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What I Learned Today

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This will be short and sweet today.  Still on vacation.   We are in Washington DC for our spring break.  We have done and seen oodles!  I have so many pictures, but I thought I would share with you the things I learned today.

Today I learned you should keep your teeth in your mouth (or in your pocket!) so not to leave them on the subway. Good advice!

Today I learned that my boy CAN smile! And it’s amazing!

Today I learned that in an emergency you may exit the cab through this door. Or is it the window?

Today I learned that George Washington was a DIY-er!!!

Today I learned that my kids really are cute and wonderful even when I have wondered at times why I didn’t leave them home with Uncle Bro! (Brett) ; )

Today I learned how BEAUTIFUL Mt. Vernon (and Virginia) is!

Today I learned that I need way more exercise because this gorgeous stairway nearly killed me.


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  1. Carol Patterson

    Hi Laurie,

    Your pictures are wonderful!!!! You have to add photography to your very long list of many talents. My, what a smiley boy you have and the picture of Jack and Sydney is awesome. I would love to have the two pictures enlarged enough so I could put them in frames. Hope you are having a great time. I would also add restful, too, however it sounds as if you are getting more than enough exercise, at least in the walking and climbing department. You are going to be a whiz when you get back to your pilates classes.

    See you all soon.

    Love, Mom


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