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Blue Porch Ceilings

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I have always loved blue ceilings on porches.  My neighbor recently had her front porch ceiling painted and it looks beautiful! (I will have to get a picture for you.)  Apparently there are reasons people paint their porch ceilings blue, besides the obvious – IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!  It is thought that blue ceilings keep “spirits” away as well as bugs.  Wonderful!  I don’t like spirits or bugs!  

Here’s a website that explains the history of “haint” blue.  That’s the specific color used to keep unwanted creeps and critters.  My lovely, generous neighbor gave me her left over “Rain” paint she used on her porch ceiling so now my porch ceiling is painted!  Woohoo.  And it was painted while I’m on vacation!  Just like magic!   Leave my bro and the paint at home and I have a new ceiling!  Aren’t vacations brothers great?!

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Picture from ode to my abode

a side sunroom porch with a pale blue ceiling and white walls surround white wicker chairs with navy striped over-stuffed cushions

10 Summery Décor Ideas | Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine


My back porch. : )

Painted ceiling and tiled floor courtesy of my brother.



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  1. Your brother did a great job! Looks awesome!

  2. amyturnertaylor

    Fascinating! I’d never heard of “haint” blue. I love the effect on your porch, just beautiful!

  3. These pictures make me want to sit on a porch with a big glass of iced tea and watch the day go by 🙂

    Love it!!

  4. Oh I LOVE this! What a beautiful energy it gives off!!!! ♥

  5. Looks great! Glad you could use the extra paint:)


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