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I’m cleaning my house today.  Joy.  It’s not one of my strengths, at all.  Not even a little.  But bathrooms don’t clean themselves.  While I’m cleaning the yuckiest rooms in the house, the thought strikes me (AGAIN), why do the grosses rooms in my house not have windows?  All three and a half baths in my house are windowless rooms just screaming to be aired out!  Seriously!?  In what world is a bathroom, with no source of fresh air, a good idea??

So answer me this… What would you change or do over if you could rebuild your house?

I love my house, but if I could do one thing over I would definitely make sure all the bathrooms have windows.  The kind that opens up! 😉

What would you change?


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  1. I have the opposite problem. In my main bathroom, we have three windows. I know you think that sounds great, but you’ll never guess where they are lol. One is behind the toilet. I don’t mean a little window, I mean the window starts at the top of the tank so my neighbors can see EVERYTHING. The second is beside my counter. Which means you either keep blinds closed or you have to be dressed while you get ready. Third one is at the end of the bathtub…You can’t get into the bathtub naked lol the neighbors will see you lol. If you’d like, I’ll post pics for your amusement!

    • Debbie, I can not believe you have a window behind the toilet! How crazy is that! LOL!! Why not a smaller one higher up?! Now I can’t get that image out of my head! HA! I do have glass block window in the master bath that you can’t see thru, behind the tub. I crawl out of the tub on my hands and knees because I’m so paranoid! Yes, send me pictures! 😀 I would love to see!!

  2. I would make my laundry room huge! I feel like I spend 95% of my time in there…family of 6! I would love to have a laundry room that I could put an ironing board up and leave it up! Lots of hanging space….maybe some day…


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