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Thank You for Digging my Blog!

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This is a little embarrassing… I have been neglectful at accepting the lovely awards I have been given, so I am going to thank everyone at once.  THANK YOU All FOR DIGGING MY BLOG!!  It makes my heart happy!

I don’t follow a lot of blogs yet, but the ones I do are totally awesome!   And I enjoy reading each and every one!  If there was a “You Totally Rock” award, I would pass that one to all of you as well!

Thank you Dana from CereusArt for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Dana has been with me from the beginning of my blogging experience. It means a lot to be given this award from her!  Dana’s blog is about her passion for coastal decor and living.  She also has an Etsy store where you will find beach, nautical, and coastal decor, seashell art, and custom beach themed gifts.

I received the “One Lovely Blog Award”, “Sunshine Award”, and “Kreativ Blogger Award” from Amy at Such the Like.  (Not all at the same time.  I’m just behind in my Thank Yous!)  Amy’s blog is about learning and trying new things.  I love that!  She’s teaching herself to crochet (and she really good at it!), to sew, garden and she is even raising chickens! 🙂  I just found out we share the same favorite alcoholic drink!  And I thought this drink was only known to me!!  Kindred spirits I’d say!  Thank you, Amy, for the awards!





I know I’m suppose to tell a number of things about myself with each award.  I will just combine them to one small list, so not to bore you all too much! 

1.  I don’t care for meat.  I’m not a vegetarian, just don’t like the texture and all that chewing!  Yuck.  And if anyone describes meat as “juicy”, it’s all over for me.  Can’t even look at it.

2.  I return half the things I buy.  Is it guilt?  The realization I don’t need it?  Change my mind?  Who knows.  It makes Hubby happy though!

2.  I have a new car.  A CAR.  Not a mom-mobile.  There are no sliding doors or a third row.  I feel so grown up!

3.  I don’t sleep well.  May be age.  May be too much redecorating going on in my head.

4.  I would rather not eat than have to exercise.

5.  I think other drivers are idiots and feel it’s my duty to tell them how to drive. 😉  (and sometimes where to go)

6.  I think buying jeans, bathing suits and bras should be done while intoxicated.  Or on medication.

 Thank you again for all the nominations!!


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