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DIY Clock Table

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DIY TableRemember the DIY Pedestal Table I started a while back?  I finished it… finally!

It took me awhile to figure out what to do with the top of it.  I had lots of ideas in my head, but I saw a clock table somewhere and thought it was pretty cool.

DIY Table

From my computer, I printed the numbers, then cut them out. I traced 12 o’clock, 6, 3, and 9 first.  It’s easier to place the other numbers after that.

DIY Clock Table

After the first few numbers were cut out, ex: XII, IX, VIII, etc., I realized I only needed 3 numbers – X, I, V to do the whole clock!

DIY Table

Once all the tracing was complete, I used dark brown paint to color the numbers, then distressed the numbers with sandpaper for a worn, aged look.

The finished table. I wanted to paint a checkered board pattern in the middle to actually play checkers on, but gave up when the squares looked like a toddler painted it.  I was going for the slightly less than perfect distressed look.  Not happening.  It got sanded down then repainted.  Some ideas just don’t work out.

DIY Table

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  2. This is awesome! It’s so unique.
    I wanted to say Thank you for commenting on my mirror makeover last week and invite you to join my new linky party, Twirl & Take a Bow. It’s every Tuesday.
    I’d love for you to stop by! This post would be perfect!

  3. Glad you joined House on the Way’s linky party. This is such a neat idea. You did a great job Laurie!


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