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Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

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My one “luxury” I do for myself is get my nails done every two or three weeks. I love groovy nails!  I usually do Shellac nail polish in dark purple or dark blue. The bolder, the better.  Shellac is the polish that goes on your natural nails and sets under UV light. It last two weeks or more without chipping. Awesome stuff!

Yesterday, however, my lovely nail chick, Wendy, introduced me to magnetic gel nail polish. It goes on the same way, sets under light, and last for two weeks or more as well. But… it comes with a magnetic tool and when you hold it over the wet nail polish, it pull the metal up and makes whatever design the magnet has.  I hope I explained that right.  If not, let’s just say it’s MAGIC!  I laughed out loud when I saw the results.  Totally cool!

Maybe I need to get out more, but I never heard of magnet nail polish. Magnetic nail polish also comes in regular polish you buy at the drug store or beauty supply store.  (By regular I mean the polish that comes off with polish remover and a cotton ball.)  Wendy let me borrow the regular magnetic polish to use with my daughter.  We had a blast trying it out!  Stocking stuffer idea? 😉

I feel like I discovered something new!  (Now I know it’s not THAT new.  I’m just slow!)  But if you get a chance, give it a try!  It’s fun!

magnetic nails2

Perfect for the holidays! When it comes to my nails, I will never grow up! The funkier, the better!


The polish I used on my daughter had a curvy design instead of the diagonal lines. She loves it! Please don’t judge me on my nail painting skills! ha! Seeing close up and depth perception are not my specialty! 😉


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  1. what to the WHAT?! i might have to find that!

  2. Thanks for sharing about your Magnetic nail polish Experience and also comes in regular polish you buy at the drug store or beauty supply store.


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