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Yesterday was my son’s birthday.  That means a few things.  1.  He is getting older.  2.  I’m still not.  3.  I baked him a birthday cake.

I make the best cakes ever (so I’m told).  My son’s favorite is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  I’m not a “make from scratch” kind of girl.  I buy Devils Food from Duncan Hines and creamy vanilla from Duncan Hines.  But I’m going to share a little secret with you…  If you follow the directions on the box, it turns out moist and amazing!  Who knew, right?  Ha!  Seriously though, the box says mix on low for 30 seconds then beat at medium for 2 minutes.  TURN ON THE TIMER FOR THOSE TWO MINUTES.  You will be amazed how inaccurate you are at estimating 2 minutes.  You won’t even be close.  That’s my trick.  My oven cooks fast, so I always bake at the minimum time it says.  To all my peeps who can’t get over how yummy my cakes are, now you know my secret. 🙂  It’s on the box!

Here is another fabulous thing I discovered.  When I was young and my mom made a cake, she would buy 1 box of cake and 1 can of frosting to go with it.  Guess what?  Now that I’m a grown up, I buy TWO cans of frosting for one cake!  I know!  I didn’t know it was allowed.  It’s one of those great grown up moments.  Like moving out on your own and realizing YOU are the one in control of the thermostat now! 🙂  It’s empowering!




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  1. Or how about the fact that sometimes mom would buy 2 cakes–one for you (chocolate cake with vanilla frosting) and one for me (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting)! OR better yet–when they bought 1 cake and half would be in vanilla frosting and the other half in chocolate!!! lol

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  3. Happy Birthday to your son! 🙂


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