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Painting Interior Doors

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Thanks to model home hopping and of course, Pinterest, I have been thinking about painting my interior front door something other than white. Doors always look stunning when they are painted in dramatic colors. So I went for it. It’s only paint right?

The first coat of dark brown (Bittersweet Chocolate from PotteryBarn) looked horrible. I was having a panic attack! How many coats of white will it take to cover THAT up, I wondered??!! My BFF was my partner in crime and she kept encouraging me to move forward. She either had a vision of what it would look like finished, or she was too afraid to tell me it looked awful! After my breathing returned to somewhat normal, I put on the second coat of paint. It was looking better. By the third and final coat I was thinking it would be okay. Once the painters tape was removed and the entry way put back together, I was very happy with the results. It was dramatic. That’s what I was looking for. : ) And the cool and groovy rug I picked up at Lowes helped pull everything together. Will I do all the doors in the house? I do have more paint. I’ll let you know!

Front door BEFORE

I’m hyper-ventilating at this point.

I’m likin it!

I’m breathing again! Yeah I love it! I have more paint AND more white doors!

My new groovy rug.


Dresser Redo

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Check out this before and after!  So amazing what paint, stain and a little patience can do.  I love the colors used on this piece!  This old dresser has been around for a long time hiding out in a spare bedroom.  Not anymore!  Great job Francis!

I was told the inspiration for this dresser came after seeing the Goodwill dresser post.  I think it’s a great example how a little nudge can stir creativity.  And creativity allows you to bring something new into being, stamped with your own unique personality!  Love, Love, Love it!!


The lovely AFTER!

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