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Model Home Decorating Ideas

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One of my most favorite ways to get decorating ideas is to go model home hopping.  That means I take my camera and my BFF and we find all the new construction model homes and take a tour.

The best thing to do, if you model home hop, is to be honest with the sales person there.  Don’t pretend to be a potential home buyer.  It’s a waste of their time.  Tell them you are just out looking at model homes for fun and they will leave you alone.  They are actually used to people looking a model homes for decorating ideas.

Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday.  Now I have even more ideas running through my head! 😉


The butler’s pantry in this home is also a bar area.

bathroom cabinet color

I took this picture because I liked the color of the cabinet. Notice the plain, boring mirror on the wall! Tisk Tisk! 🙂

bedroom ceiling

I don’t need to say anything about this photo, but I will… Look at that ceiling!!! Love it.

bedroom wallpaper

The wall behind the bed is covered in wall paper. Makes a great accent wall!

dining room windows

Look at the arched windows in this photo.

dining room

The ceiling in this photo is covered in wallpaper. The back wall is painted a chocolate brown. I’m not a fan of dining rooms, but this is a pretty space.

framed bathroom mirror

This builder did frame out the mirror. Do you see how they added an extra horizontal board?

kitchen eating area

A cute kitchen eating area.

master bedroom

Bright and happy master bedroom.

pool room with wood beams

Beamed ceilings! Ahhh… someday.

red bedroom

In this bedroom, board and batten was used as a headboard effect. This has my head spinning with ideas!


Beautiful staircase. The dark wood against the white! Love.

upstairs hallway

I took this picture because I like the hallway floor. Although the different levels could be dangerous in the dark! (If you’re me!)

white kitchen

White/Cream cabinets.

hanging kitchen light

Love this lighting over the kitchen table.

island hanging lights

These gorgeous lights are hanging over a kitchen island. I wish I would have asked where they came from.

Have you ever model home hopped?


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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We just decorated our Christmas tree this weekend.  The theme at my house this year was decorate with what ya got.  However, had I seen some of these trees earlier, things may have been different. 😉  Check out these lovely and unique Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Turquoise and green

Snowy white

RAZ 2012 Snowdoodles 2

Happy snowmen


Beautiful Christmas Tree

White and silver

Red, green and snowflakes

RAZ 2012 Telluride Sleigh Ride 1

Cozy cabins

Bold and Bright Christmas Tree

Merry and bright

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Green and gold

Modern Idea for Your Christmas Tree This Year

What a hoot! I love the owls!


Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Candy sweet

my tree

My tree. The theme… memories. 😀

For more ideas and inspirations, Click Here.

Curtains Made Easy

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Sewing was my first “hobby”.  I started sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I couldn’t find a bumper pad and crib skirt I liked, so I made them.  Did I know what I was doing?  Not exactly.  But I just went for it.  What’s the worst that could have happened?

Drapes are the one thing that can really add warmth and style to a room.  If you have ever shopped for them, you will know that the patterns and fabric are not great, prices are expensive and most of the time you can only find 84 inch curtains.  (That makes me crazy!  All my window need 96 inch curtains.)  What’s a girl to do?  DIY!!!!!!!

It’s easy.   And fabric shopping is fun.  A great fabric store is the happiest place on Earth, beside Lowes and Home Depot!  The fabric I used in the pictures below was only $5.00 a yard.  It was reduced because of a printing flaw, but you would never find it.  (It was bought at my favorite fabric store, Tony’s Fabrics.)  With that price, it cost $15.00 per panel!  Woohoo! 

All that is required to make drapes or curtains the “Laurie way” is a sewing machine, being able to sew a straight line, (so no drinking while sewing!) a ruler and an iron and ironing board.  I don’t do rules, by the way.  You will probably hear me say that a lot.  That means there are no patterns used.  They are not lined because these curtains are decorative, the fabric is heavy and it’s white on the back side.  If you were going to close the curtains, they would need lining to protect the fabric from the sun.  That’s for another day.

These drapes are for my BFF’s dining room. The fabric is gorgeous! And happy.


It’s always good to know which side is up.  That applies to more than just fabric.  Ha!  I didn’t cut the salvage off the edge.  I used it as a guide for the first part of the side hem.  It’s about an inch in case your fabric doesn’t have this type of salvage on the side.   Then iron it.  This is the most important part.  You’ll be ironing more than you will be sewing.

The side hem is folded over again, then ironed.  It’s time-consuming, but it makes the seam flat and easier to sew.  Then sew your straight line close to the edge of the seam.

Do the next side of the fabric the same way.  I attached a safety-pin to the top of the fabric so I would know which end was up.

The top hem is folded over twice, just like the sides.  This time though, turn over the first fold 2 1/2 inches, then fold over again 3 inches.

3 inch hem top hem. 

My sewing machine does not have guides for a 3 inch hem so I measured from the needle where I wanted the stitch to be than used blue tape as my edge guide.

