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    Right Now!

  2. Very true!
    I rushed into quite a few things just because ‘I’ve always wanted to do them’.

    The biggest one was motherhood, I was in my last year of training as a GP, my husband had just found a job and we had no idea where we’d end up, but we knew we wanted children one day, so we decided not to delay, and haven’t regretted that choice.

    I also started at my current job against advice of sooo many people. I had a good job as a GP in a private practice (a bit upper class, good income) but thought that one day I’d like to work in a free clinic, to do something more ‘real’ (I’ve been out with Medecin sans frontières) and a private practice with fussy clients instead of real patients was a big adaption for me). Suddenly I realized there would always be reasons to choose the prudent path (mortgage, kids’ school, just plain financial security, …) My husband could see I wasn’t happy in my job, we didn’t have a mortgage yet, just one child and my husband had a job which he loved that would help us bridge periods of lower of no income, so we went for it! I make a lot less money now, but I make a much bigger difference, in my patients lives, but also for my family (my husband I are both able to work part-time to be with our family more, and I am a much happier person).

    The next thing I’ve always wanted to do is move abroad, with the family, at least for a few years. With the bad economic climate in Europe, now might be the ideal time… or maybe I should wait until after I’ve had my fourth baby (another of those, ‘let’s just do it’ decisions…).

    I love your blog, by the way. I’m new here, but intend to visit more often.

    • Wow! You are my “you should go do them” inspiration!! Love that you did all that you wanted to do on your own terms, on your own time. Hope you have a fabulous New Year! Thank you for visiting my blog too!


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