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Twin Sisters

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Twin sisters share a special bond.  At least I do with my twin.  We happen to be fraternal twins, but we still have the same closeness that many identical twins experience.

My sister and I can talk about anything.  And we have!  There are times when we spend an hour or more on the phone, just being silly, reminiscing about the past or talking about our families.  My sister lives in another state, so we don’t see each other as often as we like.  So those special conversations really mean a lot to me!

Today, my sister and I had a memorable text chat.  I love how we can get right to the core of our lives and share it freely with each other.  I don’t think she’ll mind if I let you in on our lovely conversation today.  It went like this…

Me:  Hellooooo

Sister:  Hi

Me:  What’s new?

Sister:  I got nuthin… lol

Me:  Me neither.  Good talkin to ya.

I know!  Such depth.  Such feeling!  It brings tears to my eyes.

I can only hope that those who have a sister have a relationship as close and special as we have.  We are so close, in fact, we’re almost telepathic.  I know right now she is thinking what a dork she has for a sister, and she know I know she loves me anyway.  Truly amazing, huh?.  😉



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  1. You all is so silly! It’s amazing how much those few little words can convey though : )

  2. Omg! It brought tears to my eyes too–because I was laughing so hard!!!!!! love ya!!!!

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