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Kitchen Island Ideas

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I’m in the process of updating the kitchen island. (I’ll have pictures soon.) The thing that is keeping me from finishing completely is color. I don’t know what color to paint it. While white would look clean and fresh, the kids sit there and the wall ends up with marks on it.

Now I’m thinking I want to repaint the sunroom and kitchen while I’m at it.  Amazing how one thing leads to another!  The island is seen from both rooms, so if I repaint the walls, then I may have more color options for the island.  😉

Here are some pictures I found for inspiration.  My cabinets are a honey color.  Any suggestions???

Painted Kitchen Island

Custom Designed Stove Hood Doubles as Pot Rack

Country Combination

Timeless Traditional Island

Arts and Crafts Kitchen

Small kitchen

Chandeliers Add Glamour to Classic White Kitchen

Kitchen with Triple Tier Island

kitchen ideas with island


Blogging Learning Curve

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Blogging has been a challenge.  Not the writing part, but the overall look and design of my blog, as well as learning the language.  So, I went to Barnes and Noble this weekend and picked up a couple of books on Blogging.  Learning as I go has been slow and frustrating, and since I have been out of the “real working world” for almost 14 years, my computer knowledge skill are pitiful.  Funny that I has the computer savvy “go to girl” back in the day when I worked for money.  I answered mind-boggling questions like “Who changed my computer password?”  In a split of a second, my brilliant response was “Is your caps lock on?”  It always gave me a chuckle to see Ad Executives sink down in their chair when they realized they were freaking out over their caps lock being on.  (It’s the little things!)

But now I’m sitting here next to a book called “Blogging Boot Camp” and “Blogging for Dummies”.  I don’t necessarily consider myself a dummy.  But I suppose finding matches to missing socks, discovering “NOTME” is an invisible child I didn’t know I had, and miraculously cooking four separate dinners on one single stove isn’t enough to make me Intellectual of the Year.

So I’m going to read my books.  And I’m going to most likely change my blog a bit.  Hopefully I will learn what RSS, XML, FTP, meta tags, and CSS are.  (Maybe I don’t even need to know what they are!)  Then there  is the question… Do I want or switch to  Who knows, maybe when I finish the books, I will be the smart “go to girl” I use to be, instead of the “know nada girl” I am today!   I welcome any easy on my brain tips and/or advice.  ; )

Fabric Remnants Ideas

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I am a fabric freak.  The fabric store is right up there with Lowes for me!  Love it, love it.  It makes me happy!!  One birthday, my best friend went to every fabric store in our area looking for discontinued fabric or fabric books they were going to throw away.  She presented me with boxes and boxes full of material.  Oh my gosh!  I have a whole closet full of containers filled with fabric.  (Filled with possibilities!)

So start sewing!  Remnant fabric pieces can be used for so many projects.  And these projects make fabulous gift ideas…  Purses, Key Fobs, Cell Phone/Gadget Holder, Tissue Holders, Doll Quilt Blanket, Crayon Roll-up, Valances, Runners, Place Mats, Fabric Coasters, Memo Board, Pillows, just to name a few.  The possibilities are endless.  It will keep me up at night just thinking about them! ha!  So hold on to your fabric.  You never know when a fabric idea will inspire you to get creative!


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