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Pain in the Wipes

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We took off for Myrtle Beach this weekend.  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  The weather was in the 70’s and very sunny.  We spent the entire day on the beach and at the pool.  Yes, we got a little crispy, but it was fun!

Being the best Mom ever (ha!) I made sure swimsuits, goggles, towels and body boards were packed.  I went to the store before we left to pick up junk food goodies, sunscreen lotion and Wet Ones for dirty hands.  Cuz’ I didn’t want to hear… “Mom you forgot the…!” 😉

Well, I didn’t pick up the right snacks, or have the right goggles, and I didn’t bring enough lotion (we ran out after the first round of spraying everyone!).  I was on a roll!  Then, when my son needed a Wet One, he brought the container over to me to open it.  (I’m so proud…  He’s almost 14 years old for goodness sakes!)  Well, in my frustration, I grabbed the container, opened the lid, got a hold of the first wipe and pushed it through the opening in the lid.  I pushed too hard and my finger went with the wipe.  Up through the crisscross slit, made with stiff plastic, and very sharp points.  OMG!

Don’t put your finger through here! See the killer teeth on that thing??!!

I couldn’t pull my finger back out because that made the plastic points close tighter around my finger.  I was in agony!  My son was giggling, not knowing I was truly stuck.  My daughter ran to get Hubby, who just got out of the shower.  She knocks on the door and says, “Daddy, Mommy has her finger stuck in wipes!”  Fortunately Hubby was intrigued enough to come out to see what she was talking about!  So I had all three of them trying to get their fingers in there to pull away the plastic points from around my finger.  I had tears in my eyes!  Hubby had his keys, used ice cream sticks, anything to put a barrier between my finger and the points.  My son was yelling, “We need scissors!”  (But of course MOM didn’t pack scissors!)  I knew what they needed to do to help get my finger out, but they were now in such a panic, they weren’t listening to me.  I couldn’t believe a container of Wet Ones had put my family in “Save the Mommy Mode”!  Finally I got it out myself, with a lot of pain.  It was red and swollen and I couldn’t bend it for a while, but fortunately there was no blood, and amazingly no bad words.

I was shocked that the lid could cause so much pain.  Someone needs to do something about this!  Let the world know!  Think of all the little finger that could get hurt.  Then I saw the back of the container…  Ahhhh.  Ok, there it is.  Duh.  But seriously!  Who reads the back of a container of hand wipes!

That should be in BOLD letters on the FRONT of the container!  Maybe with the words “YO IDIOT…”  in front of it.


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