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Kitchen Island Ideas

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I’m in the process of updating the kitchen island. (I’ll have pictures soon.) The thing that is keeping me from finishing completely is color. I don’t know what color to paint it. While white would look clean and fresh, the kids sit there and the wall ends up with marks on it.

Now I’m thinking I want to repaint the sunroom and kitchen while I’m at it.  Amazing how one thing leads to another!  The island is seen from both rooms, so if I repaint the walls, then I may have more color options for the island.  😉

Here are some pictures I found for inspiration.  My cabinets are a honey color.  Any suggestions???

Painted Kitchen Island

Custom Designed Stove Hood Doubles as Pot Rack

Country Combination

Timeless Traditional Island

Arts and Crafts Kitchen

Small kitchen

Chandeliers Add Glamour to Classic White Kitchen

Kitchen with Triple Tier Island

kitchen ideas with island


From Useless to Useful

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Apparently neither Nate nor Candace are coming to my rescue.  I’ve tried.  I have written sad, sad letters about my poor empty dining room, to no avail.  I’m on my own to tackle my dining room that’s not a dining room.  This poor room has been abandoned for almost 9 years.  We are not dining room people.  And I’m not a fan of cooking so I don’t need to have two rooms dedicated to food.

I really think dining rooms should be “optional” in new construction these days.  I think there are a lot of families who would rather have offices, libraries or dens instead of formal dining rooms.  Dining rooms look pretty, but are hardly used.  That’s my opinion anyway.

This week I have been contemplating what to do with this room.  Normally I’m not so overwhelmed with a project like this, but I want the room to look nice and be somewhat functional.  It’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door.  And it needs everything.  Paint, furniture, pictures, you name it!  Breathe Laurie, breathe.

A couple of days after my post on Navy Blue, I received the Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalog in the mail.  (Magazine/catalog day is always a happy day!)  Anyways, dark blue was shown in accessories, fabric and paint color.  I think it was a sign.  Now if I can get Hubby on board, I’m all set!

Blues from Pottery Barn

Blues from Ballard Designs

I love the color “Dusk” from Restoration Hardware.  It’s not navy blue, but it’s a darker blue.  I also like the color “Hale Navy” from Benjamin Moore.  I have picked up several different samples of fabric and they all have the dark blue in them.  I think it’s a sign that dark blue is what my “not a dining rooms” wants.

Restoration Hardware “Dusk”

Hale Blue – Benjamin Moore

I also just picked up three bookcases from Ikea.    They are the Hemnes series and I chose the Gray/Brown color.  It’s a different look.  I went to Ikea with the idea I was going to pick up the Brown/Black color, but once I was there, and with the cheering of my Bro, I pick the other color.  I think it will look great with a dark blue wall.  I put the smaller bookcase together already.  It took a little blood, sweat and beers (literally!) but the next two should be a piece of cake. 

Gray/Brown Hemnes Bookcases

I like the idea of adding a round table and a couple of chairs to the new room.

Kursi Kubu Armchair

Chair from Pier 1. A consideration for seating.

That’s as far I as got.  If I could only decide on fabric for curtains, I could buy the paint.  For some silly reason I keep asking my Hubby and my brother what they think of my choices.  And they are actually giving me their opinions!  Does rhetorical mean nothing to them?  I will post the end result of my room that’s not a dining room soon.  I hoping it will be a room that is beautiful, functional and dark blue!

In the Navy Blue

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I love navy blue.  My bridesmaids wore navy blue.  The first color of clothes I reach for is navy blue.  I’m drawn to sapphire jewelry.  But the only thing in my house that is navy blue is a pillow I made.  And it doesn’t go with anything in my house, so the pillow just sits in my craft room not matching a darn thing in there either.  I don’t know why I haven’t decorated in navy before.  Perhaps I see a new color scheme in my future?  But until then…

I was curious what the color navy blue represented (if anything).  Here’s what I found out…  In Feng Shui, navy blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.  Well, there you go.  That has me written all over it! ; )    This website says “People who wear dark blue are intelligent and self-reliant and take on a great deal of responsibility” and “Midnight blue has a sedative effect that promotes meditation and intuition”.

