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It’s Tough Being A Woman

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This Fall I’m taking a bible study class on the book of Esther.  It’s one of only two books in the bible named after a woman.  The tag line on the workbook says “It’s Tough Being A Woman”.


We went around the class and everyone had to say one or two things about being a woman they found difficult.  The number one answer was Hormones. Followed by Insecurity, and Finances.

Tell me what you think are some of the toughest things about being a women.  I would like to share it with my bible study class on Thursday, but I will just compile the information and leave out all names.  I promise.

Name three, if you can.  Here’s mine…

1. Hormones!!  Grouchy, snippy, bitchy, sleepy, grumpy, weepy… and that’s on my good days! 😉

2. Feeling like I’m not doing/being enough

3. Finding time for exercise (Of course if I wasn’t grouch, snippy, bitch, sleepy, grumpy and weepy I might have the time or the desire to exercise.)

Let me know your thoughts.




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  1. hmmm…

    1. Finding enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

    2. Keeping my emotions in check

    3. Often it is hard for me to stop multi-tasking. I look at my husband and it is very easy for him to say sit down and just watch a football game. If I am watching TV I have a load of laundry going, I’m making mental to-do lists, and I am doing a craft at the same time. I would love to relax and just “be” in the moment. Seems easier for men.

  2. 1. Hormones, definitely number 1. Powerful things they are.
    2. Perfectionism in a far-from-perfect person- makes for a very frustrating life.
    3. The ache when kids are grown and moved away, knowing it’s a good thing for them to grow up, but heart just wants them near.

    • I appreciate your reply. I wonder why so many of us feel the need to be perfect. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else! Maybe it’s those darn hormones!!


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