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DIY Pillow Ideas

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I love pillows!  They are a simple way to change the look of a room.  They use just a little fabric and cost next to nothing to make.  I have made a lot of pillows in my day.  But these pillows below have my mind on a thinking overdrive!   Hope you find some inspiration!  (Click on picture for source.)

Pale green and yellow felt flower patterns adorn plain white pillows.Embellished with Felt

Sweaters as throw pillow covers Made from Old Sweaters

Pillows from Napkins

Picture Pillow

two pillows on red checked chairPlacemat Pillows

White pillow with colorful fabric yo-yos on stack of books YoYo Pillows

Pinned ImageNo Sew DIY Pillow

Pinned ImageButtons and Fabric

Pinned ImageDIY Textured Pillows


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  1. So many great ideas here! Loving the yo yo and textured ones!!

  2. Made sweater ones (fisherman knit!) and many other kinds. Next one will be textured. Tks for the share


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