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A Gentle Reminder

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Life is funny.

This afternoon I ran to Walgreens, the closest drug store, to get poster board.  While I was at the cash register, a coin fell out of my purse when I was fishing around for cash.  (Not at all shocking if you saw my purse.  I’m lucky the kitchen sink didn’t fall out!)  The woman behind me in line picked it up and set it on the counter.  When I turned to thank her, I recognized her.  From 15 years ago.

I very rarely see anyone from the time B.C. (before children)  My life was a completely different world.  I actually worked for money.  I got dressed up and drove “uptown.”  I worked for an advertising agency in the tallest building in the city.  I was the “go to” girl for software questions.  I knew stuff.

She was the director of the creative design department… the FUN department.  I was not in her department, but she was the one I turned to when I needed help with my crazy boss.  She was always lovely.  Now, she has her own company right around the corner from where I live.  It’s called Clear Blue.

A couple of years ago, I had a business call Claire Blue Sky.  hmmm.

My daughter was with me at the store.  She asked a lot of questions about the “woman at the store”.  It’s eye-opening to talk about my “B.C.” days with my kids.  They can hardly believe I use to have a “real job.”  In their minds, I didn’t exist until they came along!  Sometimes it feels like that to me.   But I did have a life before kids.  I got that gentle reminder today.

Seeing a blast from the past at the drug store was a much-needed tap on the shoulder.  I forget sometimes that, while I made the choice to be a stay home mom (and I am very grateful to have a choice), I’m more than a mom.  I am Laurie.


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  1. Love this! And love You!!!
    Being a Mom ( or Dad) is our most important job, but not our only one. It’s always good to feel it!!

  2. Wow! All the coincidences in this just gave me goose bumps. I can’t believe the name of her business also. That is just wild!
    It is always strange to look back, but just know that in giving up one part of yourself, you gained a whole nother part. Being a stay home Mom is the toughest job because you do sacrifice so much of “yourself”. You have done it fabulously and you have your two terrific, well balanced children to show for it. You will always be Laurie…the woman who conquers anything she sets her mind to.

  3. You are a great mom and my “go to” girl for interior design. 🙂

  4. sometimes we need a reminder that we’re more than just mom! I always feel that way after meeting with a client! The *oh yeah, I have thoughts, feelings, and opinions of my own that are completely unrelated to parenting or my children!* moments!


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