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My Hubby said to me recently… “Can we have a few days of completed projects and walls with no holes?”  I’m afraid he’s losing his mind.  It’s obvious he’s forgetting who he’s married too.  The poor thing.

Being the loving wife that I am, I gave him a day.  During my “down” time, I searched the world wide web for more ideas for moulding and trim.  When I’m not busy, I’m looking for more ways to update, change, enhance, rearrange, and beautify my home.  It’s just how my brain works.  Poor Hubby.  I hope he remembers that soon. 😉

After seeing what moulding and trim did for my fireplace, I’m now hooked on it.  I’m sharing some of the ideas I found and love.  I’m open to more ideas.  If you have any suggestions or pictures to share, I’m all ears!

I wonder what Hubby would say if I enhanced all the doorway moulding??

The wall treatment looks great as an accent wall. Hmmm…

More doorway moulding. I think it’s a sign!

Pinned Image

Love this. It looks more complicated than it is. The moulding on the inside of the squares adds so much detail.

Look! More door moulding! And look at that ceiling! Sigh.

This is one of my favorite! My entryway looks very much like this, minus all that moulding… for now. Ideas Ideas Ideas!

How sweet this entry looks!

From my friend at Pink Toes and Power Tools. Love this. She is an inspiration!

wainscot and chalk board

This would be fun in a kitchen!

Living Room

That ceiling!



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  1. Love all your inspiration photos (thanks for including me!). There are so many things I want to tackle all at once–this post makes me itch to get some moulding projects going. I’ve got a son who is graduating in two years. That seems like plenty of time, but I’m already feeling the pressure (how sad is that) to get the house in shape. The projects are so big and there just isn’t enough time in the day! Hopefully once school is out, time will free up again…

    BTW–feel your pain with the hubby situation. Mine appreciates the projects when they are finished but HATES the mess during the process! And my entire house suffers–laundry, dust, empty frig…you know the deal! Not to mention the actual mess from building 🙂

    • Crazy how one little project can empty the frig, create extra laundry, and stir up chaos in the whole house. ha! 🙂 Think how much money and work we are saving our hubby’s by doing-it-ourselves.


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