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Memory Goes, but Memories Stay

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Once in a while I like to go through my Pinterest boards to remind myself what’s there, jog my memory of projects I want to do, or just to clean up a bit.  One board that I have not seen in a while is titled “MEMORIES“.  Of course sharing this board with you will severely date me, so if you too remember these things, please let me know ‘cuz old age loves company! 😀

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I saw this with my Mom and Sister.

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Silly Putty. This stuff was high-tech back then!

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The Ice Cream truck! This was my favorite!

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I know you did this too!

We have the strawberry pie recipe from Big Boy!

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Mr. Bubbles

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The HAIR! I loved this style!

All the girls had this lip gloss!

PomPom socks


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  1. You and I are definitely of the same era. I had forgotten all about Kissing Potion…too funny. Silly Putty was the best. And I remember singing Summer Nights with all the actions–although my fav was always the song “Sandy” with the dancing hot dogs in the background. Do you remember Bottle Caps, “Emergency,” and Bubble Yum?

    • Yes I remember those too. Emergency was my absolute favorite show! When “Lost” was still on, the older paramedic played a really bad guy. It was almost too much to watch. He saves lives, for goodness sakes, not push people out a window! Ha! And I remember skin tight jeans that had to be put on laying down with a hanger through the zipper pull for more leverage! Or was that just me??? 😉

  2. I remember all of these, except for the kissing potion. I miss Big Boys. They had the best potato soup & chocolate cream pie. Yum!

  3. I hate to admit that I too remember all of these even though I am old enough to be your mom. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. OMGosh! What a hoot! I remember everything! I still stop to watch Grease whenever it is playing on cable. When Grease 2 came out, my friends and I started our own Pink Ladies Club and hosted a cookout at my Grandma’s! 🙂

  5. OMG! The Orange Push Up was also my favorite!!! I got it each time the ice cream truck came around. I never got tired of it. I remember the sense of excitement and joy peeling off that paper lid, seeing the orange color, pushing it up, that creamy orange flavor in my mouth…OOOOH, how wonderful that was!! Thank you for providing this space to share this wonderful memory…
    P.S. I also totally remember Kissing Potion! They smelled and tasted so good (weren’t they flavored or is that just my imagination?). I also remember trying to get ‘slinky’ go down the stirs. Great. Just great. Thanks for this.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the memories!! Yes, the Kissing Potion was flavored. I loved those! Thank you for the lovely comment! 😀

      • Thank you for your immediat reply too! – Am glad to know Kissing Potion were flavored and not just my imagination. Your product photos inspired me to look up some of the toys from the 70s and learned how I recognize many of the toys from Fisher Price…the teaching clock, popper push toy, the record player…It’s been a great evening (I’m in Europe so it’s over midnight now) with a sequence of laughter and ‘almost’ forgotten memories go through my mind….I think I will try to create some pin-board like of my own..just like you did for yourself (and others)…it’s greate a create a space like that. Thank you! Much warm greetings to you! Maya

      • I would love to see your memory board when you put one together. I’m sure there are many things I have forgotten! I do remember the popper push toy. I had one when I was little and I bought one when my son was young. I had to take the popper noise maker out of the thing! Funny – I don’t remember it being so loud and annoying when I was the one making the noise! ha! Thanks for chatting! Good night ~Laurie

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