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A Little Humor

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My daughter is a hoot.  I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉

After school today we had to run to Lowes.  (Yes, my favoritest place in the whole wide world!)  We spent the time in the car talking about her day and boys.  (Boys!  Ugh!  She’s only in the fourth grade.)  She let me know who liked who in class, she asked if it ever broke my heart to hear that a boy I liked didn’t like me, and so on.  A little early to be interested in boys, I think, but it was a great opportunity to talk about the boys and their behavior and the qualities they should have. (Kind hearted, honest, funny, loyal… best friend qualities.)  She then told the story about a boy at the skating rink (we go as a family… it’s so much fun!) that skated next to her and asked her if she wanted to skate with him.  She was horrified.  She said that when he asked, she skated away as fast as she could to find me, thinking to herself, “I have a Mom and I’m not afraid to use her”!

I nearly pee’d my pants when that came out of her mouth!  Gotta love that!  Humor is a great gift, I believe… And she is definitely gifted!


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  1. She is TRULY your daughter!!! ha ha ha


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