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I can’t believe it’s June already!  One more week of school.  By next weekend I will be trading in my little drink glass for an a Big Gulp size jug!  Lord help me.

I’m not a big fan of summer vacation.  It’s a long time to entertain kids.  My kids are old enough to entertain themselves for the most part, but still, I always feel like we should be doing something fun and exciting.  Making memories they will look back on.  Going places, doing new things. 

Nah, who am I kidding?  I don’t feel like that at all.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in and taking naps!  I’m looking forward to not making lunches. I’m looking forward to not having to get the kids out the door in time for the bus.  I’m looking forward to telling the kids to just wear whatever is on the floor, because it’s summer and I don’t care if they wore that yesterday.  I’m looking forward to going to the pool.  That’s counts as a shower, right?

I’m looking forward to staying in my pajamas til noon if I want to.  I’m looking forward to the kids sleeping in.  If they sleep late enough, I’ll only have to feed them twice a day instead of three!  I’m looking forward to no homework!  I hate homework.  No science projects, no month-long assignments and no learning spelling and vocabulary words.  It’s hard to be in school!  (for the kids, of course) 😉 

Wow!  I am looking forward to summer!  Because it’s all about me perspective!  Happy Summer!


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