What I got from all that is if you love navy blue, that means you are a wise, capable DIY-er with oodles of intelligence, who needs a nap in order to have quiet time and to maintain your psychic abilities.  YEP!

Blue walls, white trim

Riverside Furniture Splash of Color Entertainment Dresser in Navy Blue

Blue dresser

Pinned Image

Love this chair!

Pinned Image

Navy blue watch

Pinned Image

Blue accent walls

Pinned Image

Navy blue door!!

Pinned Image

Love blue nails!

Pinned Image

Blue and white sign

 living rooms - blue silk drapes navy blue chest dresser jute rug gray blue wallpaper  Windsor Smith  blue living room design with bold blue silk
Bridal Bouquet is shades of Blues from Navy to light blue.   Call for pricing.  Price depends on size and number of flowers.                                   SAVANNAH EVENT DECOR

Painting Interior Doors

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Thanks to model home hopping and of course, Pinterest, I have been thinking about painting my interior front door something other than white. Doors always look stunning when they are painted in dramatic colors. So I went for it. It’s only paint right?

The first coat of dark brown (Bittersweet Chocolate from PotteryBarn) looked horrible. I was having a panic attack! How many coats of white will it take to cover THAT up, I wondered??!! My BFF was my partner in crime and she kept encouraging me to move forward. She either had a vision of what it would look like finished, or she was too afraid to tell me it looked awful! After my breathing returned to somewhat normal, I put on the second coat of paint. It was looking better. By the third and final coat I was thinking it would be okay. Once the painters tape was removed and the entry way put back together, I was very happy with the results. It was dramatic. That’s what I was looking for. : ) And the cool and groovy rug I picked up at Lowes helped pull everything together. Will I do all the doors in the house? I do have more paint. I’ll let you know!

Front door BEFORE

I’m hyper-ventilating at this point.

I’m likin it!

I’m breathing again! Yeah I love it! I have more paint AND more white doors!

My new groovy rug.

Happy in a Can – Bathroom Redo Before/After

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UPDATE:  “Happy in a Can” is completed!

Redoing a room doesn’t have to be expensive.  Some paint, thrifty shopping and woman power can turn a room from fair to FABULOUS on a small budget.  Frugal is beautiful! ; )


AFTER – Bathroom redo completed.

ORIGINAL POST from 1-13-12

It’s amazing what one gallon of paint can do.  It’s like HAPPY in a can.  And the perfect color of paint is like ON CLOUD NINE in a can!  No kidding!  I get teased a lot for always “painting something” in my house.  But the end result of just a couple of hours of work is amazing.

My BFF and I have been friends for almost 2 decades.  She has humored me through all my house changes and even participated in many rearrangements of furniture, accessories and has picked out paint colors with me.  And she’s great at it.  She is a designer after all.  But in her own house, she hasn’t changed much in a very very long time.  I know!  It’s shocking ! Ha!  She has a very busy Hubby and she doesn’t tackle paint on her own.  (Yet I still love her.)  So today, with one gallon of paint, we painted her kids bathroom and the laundry room in a day.  Less than a day.  Less than a school day actually!  And she even had a paint brush in her hand.  And used it!  (That information is for her unbelieving hubby.)  We bought a shower curtain, shower rod and hooks, toothbrush holder (at HomeGoods), and paint at Home Depot all for under $100.00!  Her bathroom and laundry rooms are totally transformed.  And while a gallon of paint can’t solve the problems of the world, it can, for very little money, change the mood and spirit of a girl and a room (or two).  AND it was fun!

I haven’t mastered taking good pictures yet!  This is the color we used.  It doesn’t show up in my pictures as stunning as it really is.

Benjamin Moore HC150 Yarmouth Blue
BFF painting. I’m so proud! The old color was a light salmon in the bathroom.
Laundry room. It had the original builders paint for (gulp!) more than a decade. : 0


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