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Model Home Decorating Ideas

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One of my most favorite ways to get decorating ideas is to go model home hopping.  That means I take my camera and my BFF and we find all the new construction model homes and take a tour.

The best thing to do, if you model home hop, is to be honest with the sales person there.  Don’t pretend to be a potential home buyer.  It’s a waste of their time.  Tell them you are just out looking at model homes for fun and they will leave you alone.  They are actually used to people looking a model homes for decorating ideas.

Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday.  Now I have even more ideas running through my head! 😉


The butler’s pantry in this home is also a bar area.

bathroom cabinet color

I took this picture because I liked the color of the cabinet. Notice the plain, boring mirror on the wall! Tisk Tisk! 🙂

bedroom ceiling

I don’t need to say anything about this photo, but I will… Look at that ceiling!!! Love it.

bedroom wallpaper

The wall behind the bed is covered in wall paper. Makes a great accent wall!

dining room windows

Look at the arched windows in this photo.

dining room

The ceiling in this photo is covered in wallpaper. The back wall is painted a chocolate brown. I’m not a fan of dining rooms, but this is a pretty space.

framed bathroom mirror

This builder did frame out the mirror. Do you see how they added an extra horizontal board?

kitchen eating area

A cute kitchen eating area.

master bedroom

Bright and happy master bedroom.

pool room with wood beams

Beamed ceilings! Ahhh… someday.

red bedroom

In this bedroom, board and batten was used as a headboard effect. This has my head spinning with ideas!


Beautiful staircase. The dark wood against the white! Love.

upstairs hallway

I took this picture because I like the hallway floor. Although the different levels could be dangerous in the dark! (If you’re me!)

white kitchen

White/Cream cabinets.

hanging kitchen light

Love this lighting over the kitchen table.

island hanging lights

These gorgeous lights are hanging over a kitchen island. I wish I would have asked where they came from.

Have you ever model home hopped?


How to Sleep like a Queen

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I read somewhere recently that the percentage of couples who sleep on a king size bed is a lot lower than a queen size  bed.  I was surprised by that.  Maybe that’s why we have so many sleep issues.  We need bigger beds.  We need our space!

For about the first 10 years, Hubby and I had a queen size bed.  It was fine.  For a bit.  But as time went on, life got crazier, the demands of mommyhood increased, more space (and sleep!) was needed.  When it was time to get a new mattress, I has happy Hubby wanted to get a king size too…

Because the queen size bed just wasn’t working for me anymore.  Let me tell ya why… While everyone tosses and turns throughout the night, nothing beats my Hubby’s special talent.  When he’s sleeping and it’s time to roll over, he manages a one and a half, look Mom no-hands aerial twist before landing on his other side.  Completely asleep.  With the covers still on!  Neat, huh?  😉  Unfortunately for me, when he hits the mattress, I am catapulted into the air.

And then there is the breathing.  I know we all have to breathe, including our spouses, but when all you want is a good night’s sleep, the only breathing you want to feel (of hear!) is your own.  All those times when Hubby’s mid-air roll over twist would land him face to face with me, I immediately woke up.  He’s breathing on me.  Something about having the wind blowing across your face and through your hair when your windows aren’t even open is quite disturbing when you’re sleeping.  Is it just me?  So I had to sleep on my other side, facing away from him.  I’m convinced that I have more wrinkles on one side of my face from spending 10 years sleeping mostly on that side.  See?  Cramped quarters isn’t even good for your complexion.

But all is well now.  I say good night from across our king size bed and I don’t see, feel or hear anything until my eyes open in the morning.  It’s a beautiful thing!

So if you are thinking about buying a new bed, this is my recommendation…  If you have room for a king, can afford a king, prefer not to take flight or have gusty winds sweeping across your face while you sleep, get the big bed!  You’ll sleep better.   Just sayin. 😉

Easy to make Bedskirt

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Today I made a bedskirt for my daughter’s bed.  And I cheated a bit.  Because I always redo rooms, I have learned to do things more simply, requiring less time.  It still looks awesome and no one knows I took a short cut.  Well, until now anyway! ha!

My daughter’s bed sits on the floor.  Not my choice, but she thinks it looks cool.  To make the bedskirt to cover the box spring, I measured the height and added about 3 inches.  For my daughter’s bed, I cut four 11 inch pieces from the material.  I sewed the together in a long strip and hemmed 1 inch.

Then… DUCT TAPE!  Yes, I duct taped it to the top of the boxspring.  Just gather the material slightly if you want a ruffled look and tape it down.  I do this all the time.  (Of course if I’m making one for a friend or customer, I will do it the “professional” way.)  But for us always changing our mind girls, Duct Tape is the answer.

Fun fabric my daughter and I picked out for her room

Iron 1 inch seam and sew hem

Stitch Witchery will work if you don’t have a sewing machine

Slightly gather fabric and duct tape to box spring

Add an extra single strip of tape to each side of the bed added security

Finished bedskirt. My daughter thinks it’s cool and groovy!


Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls

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Now that I’m looking for new ideas for my daughter’s room, I googled decorating ideas for girls.  Oodles came up, but I would say more than half the pictures were rooms decorated in pink.  My daughter hates pink.  It we are shopping and we come across something pink, she will throw her hands over her eyes and shriek “My eyes!  They’re burning!”  Ha!  She’s a hoot.

Here are some I found that weren’t in the offensive color pink.  My favorite is third picture, the green with blue.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?


HGTV (my favorite so far)

(Can’t find source)

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