeah, I am doing all this (except painting) in my empty dining room.  Since Nate Berkus hasn’t come to my house yet to figure out what to do with a dining room I don’t want to use as a dining room, it’s my workshop!

My old bench


The legs are screwed in from the seat as well as glued.


The support frame is attached with glue and L-brackets.


L-brackets. I used a lot!


I actually painted this thing 3 times! The third time was the charm!


My kids now sit side by side nicely so they can sit on the bench! ha!

Habitat Desk Redo

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Happy Halloween y’all!  I have something frightening to share with you…  this hideous, scary looking desk.  I picked it up from my Habitat Restore for $30.  I have been looking for a desk to use in my sewing/craft room.  I could see the potential.  (Hubby, however, walked right passed it without seeing the desk in the garage.  Maybe  he was just not paying attention, or MAYBE I have too many unfinished projects in the garage that he didn’t notice the addition!)


After removing the hardware and cleaning the desk, I lightly sanded the piece before applying a coat of primer.  The primer I bought said it would seal on glossy surfaces, but after doing a test patch, I could scratch the primer off.  No short cuts.  Sanding was necessary.  Two coats of Decorator White from Home Depot and the dresser was done.  I did sand the edges for a distressed look.  Not bad for $30 and a little elbow grease!  I highly recommend wandering your local thrift store.  Finding something unloved and bringing it back to life is fun and you will be proud of yourself with the results!  Happy shopping!


Dresser Redo

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Check out this before and after!  So amazing what paint, stain and a little patience can do.  I love the colors used on this piece!  This old dresser has been around for a long time hiding out in a spare bedroom.  Not anymore!  Great job Francis!

I was told the inspiration for this dresser came after seeing the Goodwill dresser post.  I think it’s a great example how a little nudge can stir creativity.  And creativity allows you to bring something new into being, stamped with your own unique personality!  Love, Love, Love it!!


The lovely AFTER!

Habitat Restore – Cheap Chair Redo

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Some bargains you just can’t pass up.  Like a chair for $2.00.  Oh my goodness!  My girlfriend had been looking for a desk chair for her daughter’s room for a while now.  Browsing our local Habitat Restore, she came across this chair.  It was in pretty good shape except for the cushion cover.  The fabric was a little… no, a lot… scary looking so it had to go away immediately.  (Be thankful I don’t have a picture of it! Ha!)  But did I mention it was only $2.00??

After a quick sanding, I sprayed painted the chair Satin White then added new padding and fabric.  Ta Daa!  An almost new looking chair for $2.00!

The finished chair…

Treasure Hunting Day

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Treasure hunting day was fun!  Found some great things, bought only some of them and have been thinking about the stuff I left behind!  Oh well, I need to finish the projects I have before I bring anything else in to do.  (That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!)

I bought a piece of an old headboard that I’m thinking of using as part of my entryway redo.  It would be a decorative piece to add interest to the wall.  For only $8.00, if it doesn’t work out, I’m not out a lot of money.  I also bought a small, round, wrought iron mirror for only $2.00.  Not sure where that is going, but I couldn’t resist.  I won’t talk about the stuff I left behind.  It’s just too depressing!  Ha!  Crys got some really great things for very little money as well.  When she gets those projects done, I will post the “after” picture.  I’m excited to see what she does with the old folding rocking chair!

It was a great way to spend the last day of school.  Thanks Crys for sharing your last free day with me. : )

Goodwill Dresser

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Look at this dresser!  It was transformed by my friend and treasure hunting pal, Janet.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  It’s these kinds of make overs that are so exciting.  She bought the old dresser at Goodwill for $39.99.  Now it looks like an expensive piece of furniture.  I think I’m a little envious! : )

The top of the dresser was sanded down to the unfinished wood.  Janet applied ebony wood stain to the top of the dresser, followed by a coat of polyurethane.  The rest of the dress was lightly sanded, then primed and spray painted a satin white.  Some new knobs… Love it!  It’s fantastic Janet!!

The before…

 Now the AFTER!!


Habitat Restore Finds

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and my daughter’s birthday weekend too.  All she wanted for her birthday was Just Dance 2 for the Wii.  So WE were dancing to the game, and let me tell you…  I will just let her dance and Mom will just stick to her blog!

Here are the pictures of my latest finds from the Habitat Restore.  The chair may stay just as it is, with minor repairs to the structure.  I’m not sure about the end table yet, but I can’t wait to get started on it!  May do some research to see how old it is.  But for $15.oo it was a steal.

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