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How to Sleep like a Queen

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I read somewhere recently that the percentage of couples who sleep on a king size bed is a lot lower than a queen size  bed.  I was surprised by that.  Maybe that’s why we have so many sleep issues.  We need bigger beds.  We need our space!

For about the first 10 years, Hubby and I had a queen size bed.  It was fine.  For a bit.  But as time went on, life got crazier, the demands of mommyhood increased, more space (and sleep!) was needed.  When it was time to get a new mattress, I has happy Hubby wanted to get a king size too…

Because the queen size bed just wasn’t working for me anymore.  Let me tell ya why… While everyone tosses and turns throughout the night, nothing beats my Hubby’s special talent.  When he’s sleeping and it’s time to roll over, he manages a one and a half, look Mom no-hands aerial twist before landing on his other side.  Completely asleep.  With the covers still on!  Neat, huh?  😉  Unfortunately for me, when he hits the mattress, I am catapulted into the air.

And then there is the breathing.  I know we all have to breathe, including our spouses, but when all you want is a good night’s sleep, the only breathing you want to feel (of hear!) is your own.  All those times when Hubby’s mid-air roll over twist would land him face to face with me, I immediately woke up.  He’s breathing on me.  Something about having the wind blowing across your face and through your hair when your windows aren’t even open is quite disturbing when you’re sleeping.  Is it just me?  So I had to sleep on my other side, facing away from him.  I’m convinced that I have more wrinkles on one side of my face from spending 10 years sleeping mostly on that side.  See?  Cramped quarters isn’t even good for your complexion.

But all is well now.  I say good night from across our king size bed and I don’t see, feel or hear anything until my eyes open in the morning.  It’s a beautiful thing!

So if you are thinking about buying a new bed, this is my recommendation…  If you have room for a king, can afford a king, prefer not to take flight or have gusty winds sweeping across your face while you sleep, get the big bed!  You’ll sleep better.   Just sayin. 😉


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  1. Mr. CA and I have a king size bed too – it’s like sleeping on a cloud! 🙂

  2. We’ve always had a king size, but now I want one of those beds they supposedly have where you can’t feel when the other person moves. My Hubs has a special talent too–every 15 minutes (about the time it takes me to be on the verge of drifting off) he does this shaking thing. It’s not every night, but often enough! When it first started happening, I thought he was doing it on purpose because he was bothered about something, lol! We tried laying on some demo beds in a store that were supposed to absorb the movement, but I wasn’t impressed. So I’m still looking…

    Glad you are sleeping better now!

    • Our next move might have to be those separate beds that operates individually, pushed together to look like a King size bed. Anything for a good night’s sleep! 😉

  3. amyturnertaylor

    LOL! Long live the king!


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