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Music Sheet Christmas Trees

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Happy Friday!

I’m on a kick this year with handmade Christmas trees.  I can’t stop making them.  I’m sure you have seen music sheet Christmas trees on Pinterest.  I was lucky enough to win a vintage music sheet give-a-away from The Modage Cottage.  The music sheets are old and beautifully discolored.  Absolutely lovely!!  Once my package arrived in the mail, I knew what I was going to do with them.

Here’s how I made the trees…

sheet music

This is only SOME of the sheets of music I received. I have oodles left!


I used a 2 inch scalloped paper punch.

paper punched

Punch many, many pieces.

paper with cuts

At each scallop, cut half way up.

rolled up

Roll the paper around a pencil (or crochet hook!) to give the paper a curl.

first paper

I used both paper mache cones and Styrofoam cones. Either one will work. Using a glue gun, start at the bottom and work your way around. Overlap the previous square a bit.

almost finished

When you get closer to the top, it helps to cut the squares in half. This allows the paper to wrap around the smaller part of the cone easier.

trees and deers

Here they are!  I did three, in various sizes. Two of the cones where paper mache, and one was Styrofoam.

close up base

I picked up the wood bases last month at the Metrolina Antique Show here in Charlotte. $2.00 each!!  I believe they were wood feet to a couch or chair.

close up trees

This project was super easy to do and probably one of my favorite Christmas craft project I’ve done in a long time. Thank you, Kristen, for the vintage music sheets!

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  1. I’m so glad to see that sheet music put to excellent use! I love, love, LOVE what you did with it – those trees are so adorable! (I’m going to have to steal that idea for myself!) Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the music 🙂

  2. Very creative, clever idea 🙂

  3. I love the trees! I have been making ornaments with sheet music…for an upcoming post! May have to try these trees, too!

  4. I love these! The bases are too clever!

  5. Very Cute trees! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Great idea. I’ve been making little trees myself this year. They are addicting, aren’t they? Yours are very cute. I think the wooden bases really make a difference, the perfect finishing touch! Thanks.

    • Thank you! They are addictive. I was just out this morning looking for the cardboard cone forms at Michaels and Hobby Lobby and couldn’t find any! I wanted to make some more. Boo!

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