In case I haven’t said it before… Ironing is very IMPORTANT.  But it’s boring.  My daughter caught me with a phone to my ear, multi-tasking.  That’s what mom’s do. ; )

The bottom hem was done the same way as the top hem, except I sat on the floor with the curtains hanging and pinned the seam to the right length.  I ironed them while they were still hanging to make sure they were exactly the length I wanted.  Then I took them off the rod and sewed the bottom seam.

Here’s another example of easy to make curtains.  These curtains are in my house. These were super easy to make. I bought a set of white curtains from Ikeas and added “designer” fabric to the top. 


Spring Decor

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Now that vacation is over, and the kids will be back to school in a few days, I’m looking forward to spring cleaning.  That doesn’t mean actually “cleaning” (I don’t ever look forward to that!), that means organizing, decluttering and re-accessorizing.  I’m ready to lighten and brighten things up. 

I have been drawn to birds for a while now.  I keep my eye out for them whenever I’m out treasure hunting or antiquing.  It seems birds are quite popular at the moment too.  Most of the pictures I found with ideas I would like to try have birds in them.     (click on picture for source)

Do you “redo” when spring arrives?  Change things up, switch things out? 

Pinned Image

DIY easter basket

Pinned Image

Nature-Inspired Spring Mantel

Pinned Image

Springtime Mantel with Nature Elements

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DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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I love PINTEREST!  It’s not helping my urge to start decorating for Christmas right NOW though!  Thanksgiving is really a non-holiday for me anyway, so I’m skipping it and going straight for Christmas.  Nope, not waiting ’til the day after turkey day to decorate.  Really, who made up that rule anyway?

Pinterest has so many great ideas.   And the number of talented people out there is awesome!  Below are some ideas I’m going to try.  They look beautiful, yet simple to do.

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Lowes Creative Ideas

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Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Thrifty Decor Chick

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The Inspired Room

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Good Housekeeping

Bedroom Complete!

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Finally!  My daughter’s room is finished.  After the horrible peeling paint incident, I needed to just step away from her room for a bit.  But now it’s complete and we are both happy with it.

The “headboard” came from Kirklands

Love the groovy bed skirt : )

Used bead board wall paper horizontally

Homearama – Model Homes Tour

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Today was the start of one of my favoritest times of the year… Homearama!  What’s better than an open invitation to walk through beautifully decorated model homes just to get decorating ideas?  Of course the builders are hoping for a sale or two, but let’s be honest – it’s all about me, my bff and my camera. : )  The homes were gorgeous!  So many inspiring ideas, wishful thinkings and “in my next house” thoughts.  The color schemes in all 5 houses were very similar.  Lots of blues, greens, creams and different shades of gray.

I took so many pictures that I thought I should put them in categories.  I’m starting with kitchens.  After showing hubby all the pictures, he asked what would be the one thing I would change in my house (really??  ONE thing?  ha!).  I said the kitchen.  I love the look of white/cream cabinets with a contrasting dark island.  Have fun checking out the kitchen pictures.  I will get more up very soon!

Love the farmhouse sink and the dark wood island

White Cabinets

Loved this! “Drawers” for herbs

How cozy is this?

Beautiful backsplash and counter

Details, Details!

Painted beadboard backsplash


Love the white cabinets against the dark floor


Lovely lighted display cabinets


HGTV has a Magazine!

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HGTV has a magazine now.  What a brilliant idea!  The first issue features “room makeovers, waterfront home pictures, insider tips from hosts, plus so much more”.  I very excited about it!

I love HGTV!  We are old friends!  I watched it everyday when I first became a stay home mom, many moons ago.  It kept my brain engaged and thinking creatively at a time when I thought my brain would turn to mush and stop functioning from lack of sleep.  Hubby couldn’t stand it.  (I know, but I kept him anyway. Ha!)  Now when I have it on, my husband will sit and watch it, then suddenly become aware he’s being “sucked in”.  He won’t admit he likes it now, but I know. : )  I bought the premiere issue of the magazine.  It’s pretty good.  I hope in the future they will feature more design ideas and before and afters.  Check it out and see what you think.


LOVE Pinterest!

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 My new favorite website!  Pinterest is a website that allows you to organize and share the things you find from other websites.  Instead of saving everything to your “favorites”, you can save the picture, pin it to your board and it magically (in my mind anyway!) saves the address where you got it from.  You can have boards with ideas for future home projects, DIY and craft ideas, recipes, fashion and any other subject that might interest you.  And, You can check out boards from other Pinterest fans and get ideas and inspirations from them.  Brilliant I tell you!

Take a peak of some of my inspirations.  I’m going to be a busy girl with all these fabulous ideas.  It’s a DIY-ers Disneyland!  Ha!


Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls

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Now that I’m looking for new ideas for my daughter’s room, I googled decorating ideas for girls.  Oodles came up, but I would say more than half the pictures were rooms decorated in pink.  My daughter hates pink.  It we are shopping and we come across something pink, she will throw her hands over her eyes and shriek “My eyes!  They’re burning!”  Ha!  She’s a hoot.

Here are some I found that weren’t in the offensive color pink.  My favorite is third picture, the green with blue.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?


HGTV (my favorite so far)

(Can’t find source)

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