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In the Navy Blue

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I love navy blue.  My bridesmaids wore navy blue.  The first color of clothes I reach for is navy blue.  I’m drawn to sapphire jewelry.  But the only thing in my house that is navy blue is a pillow I made.  And it doesn’t go with anything in my house, so the pillow just sits in my craft room not matching a darn thing in there either.  I don’t know why I haven’t decorated in navy before.  Perhaps I see a new color scheme in my future?  But until then…

I was curious what the color navy blue represented (if anything).  Here’s what I found out…  In Feng Shui, navy blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.  Well, there you go.  That has me written all over it! ; )    This website says “People who wear dark blue are intelligent and self-reliant and take on a great deal of responsibility” and “Midnight blue has a sedative effect that promotes meditation and intuition”.

What I got from all that is if you love navy blue, that means you are a wise, capable DIY-er with oodles of intelligence, who needs a nap in order to have quiet time and to maintain your psychic abilities.  YEP!

Blue walls, white trim

Riverside Furniture Splash of Color Entertainment Dresser in Navy Blue

Blue dresser

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Love this chair!

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Navy blue watch

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Blue accent walls

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Navy blue door!!

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Love blue nails!

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Blue and white sign

 living rooms - blue silk drapes navy blue chest dresser jute rug gray blue wallpaper  Windsor Smith  blue living room design with bold blue silk
Bridal Bouquet is shades of Blues from Navy to light blue.   Call for pricing.  Price depends on size and number of flowers.                                   SAVANNAH EVENT DECOR
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