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Fall Wreath

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It’s not Fall just yet, but it’s coming and I am ready!  If you have been to any craft store, home decor store or clothes store, you will see that I’m not the only one ready for the season to change!  I love Fall!

So to get into the spirit, I have made my first fall wreath of the season.  Yarn wreaths is popular on Pinterest and Etsy.  They are so pretty and easy to make.

I used a pool noodle to make the wreath.  They are cheap and I happened to have on in my laundry room.  My kids know how to swim, so I figured they wouldn’t miss it.  Read on to see how I added a little bit of support to the noodle.

Pool noodle.

Hanger.  (Just a little FYI about me… I pronounce hanger with a hard “G”.  Drives my mom crazy!  It’s a lot of fun!!  Love you mom! 😀

First I uncurled the hangy part of the hanger. (I have declared “hangy” a word by the way 😉 )

Untwist the neck of the hanger.

Pressed the hanger together and duct tape it so there were no pointy ends showing.

Insert the taped end of the hanger in to the pool noodle.

Tape the other end the same way and insert it in the other end of the noodle. Bend the hanger slightly to keep the noodle round.

Bring the ends together and duct tape it.

Now you are ready to cover your wreath with yarn, fabric, burlap, ribbon, etc.   Note: This hanger in the pool noodle is an idea that I came up with after making several other pool noodle wreaths.  If the wreath you are working on is heavy, there is a chance it will sag a bit when it’s hanging.  So, not only will the hanger help the noodle stay together when duct taping, it also gives it some strength.

After wrapping and wrapping and wrapping the noodle with orange yarn, I decided to add blocks of different fall colored yarn.  I didn’t have a plan as I was wrapping.  Mostly switched colors because I was getting bored! ha!  All the yarn I had from various projects, so this wreath was almost free! 😀

I bought the “H” and the felt for the flowers at Michaels.  It was my intention to paint the “H”, but I ended up liking the pop it gave the wreath.

The flowers were super easy to make!! For the little buds, I used this blog for inspiration and instructions.  The loopy flower tutorial came from this blog.  Both of these flowers were made from felt.  I used fabric for the big white flower.  The instructions can be found here.  While this tutorial shows sewing the flowers to a felt back, I was too lazy to get my sewing machine set up and just used hot glue instead.  Works either way.

Come September, this wreath will be on my door. Now, if only a cold front would come through so I could get out my jeans and boots!  I love Fall!  (in case ya didn’t know.)


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  1. Your fall wreath is soooooo cute! I love it and plan on making it and giving you all the props creative lady!

    xoxo, Tanya

  2. I love it Laurie! The flowers are awesome.


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