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The Simple Things… Like Flying Saucers

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Some days you need a gentle reminder that life can and should be simple, and the joys in life are the little things… like flying saucers.

My son is what you call a “gamer”.  He’s really good at it, and all his friends play.  Last night was the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and his super hero dad took him to Best Buy at 12:01 am to pick up the “deluxe” game package he ordered.  The game came with extra goodies, including a flying saucer.  (It has a sophisticated flying machine name, but at the moment it’s beyond me.  I’m just the gamer’s Mom.)

After school today, we took the remote control flying thing outside to give it a try.  And guess what??  It was fun!  My son and I were laughing and flying, and occasionally ducking and running out of the way, but we had a blast.  My whole day was spent being blah and grumpy (from tiredness, lack of sleep) and all it took was watching my son fly a saucer to make me smile.  Simple.  And joyful.



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  1. Love it!!

    It’s the simple things! 😉


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