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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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We just decorated our Christmas tree this weekend.  The theme at my house this year was decorate with what ya got.  However, had I seen some of these trees earlier, things may have been different. 😉  Check out these lovely and unique Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Turquoise and green

Snowy white

RAZ 2012 Snowdoodles 2

Happy snowmen


Beautiful Christmas Tree

White and silver

Red, green and snowflakes

RAZ 2012 Telluride Sleigh Ride 1

Cozy cabins

Bold and Bright Christmas Tree

Merry and bright

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Green and gold

Modern Idea for Your Christmas Tree This Year

What a hoot! I love the owls!


Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Candy sweet

my tree

My tree. The theme… memories. 😀

For more ideas and inspirations, Click Here.


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  1. I love all of the themed trees, but nothing beats a tree full of memories 🙂

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  3. LOVE the beach themed tree!

  4. I love your tree best of all- It’s beautiful, colorful, and cheery! Great job!

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