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In the mist of the New Year’s “I want to throw everything out and get organized mode, I came across bins of Legos.  Big bins.  Oodles and oodles of money spent bins.

My son is in high school now and hasn’t played with them in years.  He was obsessed with Legos when he was little.  It’s his childhood in those bins.  I  can’t bear to throw them away or give them away.  Just for fun, I Googled “Lego ideas for home decor”.  There’s actually stuff!  You gotta take a look!

I have a feeling I won’t be using Legos as accessories in my home.  But I’m thinking what a totally awesome Grandma I will be when I pull out this ginormous bin of Legos for my grandchildren to play with.  Yep!  I’m totally going to be the way cool favorite Grandma! 😉  And even better, with age comes wisdom (or so I heard) – so I will know to ALWAYS wear shoes when Legos are on the floor!


Munchausen Lego Kitchen Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti



Lego - boys room

clones and gen.jpg

DOUBLE chain LEGO Heart Necklace, Lego Heart Friendship Necklace - Gift For Couples, Family, Friends, BFFs - 2 necklaces make 1 Whole Heart

LEGO Toothbrush Holder

LEGO Table Lamp designed by Jung Ah Kim02 LEGO Table Lamp designed by Jung Ah Kim


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  1. What a fun post! I also took my boys’ outgrown Legos to school for the kids in my classroom to play with on indoor recess days. We actually had to have a class meeting to agree on how long they could display their creations on the shelf before someone was allowed to break them down and reuse the pieces. (Negotiation and consensus building in action!) I just love the creativity they still inspire! 🙂

  2. The red lego lamp is too cute. 🙂

  3. I love the different ways people are reusing Legos, not that they work in all homes. 😉 I have two boys who obsess over Legos. I am so looking forward to the day I can pack them away. Lol

    • Yes, the days of the Legos! My son would freak if he couldn’t find the right piece. It couldn’t be the right piece in a different color, it had to be THE piece according to the instructions! You’re day will come when there’s no more Legos on the floor. 😉

  4. Who knew — these are so fun and creative. My daughter was very briefly into Legos, and I’ve now packed up her bin for the neighbor’s little boys. I’ll let my neighbor decide what to do with them next. Thanks for the fun ideas, Laurie.


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