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It’s a Twin Thing

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“The Twins”.  That’s what everyone called us.  But I suppose it’s better than being called Thing One and Thing Two! 😉

It’s our birthday today!  I would like to say we aren’t as old as these toys below imply, but that simply wouldn’t be true.  My sister is old.  She is a Grandma.  Times 4!!   I happen to be the mom of a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old, so I’m still young.   My sister thinks I’m the same age as she is, but the family secretly thinks she’s delusional at times.  I’m almost sure they mean her and not me. 😉

Pinned ImageBirthdays were a big deal growing up.  The whole family would gather for the occasion.  Back then, in Ohio, we always had a donut cake for our birthday.  The whole cake was a donut.  With frosting.  Maybe that’s why everyone came.   But at the age of nine we moved to Florida and they never heard of donut cake there.  What?!!  I thought we should move back immediately, but that didn’t happen.  The donut cake was the best thing about birthdays!  They were fabulous!!  Now, I put on my big girl pants and not whine about it anymore.   I will happily settle for Dunkin Donuts.  Vanilla Creme filled, please.

Happy Birthday Sis!  I thought I would share a blast from our past with you.  Check these out!

Here you go sis. I made sure it wasn’t broken!

We spent hours playing pong. I could never get past the speed SLOW! 😉

Remember having this game? It was so cutting edge high-tech!

Inch worm! For when you needed to get somewhere quickly!

Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.  If that were only true for us! LOL!

Slinkys… Now the thought of running up the stairs just to make a toy go down the stairs, only to have to run down the stairs to fetch it and bring it back up the stairs to do it again is just exhausting.

The Barbie Camper!  So cool!  😀

Just in time for Halloween!  Those masks never fit right.  Remember getting lightheaded from lack of oxygen? The good ole days!

Barbie's Friend Ship - Plane & Accessories

The Barbie Airplane!

These were the best!

This was when it was fun to cook! Not so much now.

Mom always cleaned the house listening to this. Don’t you wish music inspired us to clean too?

More cleaning music. I loved when mom cleaned our room to this album! 😀 I still know all the words to every song.

Hope you enjoyed memory lane.


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  1. Happy Birthday to you both….wish you could spend it together. I know you are with each other in spirit.

    BTW….quite a few of those toys don’t look familiar to me, does that make me younger? 😛 Lol JK!

    You still don’t look a day over 29! Luv ya!

  2. I dont recognize all of those because I’m older. Lol. Some I know. What on earth is Neil Diamond doing in that pose???

  3. Just came across this and just had to had my 2 cents worth about twins. I have identical twin boys who turned 20 on the 10th of October. And we also have, in our extended family, twins born on the 8th (grand nieces and grand niece and nephew) as well as 2 more sets whose birth dates I don’t know. But I am curious about so many twins born in the month of October: would these be New Years babies???
    PS: Happy Belated Birthday to both of you.


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