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Winter Blues Will Lose

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I’m in a battle with the Winter Blues. In an attempt to win this nagging fight, I’m trying to think happy thoughts, smile like the sun is shining and keep my mind and body busy.   Sadly, the Blues have had a chance to stomp on me a few times.  Like Tom Cruise to a couch.  Without the happy dance.

A friend of mine sent me a Daily Inspiration that said, “During the short days of winter, we see less of the sun, but it hasn’t disappeared. The earth has moved, but the sun is still shining bright and clear.”  So I will also remember that the sun is always shining, even when I can’t see it.

If you, too, are a victim of the Winter Blues, maybe these pictures will inspire you to add some happy colors to your winter world.  If nothing else, perhaps it will just make you smile for a moment.

I’m thinking all the doors in my house will be painted these cheery colors shown in the first picture.  What do ya think?  Hubby might wonder what the heck happened to his wife while he was at work, but you know I will be smiling when I watch the expression on his face.  Yep, still a hoot!  Take that Winter Blues! 😉

Le 1er étage, véritable labyrinthe d’Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Happy Doors

open-air tropical style room with white plantation shutters

Colorful Pillows

1. Colorblock Bookshelves

Pops of Color

3.jpg (image)

Cheery Fabric

I love the idea of painting a window frame in a light-colored room.

Window Frame Painted Bright

Nature’s Beautiful Colors

Gorgeous color

Gorgeous Statement Piece


Nails in Every Color. (I would do this!)

Bright Interior Door

Picture 3

Bold Exterior Door

so happy curtains  <<< love these!  I've never even considered hanging multicolored curtains before... Go figure...  <3~R~<3

Colorful Curtains

Happy rainbow stairs

Rainbow Colored Stairs

Blue cabinets

Bright Hint of Color

Home Decor Ideas with Colorful Interior Design

Vibrant Seating


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  1. I feel you Laurie-the grey can be oppressive. The colors you chose today were like a little therapy session-thanks!

  2. I want to paint my door that beautiful bright green. Thanks for the color therapy! 🙂

  3. Well this post sure put a smile on my face today!

  4. Laurie, I’m right there with you! Lately I’ve been trying to infuse a little Spring into my everyday. I recently bought some yellow and white tulips to display around the house as well as a pot of daffodils to use as a centerpiece in my dining room. It adds a little color and warmth to my house – and needless to say, I can use all the warmth I can get! I know it’s tough, but don’t let those blues get the better of you!

  5. This is awesome 😀 Just what I needed today! A little pick me up 😉


  7. I love color and your inspirations are great!

  8. Ditto! There is something about bright colours in the winter that just make you smile! I’m in the middle of organizing my entire house (not an easy task with three kids and a sick hubby) I can’t tell you how glad I am that I decided to read your newest post during my “coffee break”. You just made my morning brighter, thank you! 😀

  9. LOVE the chair pictured with the doors in the first photo, and the clear acrylic chairs. Oooh, wouldn’t those be fun to have! Thanks for the inspiration on a rainy day (soon to turn to snow).


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