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A Needed Message

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I saw this on Pinterest this morning. While my kids don’t have wee little hands anymore, it is the perfect prayer for this insomniac mom.

Thought I would share this with you.  It may be words you need to hear too.



A Peek at my Week

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High School.  It starts way too early!

Isn’t it odd that when your child reaches High School, it’s also the time they are growing, changing, and like/need to sleep?  I, too, am getting older, and to keep me sane, charming and lovable, I really, really need my sleep!  Monday through Friday 5:15 a.m.  It’s not pretty.

Just when my son is finished with High School, my daughter will be starting.  That’s eight years of being sleep deprived!   Do I need to say this could get ugly? 😉

A peek at my week.  Can you relate??

And the week begins… MONDAY 5:15 a.m.

MONDAY PILATES.  I do believe a mat and a towel means nap time. I went to Kindergarten, I know this to be true!



THURSDAY… Bible Study. Dear Lord, please help me fall asleep when my body is tired but my brain won’t be quiet. And please help me stay awake when my brain is exhausted but my body need to keep going. Amen.

FRIDAY… Going to bed early with the sheer joy of knowing the alarm is not set.

pugs, dog, happy, funny,

SATURDAY!  Oh Yay! Happy day! Sleep is a beautiful thing!  Mom is full of giggles! 😀

SUNDAY… Two whole days of waking up AFTER the sun rises!  Can ya feel the joy??!!

I hate MONDAY mornings! 😉

Birthday Party Craft Idea

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This weekend we had a birthday party for my daughter.  She is now in the double digits!  How did that happen?

I remember when I turned 10.  I spent the entire day crying because I was TEN!  Ten was sooo old in my head.  And if I was THAT old, them my parent’s days had to be numbered!  I was so sad!  I mean seriously!  Thirty two and 34?!!  How much longer could they possibly have?  (Yes I was a strange sensitive child.)  Thank goodness I outgrew that… right Mom?:)

Happily they are both still here!  And while I am more than 10 years older than my parents were when I turned 10, my daughter doesn’t seem bothered by her age or mine.  Although, if you ask her how old I am, she will support me in my denial and tell you I’m 34. 😉

Back to the birthday…  My daughter wanted to do a craft project at her party.  She decided on decorating flip-flops.  I picked up various sizes of flip-flops from Micheals.  They were only $1.24 a pair!  I grabbed some ribbon, glitter glue, fabric paint and some “bling” for decorating.   A very inexpensive project!

The kids wrapped the ribbon around the straps of the flip-flop.  Glue from a glue gun does not stick to the rubber strap,  so wrapping it with ribbon not only looks cute, but it also gives the bling something to adhere too.  It takes about a yard of ribbon to wrap each flip-flop, depending on the width of the ribbon.

I don’t know if all 10 year olds are like this, but my daughter and her friends were so involved in the project that we literally had nearly an hour of silence while they were decorating their flip-flops.  Silence at a birthday party!  Wow!  Check out the flip-flops.  They turned out adorable!

A Gentle Reminder

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Life is funny.

This afternoon I ran to Walgreens, the closest drug store, to get poster board.  While I was at the cash register, a coin fell out of my purse when I was fishing around for cash.  (Not at all shocking if you saw my purse.  I’m lucky the kitchen sink didn’t fall out!)  The woman behind me in line picked it up and set it on the counter.  When I turned to thank her, I recognized her.  From 15 years ago.

I very rarely see anyone from the time B.C. (before children)  My life was a completely different world.  I actually worked for money.  I got dressed up and drove “uptown.”  I worked for an advertising agency in the tallest building in the city.  I was the “go to” girl for software questions.  I knew stuff.

She was the director of the creative design department… the FUN department.  I was not in her department, but she was the one I turned to when I needed help with my crazy boss.  She was always lovely.  Now, she has her own company right around the corner from where I live.  It’s called Clear Blue.

A couple of years ago, I had a business call Claire Blue Sky.  hmmm.

My daughter was with me at the store.  She asked a lot of questions about the “woman at the store”.  It’s eye-opening to talk about my “B.C.” days with my kids.  They can hardly believe I use to have a “real job.”  In their minds, I didn’t exist until they came along!  Sometimes it feels like that to me.   But I did have a life before kids.  I got that gentle reminder today.

Seeing a blast from the past at the drug store was a much-needed tap on the shoulder.  I forget sometimes that, while I made the choice to be a stay home mom (and I am very grateful to have a choice), I’m more than a mom.  I am Laurie.

Mario Birthday Party

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Back in the day when my son was young enough to have themed birthday parties, he chose to do Mario party.  Of course you could find Spiderman, Superman and the Teletubbies everywhere, but no Mario.  I was on my own.

I picked up cake boxes from Michael’s and then searched the internet for pictures of a Gamecube.  I needed pictures of all sides.  The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing!  I then printed the pictures out to size and glued them to the box.  Now I had a really cute take home gift for my son’s friends.

(Just for the record though, I hate the idea of “goody bags” for birthday parties.  I can’t believe that being invited to your friend’s birthday party, playing whatever games are planned, eating cake and ice cream is not enough.  Seriously! The party is supposed to be about the birthday boy or girl.  And I have just taken your child off your hands for a couple of hours… Who really deserves the goody bag here??  Just saying.  Whoever started that little scheme ought to be strung up by her thumbs.  I no longer succumb to that absurdity!  ha!)

I also painted a giant picture of Mario on a poster board and played “pin the M on Mario’s hat.  Good times!


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