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Today, I took my daughter out for her first “real” manicure.  She was so excited!  She loved it of course.  All that pampering!  They look beautiful. 

I usually paint her nails myself, but when I do it, it’s two or three days before the nail polish comes off the skin around her nails.  Apparently I have a hard time staying in the lines.  But in my own defense I am near-sighted in my “good” eye and blind in the other.  My daughter has to tell me… “closer, closer, you’re almost there” when I’m trying to touch her nail with the polish brush!  Depth perception is not my speciality!

Both my daughter and I grow our nails long.  Wendy doesn’t try to cut them short or tell me they’re not “in”.  I’ve heard that before.  Do I look like I care what’s “in”??  ha!  I don’t grow them like dragon lady, but anyone can grow their nails short.  I want mine NOT short.

Those who live in my neck of the woods should give Wendy a try.  She’s awesome.  I have been going for more than 2 months now and I love her.  She has a very strong emphasize on sanitation, customer service and quality products.  And she’s fun to talk to!


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