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Insomnia Causes Sleepless Nights

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bedtimes,beverages,bunny slippers,cups,drinks,food,household,mornings,mugs,nightgowns,people,sleepy,tired,unhappy,womenYes I know how silly that title is.  Ha!

Have you had one of those nights when you just can’t sleep?  Your brain won’t stop thinking?

I’m having one of those nights.  It’s three something in the morning and I’m still up.  Never got to sleep.  My daughter walked into my room at 1:00 a.m. to tell me she can’t go to sleep because her brain won’t shut off.  Hmmmm.  Was is something we ate???  She’s nine.  What could she be thinking about?

I, on the other hand, have important things to think about.  Like why don’t I just go clean out the refrigerator.  I could do it quietly.  But I don’t.  I lay there thinking about how nice it would be to have the frig all cleaned.  Then I get mad at myself for not getting up and doing something useful.  (Yes, like cleaning the frig)  When I did decide to get out of bed, I forget to bring down my glasses.  I could go back upstairs and get them, but I don’t.  I just get frustrated.  Without glasses, there is no reading.  And no computer.  There’s always the refrigerator I tell myself, but I lay on the couch instead.  Finally, after another hour of not sleeping I decide I will try to write a blog without my glasses and when I turned on the light…  Da Ta… Glasses!! 

Anyway, on with whining.  I never hear men complain about insomnia (Soon to be re-name ” insania”!).  At the moment what I hear is my husband AND my brother snoring.  Yes, I can hear them from downstairs.  How nice.  I hope they are having sweet dreams.  (insert sarcasm)  Moms are inflicted with insomnia because we aren’t tired enough during the day apparently.  Or grouchy.  Or irritable.  No.  We need insomnia to help us with those things. 

If I wasn’t so vain about how I’m going to look later today after not sleeping, I would cry.  But given the fact that I can feel the bags getting baggier and the dark circles getting darker, I don’t need to add swollen and puffy to the mix.  And now it’s too late to drink Benadryl.  Gotta get up early to take my brother to the airport.  I’m sure he will want his sister to be conscious while driving.

I’m hoping this not sleeping thing stops.  If anyone has tips, tricks, potions, suggestions, or even a back hand with a frying pan to put me out of my misery, I’m all ears!


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  1. Welcome to the world of what I call “Maturity”. This has been my world for over 25 years. What I have tried and am back to is taking 2 Melatonin tablets upon going to bed. I am sleeping much better, longer stretchs and waking more rested. I use to do it just once in awhile but now I faithfully take them upon going to bed. They are natural, over the counter and non addictive. The body reduces production and this is what we need to sleep. For me, it’s a miracle worker. Good luck.

  2. I agree with Carol – many folks swear by Melatonin. 🙂


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