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There are those days when you don’t know what you are supposed to do next.  You ponder your purpose. You are stuck.  I know.

So while I contemplate my purpose (or just have a glass or two of wine!), I found some pictures to share with you what really “stuck” looks like. Hope it made you smile! 😉

cat lolcat animal stuck cupboard coat hangers don't ask human funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

Made me smile.


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  1. So cute!!! I love the first one!

  2. wow love all of them, that hound dog seems to be saying, well! are you going to help me down or stare at me all day? lol, that cats seems perplexed upside down and all, and those puppies squased behind the furniture is really cute. and the kitten in the wine glass is saying “well it seemed to be a good idea at the time.”lol.

  3. Very fun, and yes, it did make me smile : )


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